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Essay Structure

Simple Ways To Draft A Perfect Essay Outline

Without outlining, it would not be feasible or even appropriate to draft the paper, only if you want to get lower grades. But the ones who are targeted at A+ papers must have the knowledge of how to write an

  • 31st December, 2022
  • PenMyPaper
Everything You Need to Know About How to Title an Essay

Have you ever struggled to come up with a title for your essay? Whether you’re a student working on a class assignment or a professional writer crafting an article, coming up with a unique and catchy title can be brain-racking.

  • 3rd April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Some Interesting Transition Words for Essays: Top 100 Ideas

Essay writing is a more technical and specialized procedure that requires substantially more exertion and effort than essentially pouring your considerations on paper. In this process, what the essayist is trying to convey and how they assume to do it

  • 30th December, 2022
  • PenMyPaper
How to Conclude an Essay– The Ultimate Guide to Wrap Up Your Essay

When it comes to writing my essay, leaving your readers with a feeling of satisfaction is the key. A conclusion that starts off strong and leaves a positive impression on the reader is highly desirable.

  • 8th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Mastering How to Write a Hook That Captivates Your Readers

Have you ever encountered an essay or article where the opening lines were so captivating that you couldn’t resist reading on? Such is the power of a well-crafted hook sentence, strategically placed at the beginning of a paragraph or essay

  • 10th August, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
An Extensive Guide on How to Start a Conclusion

Your essay becomes a success, when you leave your readers with a sense of contentment. Readers enjoy an essay where the conclusion begins on a strong note and leaves them with a positive perspective.

  • 19th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
7 doubts on how to write an essay body: Find quick answers

Mightier Words for Meatier Body Essay body is like the core of your discussion where all the details, outcomes, and analysis are found. It is the most crucial section, and evidently, the sole purpose of your essay. In a perfect essay

  • 28th December, 2022
  • PenMyPaper
A Professional Guide to Writing an Impactful Essay Introduction

As a writer, crafting a strong introduction is critical to engaging your audience and setting the tone for your essay. A well-written introduction should not only capture the reader’s attention but also provide a clear understanding of the purpose

  • 22nd May, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Ending On A Mightier Tone: Strong Words For Essay Conclusions

A strong essay conclusion paves the way for quality The ending leaves the deepest impression in readers’ mind Be it a story, article, or an essay, the conclusion must be powerful and relatable. A few think that the ending is

  • 23rd May, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
“Do You Know” Time: What Is An Essay And Its Classifications?

Essays are integral slices of academics, that every one of you will come across at a certain point of time. If you haven’t yet written a good piece of essay, it’s high time you should know the actual meaning, its

  • 20th May, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
5 Essay Examples Telling You The Best Way To Begin A Paper

Almost everyone knows that essays are most appreciated when it begins on a general note expressing a broader aspect. But the little-known facts, as found in a guidebook for college essays, is that tonality changes with essay types. The way

  • 27th December, 2022
  • PenMyPaper
Constructive Guide to Draft an Essay Outline Effectively

An essay outline is a well-articulated frame of an essay, which allows you to give a definite form and shape to your essay writing. The outline acts as a backbone of your essay. It gives your essay a proper structure so that the writing is coherent

  • 15th April, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
Essay Format Is Like the Anatomy of a Paper – Create a Good Outline

Getting poor grades in your essay? That’s the scenario with many other academics, with a few understanding the baseline cause. Even if you are well-conversant with the basics of an essay, you are failing in organizing the coherent set of ideas.

  • 26th December, 2022
  • PenMyPaper
A Full-Proof Guide on How to Write an Essay

This comprehensive guide begins with a general description of what essay writing is and moves to discuss the most common genres of essays that students may encounter and provides a comprehensible format to help you structure and compose your essay correctly

  • 19th May, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
The Expert’s Handbook on How to Craft a Perfect Essay

Writing an exceptional essay is an essential skill that can open doors to success in academics, professional settings, and beyond. However, many individuals struggle to create a well-crafted piece that effectively communicates their thoughts and ideas.

  • 16th June, 2023
  • PenMyPaper
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