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Handbook for Compare and Contrast Essay: Smart Tips

Compare and Contrast Essay Smart Tips

Have you been assigned with a compare and contrast essay in this semester? Many student, being unaware of its writing approach and style, fails to prepare a classy document satiating for the professors. Well, it’s time to evade your stresses as this blog offers every minor detail on the matter. In a step-by-step guidance, learn the baseline concept of compare and contrast essay, true techniques for its composition supported with examples, and a few more smart student’s tips.

“Compare and Contrast essay is more like drawing tangents between subjects”

Compare and Contrast Essay: A True-Blue Definition!

You may know how to write an essay, but this particular genre is a bit different from the commons. As the idiom indicates, such a piece of writing deals with two thoughts or objects, simultaneously. Composing these essays are fun, in reality, as you get the chance to compare and contrast the themes of your interest. But, it is crucial that both the objects and ideas must belong from identical categories and time periods.

Suppose you are asked to write a compare and contrast essay, start with choosing brilliant essay topics, counting on two contradictive subjects. Next, draw parallels in between, while expressing your insights, throughout the paper. Though it seems a tough chore for students, but actually, it isn’t with quite a count of inherited fun elements. Basically, the peripheral idea is to mark and note the dissimilarities and similarities of subjects, under considerations.

How to Write A Compare and Contrast Essay: Smart Tips?

The format for a compare and contrast essay, alike others, follow a good essay outline. Though the structure reflects the same image as other papers, it differs in its writing approach. There’s a specific style to be followed, as stated clearly, below –

  • Be Clever With Your Topic: Always remember, a compare and contrast essay is completely different from write an argumentative essay or any other forms of essays. While choosing an apt idea, ascertain the theme entails two subjects, from same classification and interlude.
    For example, if you like to analyze two recent personalities, choose two industrialists or two politicians. Do not go for an industrialist and a politician.
  • Draw Tangents Between the Traits: The word “research” gets replaced with “compare and contrast” when you are dealing with this type of essay. Here, you have to explore and find the similarities and dissimilarities between the subjects under consideration. Generally, a Venn diagram facilitates the progression. The below diagram may clear your concept with a visual treat.
compare & contrast essay topic
  • Develop A Solid Meaningful Argument: An effective compare and contrast essay goes beyond a critical thinking college essay. The thesis statement must have a proper meaning that is rational in every sense. But, the toughest part is making it precise when the topic is large and broad.

    Here you need a tactic to win – simply look at the list of similarities and dissimilarities you have jotted before and focus on the one that seems most striking. Based on this, form your chief argument.

  • Play Well with The Essay Structure: For a compare and contrast essay, there are two distinct ways of composing the paper. Both are appealing and looks professional on crafting correctly; the preference is solely the writers’. Take a look at the approaches –
  • Describe the subjects one after another i.e. first start with one and stipulate its similarities and dissimilarities in detail, and then proceed for the next
  • You can go point by point i.e. choose an aspect and depict the similarities or dissimilarities between the subjects, and then move for another and so on

    Note: Choose a format that adds sense and value to your essay

  • A Prior Outlining Keeps A Writer In Track: The tops tips on essay format by the professionals, clearly, states that outlining an essay before writing actually helps the concerned writer. A traditional essay outline contains three major sections – introduction, body, conclusion and one more significant segment – the reference or annotated bibliography. Now, it is wise to start with the body first followed by the conclusion and introduction. This not only saves hours but also, improves the paper quality.
  • Insert Evidences And Suitable Transitions: As you are writing a compare and contrast essay, you will require more evidences than needed in other types of essays. With every anecdote, you have to quote something or put a validation. In case you articulate a personal commentary, highlight it with a tale to tell.

    In these forms of essay, you have to be extra careful with transitions. The essence of the paper evades off if the passages and sentences lacks transitional words and statements. Below are some examples of relatable intermediate words –

  • Used in Similarity: both, alike, likewise, similarly, etc.
  • Used in Dissimilarity: whereas, on the other hand, nonetheless, etc.
  • Never Submit Without Proofreading: Once you complete composing the essay, including the referencing, read the document repeatedly. The motive is to locate even the minor mistakes, if present. Besides a manual attempt, opt for digital service as well. Hire a professional paper helper or check in the available online copy editing tools. Ensure, the final draft is free from bloopers.

On reading the complete blog, you must have apprehended the essentials of writing a compare and contrast essay. But if you are still hesitant about the first attempt or time is big trouble for you, then opt for professional essay writersPenMyPaper has a virtuous team of experts, who crafts the best for you. Certainly, experience works better for a compare and contrast essay.

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