Some Compelling Examples of a Process Essay for Better Understanding

Process Essay

Structuring a examples of a process essay seems to be a difficult task for many students, but there is nothing to panic about. If you learn to structure this essay, then probably this essay assignment will be one of the easiest to attempt among other types of essays. Through this essay, you can clearly describe someone how to perform a particular process.

If you have been ever assigned a process analysis essay in your school or college and you want to score good grades in your assignment, then you have reached the right place. When the pressure mounts, many students opt to pay for essay writing to ensure they submit quality work on time. Here in this article, our writer has provided some effective tips on how to structure this essay along with a few process analysis essay examples.

What is a Process Essay?

Although you may be familiar with what is an essay, the process of writing a process essay is distinct and requires a different approach. A process essay is a type of expository essay that describes the actions or activities one needs to perform for completing a particular task. While writing these essays, you need to keep in mind to write it in the simplest form possible, so that even the most complicated task seems easier to understand.

Basically, these essays respond to “How to and what” questions, i.e., what a particular task is and how to perform it. Here the essay writer needs to present all the steps related to the process in sequential order, so it becomes easier for the readers to understand.

Though some students find it difficult to explain, yet it is one of the easiest essays to write. This is because a process essay can be written on a wide range of topics, ranging from simple like organizing your bookshelf to complicated topics like any technical procedure. Due to its huge scope, it is popular among a wider range of audiences.

Different Types of Process Essays:

Before you attempt to write a process analysis essay, it is important for you to know its various types. Basically, there are two types of process analysis essays: one is Directional, and the other is Informational. You need to decide which one you want to write about.

  1. Directional Process Analysis Essay: In this essay, the writer explains to the readers how to perform a particular process by providing them step-by-step instructions. Some examples can be how to create your own website or how to prepare cookies.
  2. Informational Process Analysis Essay: In these essays also, the essayist explains to the readers how a particular thing is done but without providing any specific directions to do it actually. Some examples can be how you can make your hobby your job or how to get success at conceptual art.

Simplified Steps for Composing a Good Process Analysis Essay:

Writing a process essay is more like that of writing a descriptive essay. If you have been provided with an assignment to write this essay and you don’t know how to write an essay, then check out this section.

Here we have provided the best ways along with a proper essay format following which you can easily write your essay. So, go through it step-by-step, without missing any of it.

Pick the Topic that you Find Interest in

Prior to writing your essay, take your time and think of ideas and topics for your process essay. For writing an effective essay, choose a researchable topic to write. So, brainstorm and think of a topic that you are interested in because it’s ultimately you who have to write the entire essay.

Focus on your Audience

While choosing the topic, think about the target audience to whom you are addressing. Know what they find interests. Then accordingly you should exemplify the subject matter and use the writing style, whether formal or informal.

Create an Outline

No matter what types of essays you are going to write, you must begin with creating an essay outline. This will not only help in organizing your thoughts but also help in structuring your essay. Thus, the audience will find your essay to be interesting and informative.

Create your Final Essay Draft

While writing your process analysis essay topics, you must start with an attention-grabbing essay introduction which will entice your reader. You can start with a hook and mention the goal of writing this essay. Proceeding to the body paragraphs, you must keep them concise and meaningful. While writing your essay body, make sure to explain each and every step in-detail so that the readers get a better understanding.

Lastly, you need to analyze the main ideas of the essay in your essay conclusion. Make sure not to repeat anything; just provide the readers with a final statement which is to the point.

Don’t forget to proofread and edit your essay before the final submission. In case, you face any difficulty while following any of the steps discussed above, then ask for quality academic assignment help for writing your essays. They will do the needful in a hassle-free manner.

Some Sample Examples of a Process Essay:

If you want to know how exactly a process essay looks like, then you can check out some sample of essay examples provided here. Referring to these examples will not only make your understanding of how to write a process essay easier but it will also save your time. So, without any second thought, go through it.

Well, here 2 examples have been presented; both of them are directional process essays. So, now you can proceed to master writing this essay.

Sample Process Essay Example 1:

How to Avoid Nervous Breakdown?

Many individuals have their nervous breakdown when they are too depressed or stressed, like during exam time. At that point in time, different people behave differently; it completely depends upon the person. You can easily avoid this breakdown, especially during exam time, by practicing a couple of steps.

The first thing that you can do is to plan everything ahead of your schedule. Like, if you set yourself up for right on time, then you will be quite confident to attempt for your exams. You won’t feel so depressed if you have planned your study time for all subjects. Contrary to this, if you have prepared any subject at the last moment then you might feel nervous as you might forget some points. So, this is one of the best ways to avoid this breakdown.

Also, preparing a timetable and following it diligently often helps in overcoming nervous breakdown during the test. It encourages you to work accordingly, thus reduces your stress. In addition to this, adapting to apt learning strategies help you in dealing with your studies more effectively. Thus, it will prevent you from suffering due to a nervous breakdown as you already know how to deal with it.

Another effective technique to overcome this nervous breakdown is to keep up positive thinking and to know how to relax. You can beat this nervousness through different forms of entertainment, like watching movies, playing games, and much more. However, if you think positively, you will feel more confident and relaxed to score an A+ grade in your exam.

Therefore, here you get to know numerous ways that can assist you with staying away from nervous breakdown successfully. You must discover which way will truly help in your case.

Sample Process Essay Example 2:

How to Start a Business?

In this age of private enterprise, beginning a business seems like an extraordinary activity. Notwithstanding, numerous individuals don’t have a clue where to begin. Actually, “how to begin a business” is one of the most looked for inquiries on the web. It is an overwhelming demonstration as you need to forfeit your time, cash, and energy for a thought that probably won’t happen as expected. This is the reason why you should know a step-by-step process to start a business that can ensure your success.

While you start a business, initially you need to do research by exploring the market, know your competitors, and examine your business idea. After conducting research work, you need to prepare for a business strategy. This will help you to sort out how your organization will overcome any potential difficulties.

Another thing to focus on is to plan your finances that are corresponding to your business. In any start-up, there are various one-time costs that you should estimate like for licenses, market research, trade marketing, property leases, etc. Apart from that, there will be some costs that you should incur for the proper running of your business, like rent, employee salaries, promotion, and advertising, etc. Thus, you should be monetarily secure prior to beginning a business, as the danger of losing cash is too high to ever be trivial.

After that, you should choose your business structure that whether it will be a corporation, partnership business, or a sole proprietorship. Furthermore, you need to pick up your business name wisely; choose one that seems more realistic and exciting. Next, you should acquire the possible licenses that allow you to claim a business.

In addition to this, you should pick an accounting system for running your business efficiently and set up the location of your business. After that, what remains is to form a team and finally, launch your business with the right amount of advertising and security of finances.

This has been a deliberate overview of how to begin a business. In order to have a more prominent possibility of progress, you should follow these steps and work with experts in this field.


Hope this informative guide has helped you a lot in completing your college assignment of writing a process analysis essay. But if you are still feeling confused about what to include in your essay and what not to, then ask an assignment helper to help you write an essay, or even you can buy online essay from a trustworthy website. For instance, you don’t have an idea about how to write a good book report, you can feel free to ask us to do your assignment. Being an expert in this field, we will offer you a customized essay as per your demand that too within your specified deadline.

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