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Expository Essays

Writing an expository essay examples is quite different from that writing an argumentative essay where you need to persuade the audience to agree with the viewpoint of the writers. Usually, in an expository essay, you explain something to the audience. Writing this essay is comparatively difficult than other types of essays as here you need to choose a topic that interests your audience and provides them a concise and clear explanation.

If you want to elevate your grades by writing a top-notch expository essay, then you must know beforehand what to include and what not to include in it. If you’re struggling with your coursework, you might consider hiring professionals to write essay for me. Well, this guide curated by PenMyPaper experts will help you to explain the main features of this essay along with some expository essay examples. This will help you to understand the basics and you can implement the tactics while composing your own essay.

What is an Expository Essay?

Before we move forward to the examples, let’s know what an expository essay is.

An expository essay is a genre of essay where a particular concept, idea, or belief is examined and investigated and relevant evidence is provided to support the ideas. Writing these essays is quite common in schools and colleges where the professor assigns it to test the analytical skills of the students.

The main objective of writing an expository essay is to explain a specific topic in a straightforward and logical manner. This essay is objective in nature as here you need to present the hardcore facts along with various evidence. In fact, for explaining the facts in a better and clearer way, you can utilize visual presentation of data like graphs, presentations, statistical data, charts, etc.

To get a detailed idea of how to write an expository essay and its different types, go through the below section.

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Effective Tips on How to Write an Expository Essay

Like other essays, an expository essay also follows a proper essay format. To get a hold on how to write an essay, you can go through this section effectively. Here we have categorically divided and explained the entire essay writing process within different sections. Follow them as instructed.

  • The Prewriting Phase: Before attempting to write the essay, brainstorm, and plan to write the entire essay so that you can present the ideas structurally, without missing any of them.
  •  Compose the First Draft: Once you have noted the details, proceed to prepare the first draft, i.e., the essay outline. Start with writing the essay introduction where you need to present the main ideas along with a brief discussion of the background. Then write a brief and well-defined thesis statement that will present the readers with the main theme of the essay.

After that, analyze the main ideas in detail in the essay body and present supporting evidence related to it. Make sure that in the body paragraphs, each paragraph must start with a topic sentence. Then finally write your essay conclusion where you need to restate your thesis statement and present the main ideas in a brief.

  • Revise your Final Draft of Essay: Once you have completed writing your essay, you need to revise and restructure it. It is an important phase of essay writing. You need to rectify the mistakes and make necessary modifications as per the guidelines.
  •  Proofread your Essay: Before final submission, proofread the entire essay. Though it seems to be a daunting task, yet it’s equally important.

These tips will undoubtedly prove helpful in writing an excellent expository essay.

Different Types of Expository Essays

Expository essays are further subdivided into 6 subtypes that are explained hereunder.

  • Definition Essay: This essay describes a particular term or phrase in deep details
  • Process Analysis Essay: Here, you have to break down a process in details and further tell how to do it. You can get paid essays to know more about the format.
  • Cause and Effect Essay: In this essay, the cause is described for a particular happening or phenomenon; and its eventual effects are also described
  • Classification Essay: Here the main essay topic is divided into several categories and it is being explained by the writer one after another
  • Descriptive Essay: The essay includes sensory details about a person, place, or event written exclusively from the viewpoint of the writers
  • Compare and Contrast Essay: In this essay, the main points are highlighted and it provides an explanation of two or more things with useful comparison and contrast.

 2 Popular Examples of Expository Essay Examples along with Detailed Analysis

To understand the structure and format of an expository essay properly, you can go through some apa essay format examples online. Now, take a close look at it and identify each section of the essay.

1.Effects of Social Media Addiction

Social media is a popular, interactive networking platform where individuals share their thoughts, opinions, pictures, audios, videos, etc. by utilizing an internet connection. Some of the popular social media website examples are Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit. They empower individuals to remain associated with their loved ones. 

Nowadays, we find that an increasing number of individuals is spending their significant time on these websites. They are posting and reposting pictures, recordings, and their ordinary activities on these sites to get ‘likes’ and ‘comments.’ Gradually, social media starts to influence enthusiastic and psychological wellness, which prompts addiction to social media. 

It is an undeniable fact that this addiction to social media hampers their efficiency, mental IQ, and emotional prosperity. They begin to compare their lives with others and think it’s difficult to manage peer pressure. However, this makes them feel discouraged and frantic. This increases the level of their anxiety and nervousness and subsequently leads to sicknesses. 

Thus, individuals should consistently continue surveying themselves by observing their activities via online media. They must be aware of how long they are spending on such sites. Besides, it is ideal to assume responsibility for their activities before it changes over into a social media addiction. 

Furthermore, it is best to collaborate with your loved ones via social media with some restraint. In any case, a lot of anything isn’t reasonable for well-being.


This is one of the cause and effect essay examples, which is specifically effect-focused. The essay is written in a full-fledged essay format, which follows the five-paragraph. Being a cause and effect essay, here the causes of social media addiction are also mentioned along with its effects.

How to Save the Environment?

Our environment plays an enormous function in the sort of individual we grow up to be. There are a ton of substantial explanations behind which we have to save our environment. Our environment has endured critical dangers over a recent couple of years. The regularly increasing vehicles and contamination have stripped us of natural air and have changed our environment into a mass of smoky wreck.

A healthy environment possesses absolutely bacteria-free and fresh air; and that is the reason why we should protect our environment. Nowadays, as a progression of mankind, huge forest territories have been chopped down to offer residential sports to individuals. Significant lumber and trees with therapeutic properties have been cut down for farming and cultivation. Tress has been chopped down for the purpose of making furniture and paper.

Because of the rapid development of industries and factories, chemicals and smoke are consistently released in air and water that leads to contaminated water and air. People have likewise dismissed their obligations and have unloaded trash anyplace they could. This causes land contamination and responsible for spreading harmful diseases and sicknesses.

 There is a lot of approaches to save our environment. If we don’t do it now, then oxygen will be poisonous for us due to the absence of outside air. First, we can secure and renew our environment when we venture up and volunteer to pursue the change. We can plant little saplings at our homes and galleries to compensate for the colossal loss of trees. Directing campaigns in schools for tree plantation likewise helps as the schoolyards are utilized for planting an assortment of trees. 

Marine life is in grave peril as we have supposedly deposited waste and filth on coastlines and into the sea itself. Thus, a fantastic method to protect the environment is to limit or rather totally quit utilizing plastic. Utilize material or paper packs to convey or discard things. Arranging trash appropriately, in trash bins, and isolating the biodegradable waste from the non-biodegradable squanders is an amazing method to reduce contamination levels. Destroyed substances must be recycled so they can be reused.


This is one of the examples of a process essay. The essay follows the usual five paragraphs format where the introduction and conclusion are well-written. But the thesis statement is mentioned a bit later, not in the essay introduction. The essay well describes the process of saving the environment using different tactics and procedures. Along with that, the reasons are also clarified due to which the environment gets polluted.

Once you check out these expository essay examples, you will get enough ideas on how to write these essays. In case, you need to write a paper online or any customized essay within a specified deadline, then request help from our skilled and trained experts.

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