How to Write a Good College Application Essay?

College Application essay

Out of all the types of essays that you might have heard of, read, or written earlier, this one is completely different. According to our writing service, college application essays are the new introduction in the (already complicated) admission system of the big universities. This involves you writing an essay alongside all the other admission formalities.

In this essay, you have to mention your worth as a student and as a possible asset to their institution. Also, you need to mention why is it that you are willing to seek a slot in their institute. There are many other small, but important points that are valuable and should be kept in mind while writing the college application essay. Let our professionals take care of your assignments if you don’t know how to write a response paper, personal statement, or a college application essay.

Which Option to Go With?

Now, accomplishing all these is not easy by any means, because frankly, this kind of essay was never taught or coached to you before. So this leaves you with two options – either you seek help from a professional Essay Writer, or you do it on your own, which will take up a lot of time and precision. If you choose to go with the former, no problem whatsoever. But if you don’t choose an essay to buy, and want to write the whole essay by yourself, you should go through this whole write-up to know the process of how to write an essay.

Do It Yourself, but Smartly

There are special types of essays that are required by all the major universities nowadays for admission purposes. The university assignment writers of PenMyPaper have provided a few important points that should be made in a college application essay that will tell the admission board more about you and your worth as a potential student of their institution. These points are the same as below. Before you shift to writing, make a draft essay outline of the following points.

  • There are students that have a talent or a repertoire, so it is significant that their academic capabilities are out-shadowed. If you have a history like that, be sure to mention that in your essay. This will give you an upper hand compared to the other candidates that seek the same position.
  • Always remember to mention your struggle story. Mentioning the story gives them insights of your mental strength and willpower. Also, they become aware of your fighting spirit, your ability to adapt the unwanted, and your ability to learn from an unpleasant experience.
  • If it wasn’t clear earlier, always mention your achievements. This will obviously give them an idea about your accomplishments and your future potential. This will basically have them grasp that what you can accomplish things if provided a proper training and necessary resources.
  • Mention a thing (preferably a contradictory topic that you have a strong opinion on) that you would like to change. This will give the admission board an insight of your intellectual self. They will get to know you better as a person and will start to relate to you.
  • Although it is kind of an achievement, if there were some problems (preferably a social issue) that you have solved, always remember to mention those. This will have an unbelievable impact on the selecting committee.

Maintain the Format

You need to follow a specific essay format for this type of essay. You should always open with a story. It is even better if it is an anecdote that tells them about one of your firm stands or achievements. You can follow the default format of introduction, followed by the body, followed by the conclusion, as long as you are opening with an anecdote.

Need assistance with essays, worry no more as our expert writers will write any kind of paper for you be it synthesis essay, reflective essay, expository essay, or cultural essays.

It is agreeable that this type of essay is not a mainstream one and it might be difficult in the first go, but there is nothing that can’t be done. Taking help from a reliable essay writing website can often be helpful for students. So you can also give it a try.

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