How to Write an Illustration Essay?

Illustration Essay

Illustration sounds more like a picture than text, right? So why use it for describing an essay? It’s because an illustration essay is exactly like a picture – it makes the readers see things rather than read it (of course, it depends on the capability of the writer to make the readers imagine what they wanted to convey). In this article, our experts will delve into how to craft an illustration essay to help you write my paper.

What is an Illustrative Essay?

To put a definition to this – an essay that contains facts, figures, examples and logical theories to prove a point, is an illustrative essay. The most important elements of an illustration essay are – examples. The more examples, the better the readers will be able to comprehend the ‘illustration’.

But there is one very critical point that should be remembered here – an illustration essay is different from an argumentative essay. Both are linked closely, true, but unlike an argumentative essay, an illustration essay does not cater to one particular point of view. An illustration essay uses examples to establish a general fact, whereas an argumentative essay is written to support one specific point of view.

How Can You Write a Good Illustrative Essay?

Having learning what an illustration essay is, let’s now look into the ‘how’ part. We already know one thing – the more examples, the better it sounds. But after checking in with an essay writing service, last week, I decided to compile a step-by-step ‘how to’ of illustration essays.

Let’s go through it…

  • Identify a Suitable Topic: To write a good enough illustration essay, you need to find a related topic to elaborate on. This is because an illustration essay is a very specific genre and not every topic can be covered in the category. Choose very simple statements that can be proven easily with examples. For example, if you’re choosing a topics for commerce essay, you have to ensure that the statement of the topic falls under the essay category.
  • Find Examples: You need to brainstorm about it and come out with examples that are interesting and relatable. For this, you need a lot of reading on the relevant topics; a lot of internet research and the most important thing is you need to think about analogies. Analogies are necessary for making an illustration essay successful and even more interesting. While looking for examples, you need to keep in mind the audience you are writing for. If you think that your essay is going to be read majorly by students, you can find examples that are common both to the topic of your essays and to the elements in the lifestyle of a student.
  • Prepare An Outline Sketch Of The Essay: After you have gathered all the sources and the content for writing your illustration essay, you should write an essay outline so as to get things in order. This will help you frame and compose the essay in a better way. Planning (sub-headings, for example) before starting the essay also makes the essay more presentable.
  • Re-read: After you’re done writing the illustration essay, you need to make sure that the analogies and the examples you used are totally relevant and are complementing the flavor of the essay. For this, you need to re-read your essay after you have written it. It will also rectify the linguistic or technical errors.

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Points to Remember

Even though I said that writing an illustration essay is very easy, you should remember to not be overconfident. There are a few things that you need to make sure of while you’re writing an illustration essay.

You need to absolutely sure about what point of view you have opted, or, the one that is assigned to you. It can either be a first person, a second person or a third person.

Also, it should always be kept in mind that there should not be any argument that indicated that the essay is about a particular person’s point of view. It can take the essay off-track.

Also, avoid plagiarism in your content, as it creates a very wrong impression about your writing abilities. So, beat plagiarism with proofreading and make your paper flawless to impress your professors.

Quantitatively speaking, you need, on an average, two to three essay examples to support the key points. This caters to the essence on an illustration essay – the whole deal about painting an image. This will lead the essay to be a very relevant and an interesting one.

So writing an illustration essay is not as difficult as it looks, but is also not as easy as you think it might be. Therefore, you need to be careful and open-minded while you’re writing it.

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