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Like to fill up diary pages? Then, narrative essay is certainly your cup of tea. But, the process of getting to the chore of its composition and coming out successful is a hard nut to crack, indeed. Many students muddle up at the outlining stage, some get stuck with which event to choose and others fumble while narrating the story. This article curated by our Essay Writer online has answers to all your quandaries – find the clues to develop powerful narrative essay outlines, a strong thesis, and depicting the story.

How to Choose A Narrative Essay Topic?

Narration isn’t the most critical thing when your college essay topics are somehow familiar to you. Try telling an alien story and you will end up being unsuccessful, for sure. Here’re some more suggestions on picking the ideal story for your narrative essay –

  • The story must not be too big to tell – short stories are way more interesting and tempting for the audience
  • General worldly-affairs come in news only – why will you take the extra responsibility of its depiction!
  • Let the story be easy-to-understand and takes lesser time to read – in a way, this is best for today’s audience
  • Pick something from your zone of interest – events or products or services, those that trigger your curiosity

Narrations are the basis of success in a narrative essay. So, be clever to find the most suitable theme and develop a good piece of composition. Further instructions will guide you with the writing procedure and more.

Developing A Narrative Essay: Structure and Composition

Similar to other essays, narrative ones are developed on a particular structure, as well. Although the basic outline embraces introduction, body, and conclusion, the integral phases require more. What are the exact pieces of elements in a narrative essay is a matter of concern here –

Narrative Essay Outline Template

Build the plot before drafting the essay, and thereby, you will be at the beneficial end. It’s the best way to envision the whole thing and it also allows the writer to be on track. Following are the key aspects that need to be mentioned in a narrative essay.

  1. Essay introduction
  2. Point of view
  3. Emphasis on the most crucial event
  4. Proofs and supporting evidence
  5. Aftermaths of the event (good/bad)
  6. Connection with the present
  7. Essay conclusions and discussions
  8. Recommendation of the narrative ideas
  9. References
  10. Glossary

The headings and sub-headings change, depending on your story. You can also add more paragraphs with these, but don’t drop any from the above lit. Or else, your essay may not sound as professional as it should be. Whether you are writing an informative essay outline or descriptive essay outline, you must organize them well.

Writing Tips on Narrative Essay

Time crunch is a threat to many students, so it’s important to finish the essay before the alert starts beeping. Methodical writing is always preferred when there’s limited time to meet the deadline. Check here for shrewd tactics –

1. Go for A First-Draft; Not the Final One

Many of the smarter minds, those who don’t know how to write an essay, prefers to create drafts before finalizing the copy. Telling stories just the way you want ain’t easy at the first go. This drafting technique is even popular among famous writers and that’s how you should also begin. Although it seems time-consuming, it’s not actually. Write the first draft, make the changes on it and make a fresh copy of the revised essay.

2. Draw the Story line & Divide the Scenes

Would you like to hear a story that has no specific line of flow? Certainly, not! So, your narration must have a storyline in particular. Based on the chronicle of events, decide the course of your story and divide the scenes accordingly. Make sure the whole passage looks one, instead of divided paragraphs, to the audience. Also, ensure that your story preserves the universal rules of literature.

3. Develop A Clear and Specific Point of View

Every story has a point of view where everything sums up, completing a full circle. Your narration must have a point of view, where it should start and end, after revolving around the characters and events. Before letting the readers know about all the details and descriptions, it’s important to tell them what the story is all about. This way people understand your approach and behavior of analyzing an event and explaining a situation.

4. Support with Evidence But Don’t Over-Say

Unlike the rules of developing an argumentative essay or a persuasive piece of writing, narrative essays normally don’t have any point to prove. But, shreds of evidence are of utmost importance. Give supporting evidence to validate your experience and event. Let people not doubt your narration. If you are about to insert facts in your description, say for products or services, give credit to contributing sources.

Narrative Essay Examples

Narrative essays are best learned from reading sample essays. The more you read, the better you understand the approach and style of composition. Here’s an example to guide you with the beginning. Click here for more narrative essay examples.

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