10 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuading a person with your though process isn’t easy and it is more difficult when you don’t know who the opposite person is. As you are assigned with the topic, being aware of how to write a perfect essay, you may compose one persuasive paper. But, its quality becomes a question of concern. This article is all about the persuasive essay, its arguments, logics, more integral counterparts and persuasive essay example. Read this to excel your sense of writing.

Before highlighting the techniques, here’s a sample persuasive essay for you, crafted by the writers of our essay writing service. Once you go through this, it will be easier to ‘write my essay for me‘.

Persuasive Essay Example _1

From this sample, you will learn how to begin a persuasive essay. It’s a bit different from the others, having a significance of its own.

Students Should Be Allowed to Use Laptops During Study Sessions

The conventional learning experience had no connection with technology. But, as time is revolving technology is evolving, and seems, it has extended a leg into the education sector, as well. Some institutes are allowing laptops, some have in-built desktops, and a few are still preserving the traditional classroom practice. A laptop is a piece of multi-purpose equipment, as you can take notes, perform some quick study and research, create a presentation, and more. Being a postgraduate student, I carry my laptop, regularly, for my research purpose. And, I have experienced the customary classroom environment, too, where teachers used to read out notes and we wrote them in papers. For me, it was much time-consuming. In contrary, carrying laptops in classrooms excels the learning experience, making it more interactive, rapid, and fascinating.

The above section is an adaption from a critical thinking college essay. This is the essay introduction i.e. the opening passage of the paper. Hypothetically, this paragraph has three discrete sections, each reflecting an insinuation. Under the subsequent sub-head, you will get a complete analysis.

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Tips to Write A Persuasive Essay Introduction

  1. It starts with a hook statement, something that has a relation to the topic but not a direct argument (it can be a background story)
  2. The mid-section gives an overview of why you have chosen this topic and what should a reader expect from this paper
  3. Finally, the opening passage closes with the thesis statement i.e. summarizing the whole paper in a sentence that to highlighting your position

Persuasive Essay Example _2

From this college application essay sample, you will learn how to develop arguments and prove the point using counter-arguments. Take a look.

Digital Marketing Increases Online Visibility of a Company

Today, almost everyone is active in the social media and come across thousands of post on a daily basis. Similarly, I got to know about the “KFC Wednesday Offer” from a Facebook post. I went there, enjoyed the meal and came back with floating hearts. But suppose there’s no post in digital media and KFC has only pasted banners of “Wednesday Offer”, here and there. It’s not every day we cross a KFC outlet or roam across the city. So, we may not learn about the offer.

Besides branding, digital marketing includes some other strategies as well, and here’s the proof.

For another instance, I was buying a dress for Christmas party, and suddenly, a popup showed some discounts on Induction Cooker. Certainly, there’s no connection, but that’s the marketing strategy in digital platforms. Everything is connected worldwide and there’s no bound to it. If it was an offline dress store, never on earth you will get to know about the Induction discounts.

These are two different arguments, developed on the same topic. In that way, you can build up as many arguments as you need to prove your point. But, there’re a few things that every writer must keep in mind. See what they are –

Tips for Potent Persuasive Essay Arguments

  1. Your arguments should be rational, and specifically, relate to the topic
  2. Each paragraph must be short and concentrate on a particular aspect
  3. There must be a smooth transition in between the paragraphs
  4. Your essay should have at least three to five arguments and counters

Persuasive Essay Example _3

This example will tell you about the last section of a good persuasive essay, i.e. the essay conclusion. Before composing yours, learn how to leave a strong impression in the reader’s mind.

Cyber-Attacks Are A Pivotal Intelligence Tool for Every Nation

In every nation, the Intelligence team trigger cyber-attacks to decease or interrupt the opponent’s computerized arm-systems and to bring in some vital information. Through critical attacks, IT people shut down the foe’s machines or in still virus in them. These take the missions to halt and sometimes shoot it up completely. As I have shown through various instances, bringing in evidence from Indo-Pak war or ISIS attacks, it is important to continue with cyber-attacks. Rather than losing lives, it’s good to be technical till the surface comes to the edge. The future will see some hi-tech cyber-attack tools that will ease the task for the nation’s IT personnel’s. There are scopes for new researches on those upcoming tools and their significances.

Normally, a conclusion structure is just inverse to that of an introduction. The ending passage starts on a narrower aspect and broadens as proceeds to the last line. Find some exclusive writing tips in the subsequent section.

Tips to Write A Persuasive Essay Conclusion

  1. Start with reinstating the thesis statement, in some other words, keeping the meaning intact and it should precise and specific
  2. Say what you have already said in the essay, i.e. talk about the evidence and remind of your point-of-view
  3. Lastly, the essay ends on a persuading tone, offering some true-blue recommendations, and telling about the scopes of future studies

The above examples may have taught you some great lessons, which you can implement in the next assignment. Consulting with an Essay Writer for me is a great idea if you need more help regarding the same. Many professional assignment help services are available to take complete responsibility of your papers, from formatting to proofreading. Don’t hesitate in seeking assistance and buying an essay from PenMyPaper at cheap prices. Whether you need assistance with crafting a leadership essay or you are struggling with how to write an abstract, we are here to help with any type of assignment.

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