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Terms and Conditions

It is assumed by us that the client has gone through the terms and conditions whenever he/she places an order with our services and agrees to abide by them as well. When you complete the payment process, through whatever means like Debit and Credit Cards or any other modes permitted by our company, you effectively provide us with authorization to charge you for the service provided by us and this payment must conform to the existing framed laws, rules and regulations of respective countries. Any discrepancies regarding the same shall stand to be considered to be a crime and PenMyPaper will show no tolerance towards such activities including fraudulently using debit and credit cards and the PenMyPaper shall approach law enforcement authorities accordingly.

How Our Products are to be Utilized

PenMyPaper is a service provider of utility to its clients through the means of exclusive reports and as such these services are not meant and should not be used by a client for any sort of copyright limitation. The materials that we prepare are solely meant for purposes of reference and research.

Our liability is limited to provide reports that are well researched and abide by the high standards set by ourselves.

The Source Materials

It is prerogative of PenMyPaper to implement information sources according to the project assigned to us. Further we also reserve the right to ignore sources in the section devoted to reference.

Under all circumstances the responsibility of furnishing us with specific references that the client wishes to be incorporated in the project lies with the client and they have to do so within the stipulated time period. In cases where required reference sources were not furnished within due time, PenMyPaper is not responsible for any delay in the delivery of projects held up due to this reason. The internet is the preferred and sole medium to be used for transmission of information.


PenMyPaper aims to offer a customized service and project specific instructions are treated with special care and form the backbone of the reports created by us. A sequence of checks under such circumstances would definitely be of help.

Do not forget to mention your instructions in the order form. Once the order has been placed you are required to login to your account with PenMyPaper and ensure that instructions remain unequivocal for you as well as us. In cases where the client desires some changes he is required to click on the edit button and add or delete all the details necessary and then finally press "Confirm" once they have completed the changes. In the absence of the final confirmation from the client's side the project requirement would be regarded as incomplete. So be kind enough to check for confirmation from the project editor. It is up to you to ensure that the project requirements have been properly understood by the editor and that they are all ready to start work on your project. PenMyPaper disclaims all responsibility in case the requirement of the project has not been properly comprehended by the editor due to submission of ambiguous project requirements. Also note that PenMyPaper will not entertain any unconfirmed instructions.

The guarantees provided by PenMyPaper is given taking clear instruction report as a necessary pre-requisite along with providing the editor with required information in order to fulfill the requirements of the client to the fullest extent possible.


PenMyPaper retains exclusive rights so that it may verify the credentials of the client before it enters into transactions with them. This may include debit or credit card information as well as personal information. It is to be noted that the sole purpose of collecting such information is limited to verification of client's identity. It is required on part of the client to provide true and accurate information like names, credit card numbers as well as the contact information. Failure to do so is a severe violation of existing laws and may be treated as fraud.

Where the payment mode is through cards, the cardholder should note that he or she is in full awareness of the deduction made and how PenMyPaper reserves its right to charge the client for the services rendered by it.