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Top 7 NFT Marketplaces in 2022

It’s no surprise how NFTs are hyped around all over the internet these days and everyone is raving about them. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are non-interchangeable and non-exchangeable, representing digital objects like music, art, games, videos, memes,

  • 25th March, 2023
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Marketing Essay Help From Expert: Smart Leash To Score An A+

MBA days are exciting with fulfilled classrooms, dear friends, cool professors, smart learning, and most importantly, no blocks only semesters! But all the fun poof when universities assign essay of shorter deadlines. That’s one integral part of academic life, none

  • 17th February, 2023
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How to Develop A Strategic Real-Time Business Plan?

Does your case study demands a business plan to sign off? If so, you need to get it right otherwise, later that business may face excessive losses. A true-blue business plan requires inherent strategies to germinate and this article offers

  • 14th February, 2023
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SWOT Analysis of Starbucks

Starbucks, previously known as Starbucks Corporation, is a coffeehouse chain with approximately 20,000 locations across the world. Starbucks is known to be the largest American coffeehouse chain in the world, having 31,256 stores all over the globe

  • 25th April, 2023
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SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc

Strengths Apple is one of the biggest names in the information technology industry and operating in the market for several decades. In 2017, the revenue of Apple was recorded around $229,23 billion, which was the largest by any IT company.

  • 7th February, 2023
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How To Do SWOT Analysis For Your Company?

Do you have a startup business or are you planning to launch one soon? Then, it is clever to get conversant with SWOT Analysis. Being an amateur in the business, you must be thinking what exactly it is. This blog

  • 13th February, 2023
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Top Surefire Business Ideas That Can Help Your Business Plan to Flourish

Looking forward to finding out brilliant ways to flourish your business? Well, let me tell you, in today’s date, it is no big deal to establish a business entity if you understand the key tactics to figure out the right

  • 12th February, 2023
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6 Study Hacks to Help Improve Studies of Students

Education has been the constant source of inspiration for every one of us since the starting of the civilization. It has been the one source that has enabled us to be the smartest race on this planet. Now, this education

  • 11th February, 2023
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The Future of Virtual Classrooms

The advent of internet has helped humanity to bridge the vast geographical distances with virtual tunnels. There are multiple descriptive essays available online to read on this matter. Communication has never been as easier as it is today. Internet allows

  • 10th February, 2023
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Infographic on Apple Business Strategy

The 4P model is typically used to assess the strategies of a company using four key parameters, such as its products, it’s pricing, the place of product availability, and its promotion. This model can be used to assess the business

  • 9th February, 2023
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How Businesses can Benefit from Renewable Energy

Businesses stick to the conventional balance sheet notions of operation costs and profit margins. Familiarity has its own logic scheme. Costs are growing rapidly because of the external environmental damages. The chief among these troubles, that affects every business ideas

  • 24th March, 2023
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10 Things You Need to STOP Putting in Your Resume

If a successful career is a bird sitting on a branch, a resume or a Curriculum Vitae is the spear you need to take it down. A good resume is the most needed thing in order to succeed in the

  • 6th February, 2023
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How to Conduct A Market Analysis

Every company operates in its own marketplace. It determines the geographic location where it runs its business operations. In a marketplace, there can be various macro-environmental factors that can have a significant influence over the operational activities of the company.

  • 5th February, 2023
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Strategic Guide on How to Conduct an Industry Analysis

Before proceeding with understanding what industry analysis means, let us understand the meaning of industry first. The industry is a type of economic structure that comprises a group of businesses or enterprises that deal in similar products or services.

  • 26th April, 2023
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How to Conduct an Internal Audit of a Company

The internal auditing of a company involves the assessment of an organization to get a clear idea of its operational activities and its resources. It helps to understand the internal capabilities of an organization to carry out its day-to-day activities

  • 4th February, 2023
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Benefits of eBooks – you’ll be amazed to know

The IT revolution and the evolution of smartphones have indeed made this world a smaller place, hence concreting the phrase – ‘global village’. Any and every information known to man is a few clicks or touches away from you if

  • 8th August, 2023
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