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On-time delivery

The On-time delivery policy offered by PenMyPaper is different from most other websites offering similar services to students. How are we saying that with such conviction? Because most such websites seldom announce their delivery date with a specific date or time, they usually mention a range of dates as a window of possible delivery.

This is where we differ, as we give you the exact date and time when you can expect your edited assignment to be sent to the email address you provided us with, they will be complete with thorough checking and corrections ready to be handed over for submission.

We understand that with academic assignments, even a cursory can have dire consequences that may impact the clients entire academic course which will in-turn take a toll on their career. We are not unaware of the great responsibility that our clients choose to trust us with, when asking us to edit their papers for them on complex topics for their University/college-grade assignments.

Hence, we follow deadlines as strictly as commandments written in stone for us. Are you still unsure?

Place an order with us today to test our delivery policies for yourself!