A Guide to Write a Killer Informative Essay Outline

Informative Essay Outline

An informative essay outline is one of the quite frequently assigned academic essays in schools and colleges. Thus, there is a high probability that most of us know how to write one. In fact, some of us might have written this essay at some point in our life without even being knowing that we are writing one. One thing to keep in mind while writing these essays is that you require concentrating only on valuable data and facts.

Like all other types of essays, when you are composing this essay, you need to begin with creating a good informative essay outline. This will help you in writing a perfect essay that will follow the proper essay structure.

If you are a newbie or don’t know how to write an essay, then this is the right place for you. In this article, our writer has elaborated on how to make an informative essay outline correctly. Also, know that you can decide to pay for essay writing when you are overwhelmed with assignments and deadlines.

What is an Informative Essay?

Before you attempt to write this essay, you must be familiar with what exactly is an informative essay.

An informative essay is written on a particular subject with the purpose of providing the readers with information about a person, process, or event. Unlike that of a persuasive essay or argumentative essay, an informative essay is never based on opinions or is biased; it is solely dependent upon valuable facts. Thus, in this type of essay, you might get to see a comparison of the controversial viewpoints on a specific topic.

Its primary function is to educate the audience on a specific topic through analyzing the data or elaborating on any particular term. Well, it is an art to write an informative essay because these essays consist of well-researched facts on any specific subject and it presents before the reader in such a way that they can understand.

What Types of Essays these Informative Essays Include?

From an academic point of view, an informative essay is more or less similar to that of an expository essay. This informative essay includes the following essays:

  • Process Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Problem/Solution Essay
  • Cause and Effect Essay
  • Compare and Contrast Essay

All these essays are informative in nature because, in order to write these essays, you need to provide well-researched facts and information and not opinions. To know how to create a compelling informative essay outline, go through the step-by-step procedure described below.

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Follow these Easy Steps to Structure an Informative Essay Outline

Though all essays more or less follow a similar essay structure, each has its peculiar highlights and features which makes it distinct from others. If you want to create a well-organized informative essay outline, then you must unquestionably know about them.

To ease your convenience, here we have provided you with some steps that experts who provide paid essays use to create a top-notch outline for an informative essay.

Step 1: Consider an amazing title that will grab the attention of the readers. You should conceptualize a few thoughts, record them, and read them out loud to someone. Further, check out which one best cause the fundamental response and pick it. Ensure that the title must be informative and mirrors the primary idea of the subject chosen. Consider this as you conceptualize the ideas of the title.

Step 2: Start your informative essay with a ground-breaking hook sentence. Many students unknowingly begin the essay introduction by defining the topic but this is not the best approach to deal with. Try not to think hard about grabbing the attention of the readers; just focus on presenting an eye-catching fact which draws the crowd to your piece of academic writing.

Step 3: Make sure to include a strong thesis statement that will outline your subject. Your errand is to feature the vital thought of the whole research and analyzing undertaking. The reader should feel motivated and constrained to continue reading.

Step 4: While introducing the topic, in the very first section of your main essay body, you should reveal the motivation behind your essay writing.

Step 5: Make sure to present your information and data from credible sources, so that the readers have a better comprehension of the key thought.

Step 6: The most significant information on the subject should be presented in the last passage of the fundamental body paragraph. Reveal the subject to the extent that the reader has left with no inquiries at all.

Step 7: The ending of your essay should be sensible. Finish up your essay with a short synopsis of the points that have been focused on previously. Suggest additional coordinated investigation of the subject.

In case you fail to understand any of the steps described here then ask for my essay writer to guide you. They will help you with writing all sorts of essay assignments, regardless of the difficulty of the topic and the explanation of certain concepts of the essay.

This will help you create an effective outline for your informative essay. In case you want to learn how to create a rhetorical analysis essay outline, you can let us know.

An In-depth Insight into the 3 Main Elements of the Informative Essay Outline

Just like the table of contents, an informative essay outline works as an action plan. It avoids the essay writer from missing out on any important points and prevents them from getting lost while composing the final essay. But of course, it is not obligatory to prepare an essay outline.

Similar to other types of essays, it includes a minimum of 5 paragraphs where the introduction consists of 1 paragraph, the main body consists of at least 3 paragraphs, and the essay conclusion 1 paragraph. Probably, you must be aware of this essay format. To get a detailed look into what information does each of these paragraphs must cover, continue reading further.


In the introduction part of the essay, you should possibly provide some background information on the topic. Also, you can discuss some interesting facts related to the topic that are not known to everyone. In addition to this, you can also define the topic but make sure that the definition should be extracted from any credible source and should not be based upon your individual interpretation of the topic. Finish up your introduction with a powerful thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

If you want to turn your informative essay into a logical piece of writing, then you should consider the topic from various angles. For that, you should conduct extensive research on the topic and collect all pieces of information. In the body paragraphs, ensure to include arguments that support the thesis statement.

Irrespective of the topic being chosen, it is essential to present the claims made by the opponents. So you must be careful as you will have to provide more than one viewpoint in the essay. In fact, separate paragraphs should be allocated for defining separate arguments. In each paragraph, you should start with making an argument and then provide evidence supporting that claim to be true.


The ending of your essay should reflect the ideas being presented in the essay. But ensure the fact that it should not be a verbatim copied statement, as per the assumptions made by most of the students. Being the final part of the essay, you should discuss here the most vital aspects of the research.

A Sample Informative Essay Outline Example

To get a better understanding of how to compose an informative essay outline, you can take a look at this essay example. Here the subject of consideration is the impact of smoking on the human creature.


  • Characterize the subject (what smoking is).
  • Provide concise background information on smoking, that is to say, the manner in which individuals acquire this unfortunate habit, how to become addicted to this, and what occurs if the individual chooses to stop smoking.
  • Make a strong thesis statement. Here you can define the connection between smoking and the increased danger of different hazardous lung illnesses. Distinguish the extent of this informative essay.

Main Body

  • Smoking and its associated diverse unsafe lung sicknesses
  • Portray the way in which smoking can affect human life form in other destructive manners (For instance: coronary diseases, cerebrum action, and so on)
  • The approaches to stop smoking or simple release from this hurtful addiction to smoking


  • Rephrase the thesis statement. Review the relationship between various kinds of lung and coronary sicknesses and an unfortunate habit, for example, smoking.
  • Reiterate the importance of the exploration of the results of smoking.
  • Provide some future forecasts on it (For instance: “If the African country doesn’t stop smoking in the nearest future, the outcome might be… “).

Works Cited

Make sure to cite every citation from sources that are being used in the essay. Do not forget to reference all the sources. As per the required academic format (whether it is an APA format or MLA format), you should provide each entry on the References page.

Hope that this write-up proves helpful for those who are unaware of the techniques being involved in writing this essay. However, these pieces of information will also help you to become a pro in writing informative essays.

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