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The Complete Handbook to Writing a Critical Analysis Essay

Have you ever read a book, watched a movie, or studied a scientific article and found yourself wanting to delve deeper into the meaning behind it? Have you ever wanted to analyze a piece of work and offer your perspective on its strengths, weaknesses, and significance?

  • 10th July, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Top-Notch Synthesis Essay

At first glance, a synthesis essay can seem daunting and overwhelming. However, this need not be the case, as understanding the fundamentals of what a synthesis essay is can significantly simplify the writing process.

  • 1st April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Remembering with Words: Moving Commemorative Speeches Examples

The word “commemorating” means to honor or remember someone or something through a specific action, such as a ceremony, memorial, or observation. It implies that the act is done as a tribute to the memory of the person or thing being commemorated

  • 2nd April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Top-Rated Expository Essay Examples at your Fingertips

Writing an expository essay examples is quite different from that writing an argumentative essay where you need to persuade the audience to agree with the viewpoint of the writers. Usually, in an expository essay, you explain something to the audience.

  • 22nd January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Some Compelling Examples of a Process Essay for Better Understanding

Structuring a examples of a process essay seems to be a difficult task for many students, but there is nothing to panic about. If you learn to structure this essay, then probably this essay assignment will be one of the

  • 28th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
A Guide to Write a Killer Informative Essay Outline

An informative essay outline is one of the quite frequently assigned academic essays in schools and colleges. Thus, there is a high probability that most of us know how to write one. In fact, some of us might have written

  • 21st January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Narrative Essay Outlines Guide for A Better-Written Essay!

It is not a regular scenario that you have been given the opportunity to describe your most intriguing piece of experience or your thrilling, life-changing adventures as part of your academic writing, except for when you write a narrative essay.

  • 20th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Critical Essay Writing

Writing a critical essay is an art that requires creativity and analytical skills. It is a type of academic writing that involves evaluating, analyzing, and interpreting a piece of literature, artwork, or any other medium of expression.

  • 4th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline to Help Crack Literary Works!

In the world of literature and literary terms it is often confusing to stratify the different modes of writing, styles of expression and implications of literary terms used, which are complex units of speech and dialect by themselves. Thus, to

  • 19th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Crafting a Compelling Explanation Essay: A Complete Guidebook

Have you ever found yourself struggling to understand a complex concept or idea? Have you ever wished that someone would just explain it to you in a clear and concise way? Whether it’s in school, at work, or in everyday life

  • 5th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Outline for Compare and Contrast Essay: Methods and Examples

Compare and contrast essays are an excellent way to develop critical thinking skills and improve one’s ability to analyze information. These types of essays allow writers to explore the similarities and differences between two

  • 10th August, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
A Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Process Analysis Essay

Have you ever wondered how to make a perfect cup of coffee, bake a mouth-watering cake, or change a flat tire on your car? These everyday tasks may seem simple to some, but for many people, they can be a hard nut to crack.

  • 7th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Understanding the Different Types of Essays Used in Academic Writing

Writing a wonderful piece of essay has become crucially important to get academic success. Nowadays, essay writing is so common that at some point of time, each one of us might have written an essay- whether its for professional purpose,

  • 18th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
11 Premium Ideas to Write a Flawless Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay is a true copy of a good reflective essay – the best chance to cabinet your knacks, wisdom, and capabilities. Let your essay flaunt why do you deserve the scholarship. These are mostly formal pieces. Therefore, informal arguments and

  • 17th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
How to Write Formal Essay: Exploring the Known-Unknown Ideas

Normally, a formal essay may seem a genre of essay to those who know how to write an essay. But actually, it holds a broader sense than you think. Besides essays, formal writing includes letters, reports, resumes, job applications, and other

  • 9th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
How to Write a Narrative Essay: Outline, Examples & Tips

A narrative essay primarily involves recounting an event or sequence of events. However, it should not be mistaken for a short story or a historical account. Compared to other types of essays, writing a narrative

  • 10th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Writing Cause And Effect Essay (6 Easy Steps) For MBA Grads

Have you ever won a swimming competition at your school? Well, that’s been the effect of your intense practice and tremendous effort, which appears to be the cause. Similarly, your cause and effect essay should consider two-subjects, each of which

  • 16th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Engaging Illustration Essay

Have you ever read an essay that left you feeling confused or uninspired? You’re not alone. Many essays rely too heavily on abstract arguments or technical jargon, making them difficult to understand or relate to

  • 11th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
A Professional Guide to Writing an Inspiring Leadership Essay

The power of leadership stems from its ability to make an impact on people, earn respect, and put words into action. As a result, students in schools and universities are often tasked with writing leadership essays to recognize the importance

  • 12th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Persuasive Essay Examples: Follow these Exclusive Samples

Telling a tale is way different than convincing readers and that’s your sole responsibility in a persuasive essay. You have to frame arguments, find explanations to them, and bring in the most relatable shreds of evidence with a thought of

  • 15th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Unlocking the Secrets of Descriptive Essays: Tips and Examples

Have you ever found yourself captivated by a beautifully crafted piece of writing that painted a vivid picture in your mind? Whether it’s a passage from your favorite novel or an article in a magazine, descriptive writing has the power to transport you to another world.

  • 13th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Mastering the Art of Persuasive Essay Writing– A Complete Guide

Have you ever been so passionate about a topic that you wanted others to share your viewpoint? Have you ever had to convince someone to see things from your perspective? If yes, then you understand the power of persuasion.

  • 14th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
How to Write a College Essay: Ingenious Tips to Get It Right

According to our paper writer service, writing an essay is a fundamental skill that is essential in various academic and professional settings. It involves the expression of one’s thoughts, ideas, and arguments on a particular topic, supported by evidence and

  • 8th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Improve Your Skills with A Handful of College Essay Examples

All through your education days, you will meet with different essays, each possessing some significance of its own. Some are critical, some are tricky, but none are easy to deal with if you have no clue on how to write an

  • 14th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
10 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuading a person with your though process isn’t easy and it is more difficult when you don’t know who the opposite person is. As you are assigned with the topic, being aware of how to write a perfect essay, you may

  • 13th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
A Glimpse of Narrative Essay Examples for Perfecting Your Paper

Narrative essays are the most typical ones that students often get to prepare for their colleges or high schools. It demonstrates the capabilities of the students to convey a simple story in a crisp and attractive form. However, this peculiar

  • 11th December, 2022
  • PenMyPaper
A Guidebook for Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Have you been assigned a compare-and-contrast essay? Maybe it was two books you read in class or two cities you’ve visited. Well, you may think that writing a compare-and-contrast essay, as the name suggests, is about comparing and contrasting two different things

  • 16th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
How to Write an Argumentative Essay Effectively?

Formatting the essay in appropriate manner is an imperative task besides inserting practical details on the topic. Here you find a step-by-step guidance on how to draft an Argumentative essay that may bring you A+ grades in future assignments. An

  • 10th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting a Thoughtful Reflective Essay

Reflecting involves a deliberate and thoughtful analysis, expressing a well-considered perspective. Engaging in reflective writing allows for an examination of how personal experiences and observations influence one’s thought processes and openness to novel ideas.

  • 17th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
How to Write a Critical Thinking College Essay?

As a college student, you may have come across critically analyzed essays and have wondered how it is different from the traditional ones. If you have landed on this article, the chances are that you are struggling with understanding the basic

  • 7th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
A Professional Guide to Crafting Brilliant Cultural Essays

Culture is a critical aspect of human society, and it plays a significant role in shaping the beliefs, values, and traditions of people. Writing a cultural essay is a powerful tool that enables you to explore and understand diverse cultural perspectives.

  • 18th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
How to Write an Illustration Essay?

Illustration sounds more like a picture than text, right? So why use it for describing an essay? It’s because an illustration essay is exactly like a picture – it makes the readers see things rather than read it (of course,

  • 6th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
How to Write a Good College Application Essay?

Out of all the types of essays that you might have heard of, read, or written earlier, this one is completely different. According to our writing service, college application essays are the new introduction in the (already complicated) admission system

  • 5th January, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
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