Improve Your Skills with A Handful of College Essay Examples

College Essay Examples

All through your education days, you will meet with different essays, each possessing some significance of its own. Some are critical, some are tricky, but none are easy to deal with if you have no clue on how to write an essay. However, you are on the best ground as this blog will introduce you to several college essay examples. Do not hesitate to seek assistance from our paper writer; just say ‘write me a paper‘ and we will gladly do it for you. Now, let us get started!

College Essay Examples: Argumentative Essay

Struggling on how to write an argumentative essay? The foremost criteria are to be persuasive while unfolding the shreds of evidence. Our essay writing service experts have provided some great tips that will ease your process of composition in this article.

  • Work Out an Essay Plan, Beforehand: The moment you are assigned with an essay, work out an action plan for every task. A lot of specific hours for the chores and make sure, you do not consume more time or extend over the hours.
  • Study the Questions Quickly: Within a short period, get hold of the question. Put sufficient focus and concentration, while reading, in order to understand the expectation of your professors, from your essay.
  • Perform Short and Solid Research: Once you apprehend the queries, try to find exact answers to them. Perform the research in a specific direction and narrow down the aspect as you proceed.
  • Develop Arguments That Are Persuasive: The foremost responsibility of any scholar is to establish all the arguments, convincingly, before illustrating them. If your opinions are resilient to the counter opinions, you have won the game.

College Essay Examples: Cause and Effect Essay

If you don’t know how to write a college essay effectively then the following examples will be of great help. Among the other college essay examples, Cause and Effect essay stands out for its critical aspects. Expert’s advice and consultations are the best way to come up with successful pieces of writings. Some recommendations are listed, here –

  • Collect Information Through Empirical Research: Cause and effect essay is an expository essay example that is responsible for presenting a balanced analysis of a topic. Here, a writer needs to perform extensive researches for deep-rooted investigation on the causes and their effects.
  • Identify the Effects That You Are Dealing With: In these essays, you need to identify the effects before the causes. Otherwise, the research may go out of track. As soon as you are assigned with the topic, study the research questions and analyze them to identify the after-effects of the matter.
  • Recognize the Typical Causes Behind Each Effect: Now that you are aware of the causes, it is time to dig out the underlying causes. Cause and effect essays are only about facts and data, so, be specific while you are portraying the reasons behind the actions. Your analysis must encompass a wide range of research area.
  • Organize The Facts And Decide The Outline Of The Essay: For a cause and effect essay, it is extremely important to write the essay outline before writing. It helps the writers to identify the most suitable way of putting the causes and their effects. List the consequences and their triggering reasons, beforehand.

Looking for example of a case study format? Check out useful articles like this. 

College Essay Examples: Narrative Essay

Telling a story isn’t a difficult chore, as all of you must have done this before. But penning the experiences in words is definitely tricky. Find some counsels and instructions, concerning narrative essay writing –

  • Decide the Real-Life Experience to Be Narrated: Narrative essay is about describing a real-life story with all the real experiences and moments. If you put a vague story, readers can easily identify the falsehood, from the references. Ascertain your story impresses everyone with its momentary definitions.
  • Recall the WHYs, HOWs, WHENs, and WHATs: Before narrating the story, mind map all the relatable information and arrange them as the chronicle of occurrence. As you know, a little mismatch in your gen can badly affect your narration and it may break the flow of the story. Being overly cautious isn’t a bad idea when you are up for a narrative essay.
  • Make A Decision Of The Narrative Structure: Though every essay needs an outlining first, it is extremely crucial when you are assigned with a narrative essay. Here, you have to decide the narrative structure, i.e. the way you are going to convey your story. Some like flashback narrations whereas, others prefer up-to-the-minute recitations. Need assistance from a pro assignment writer? Approach the experts at PenMyPaper.
  • Write in a way to engage and convince readers: Choice of the story plays a major role in narrative essays. If your anecdote isn’t a tale to tell, it won’t be effective. Impressing the readers should be your main motive and for that, your piece must highlight some engaging occurrences and convincing causes.

College Essay Examples: College Application Essay

Entrance to the college of your preference is a matter of time when you have documented a good college application essay. But, there are some criterions to be satisfied while composing such essays and following commentaries will help you on that subject.

  • Your Topic Must Be from The Trending Subjects: Students write college application essays for getting admission in their favorite colleges. And to satiate the professors, be witty with your subject line. Choose something that is interesting and has been doing rounds in the corner. Old, spooky topics are strictly not allowed.
  • Don’t Go for Broad or Critical Essay Topics: Your College hasn’t started yet, so it’s obvious your concept of writing hasn’t developed yet. So, pick a topic that is tending but easy to write on. You may not come up successful with a critical thinking essay and that will close the doors of your favorite college. Even with a simple topic and fascinating style of writing, you can impress the audience.
  • Crosswords from Tough Vocabulary: Technical terms, strange terminologies, difficult to pronounce words, etc. are just not acceptable when you are writing a college application essay. Remember, the piece may require you to be creative but not a fancy writer. Here, you should choose vocabulary that of an 8-year old child, so that everyone can be in-terms with your essay.
  • Start with A Hook Statement to Engage Professors: One of the significant ideas is to start the essay with a bang. Put a hook statement for introduction, which can be relatable to the topic or idiomatic as experts say, if the first statement is attractive, readers tend to read the full essay.

Consult with us, if you are having trouble in penning any of the above from the list of college essay examples, and wonder, ‘Is there any perfect Essay Writer for me to match my requirements?’. We are capable of providing assistance with any assignment, whether it be cultural essays or a winning critical thinking college essay. Experts and pros, being aware of all the guidelines, compose the drafts with quality and proficiency.

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