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How to Write a Well-Written Synthesis Essay: Definition, Structure, and Topics

Synthesis Essay Writing

A synthesis essay is basically an advanced type of writing, thus writing these essays is quite an engaging task to encounter. Usually, these essays are assigned to university and college students for testing the students whether they can demonstrate big concepts or manage to deal with extensive research.

Unlike that of a persuasive essay, here the writer selects a topic, asserts his or her claim, and then back it up with multiple sources for creating a well-written synthesis essay. To know more about what a synthesis essay is and how to craft an excellent essay, read this blog till the end.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

Synthesis essay writing is similar to that of writing a thesis. As per the definition, a synthesis essay is defined as a usual discussion of ideas in the written form. The piece of information included in the essay is generally drawn from two or more sources like articles, interviews, fiction sources, academic papers, lectures, speeches, and observations.

Like, if you get two different ideas belonging to a similar topic, then you must isolate the common thing in between the two to know what actually it is trying to say. For example, if you are examining two papers- one is the increasing number of teenagers in social media and another is the popularity of smartphone use in this modern world. In this case, you can synthesize the information from both of them and come up with a united thesis: How the increasing use of smartphones and social media is affecting teenagers?

Key Features of Synthesis Essay:

Some of the noticeable and important features of a synthesis essay are presented hereunder:

  • Using different phrases and sentences to report valuable information from the sources
  • Creating a sense of the sources to assist the reader in understanding them in details
  • Organizing it well so that the readers could point out exactly where they find that the information from different sources overlaps each other.

How to Structure your Synthesis Essay?

Before attempting to write your synthesis essay, you should plan and create your essay outline. While doing so, you must categorize your entire essay into different sections. Then accordingly you must include specific points, sub-arguments along with supporting evidence into different sections. While writing the final draft, ensure to check that every aspect of your essay paragraphs proves the claim made in the thesis. Also, verify that your essay does not include any extra information as this might only make the essay writing worst.

While picking the sources, verify and ensure that all the information has been taken from credible sources. Thus, while mentioning the causes, make sure to analyze them, and not to summarize them. For in-detailed instructions, follow up on the below section.

Like all other types of essays, synthesis essay also follows the same essay format:


The essay introduction starts with a hook and it briefly describes what the essay is all about. Apart from this, you can also include the background of the topic and thesis statement in it which seems relevant.


What differentiates a synthesis essay from other essays is that it always possesses a thesis, which is the core argument of your essay. It is the most important of all other theses included in the essay.


When you start writing your essay body, make sure that the very first paragraph must include a counterargument to your thesis. While writing so, ensure that it must not be enough strong that it succeeds in discrediting your thesis. Also, it validates your ability to think from a reverse viewpoint.

However, all other paragraphs of the essay body must include arguments that are favorable to your thesis. Also, ensure that all the body paragraphs are structured following a typical format:

  • An argument supporting your thesis
  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence
  • Evidential analysis


Last but not least, your essay conclusion should restate the main points. It should be written as a summary of the overall essay and it must address your unanswered queries.

If you fail to compose your synthesis essay following the above points, then you can opt to buy an essay online from a reputed website.

How to Select Good Topics for Your Synthesis Essay?

Choosing your essay topics undeniably depends upon the type of assignment you are dealing with. Like, for a synthesis essay, you must always select debatable topics. Also, you must select the sources that possess contradicting points of view.

  • First of all, browse through the topics and ideas for your essay from different sources. Take an in-depth look into it to verify if any topic gains your interest. If you find any, then choose that topic.
  • After picking up the topic for your synthesis essay, you must browse through credible sources to gather relevant information for your writing
  • Then you can proceed to write your essay outline. While doing so, you can implement the ideas that you have gathered from different sources to make your essay look more informative and interesting. This will make your essay writing process quite easier and also helps in saving your valuable time.

These tips will prove effective while picking a good topic for your synthesis essay.

Some Interesting Topics for Your Synthesis Essay:

Before presenting some sound topics for your synthesis essay, first, it is essential to know when a synthesis paper is usually written:

  • For Analysis papers, where you need to examine and compare the two different yet related theories.
  • For Argument papers, where you compare different viewpoints and support a single claim
  • For Business reports, where different ideas and thoughts are examined and are blended together to form a unified plan
  • For Research papers, where varied sources are incorporated.

Now, moving further, let’s take a look at some topics for synthesis essay, like:

  • Legalization of drug
  • Immigration policy
  • Income inequality
  • The policy of progressive taxation
  • Gun control in educational institutions

What makes these topics sound and interesting for your readers is that they are all debatable in nature.

Writing Techniques to be Utilized for Writing an Effective Synthesis Essay:

There are different writing styles and techniques that a writer uses for writing a synthesis essay.

  • Summarizing: This is one of the easiest methods used for organization. Though it allows you to present a synopsis of the sources with the highest relevancy, the only problem is that this particular procedure fails to include any individual and independent ideas or thoughts.
  • Multiple Reasons: This is one of the most effective techniques being used, especially two.
  • Concession: The best part of using this method is that it illustrates the contradicting point of view. This displays that the positives are quite stronger than that negatives
  • Examples: This particular technique involves the paraphrasing of some paragraphs of sources in your own words. It also involves the quoting of some peculiar segments of sources. This is the reason that while using this technique, you should always cite the source.
  • Strawman: This is another effective technique popularly being used for writing a synthesis essay. Here you need to present a counterargument against your thesis. But ensure that it must not be strong enough to contradict the thesis. Generally, it is followed by a decisive factor and contradictory viewpoints.
  • Compare and Contrast: It allows the essay writers to investigate two sources at once. On the one hand, contrasting points out the differences, comparing points out the similarities. Here there is a possibility of illustrating an in-depth analysis of your selected topic.

Brilliant Tips to Follow While Writing a Synthesis Essay:

When you are writing a synthesis essay, the primary thing that you should focus on is to analyze the text properly. You need to comprehend the rhetoric and purpose of the text and also you should present the argument that the author claims for the successful analysis of the text. And then accordingly you must work around to write a compelling synthesis essay.

  • Never title your assignment as a ‘synthesis essay;’ always use the relevant title for your essay
  • Make appropriate use of transitions to connect the sentences and paragraphs in your essay
  • Ensure to address your readers relevantly
  • Avoid making use of too much passive voice
  • Your sentence structure should be clear and consistent
  • Use precise and appropriate vocabulary in your essay
  • Ensure that you are including correct citations in your essay
  • Don’t forget to proofread your essay once you complete writing it and make edits whenever necessary. (Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes)

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