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Complaint Resolution

Our client complaint resolution procedures have been created to help make our clients' have a better experience while working with us.

Our complaint resolution policies are applicable to all edited materials from our end. And we stand to make them fair, firm, efficient and readily accessible. If you have any grievances while working with us in an order, feel free to email us with your complaints and we will get right to their redressal promptly.

We have an efficient team of customer support executives available for assistance round the clock, to answer your queries and address any problem that you may be facing while placing an order or receiving the delivery against that order. We understand that in the digital world it is evident that sometimes there might be a technical glitch that might make it difficult for you to complete a certain task. However, we have made ample arrangements to keep technological glitches at bay so that your experience with us in this site remains smooth and easy to understand.

We maintain a firm policy to answer and give regular updates on a project to our clients at their mentioned email address. Having said that, we do not wish to bother you with unnecessary information regarding the projects or make any promotional calls. We understand the fine lines that must be maintained in a professional relationship and stand to protect the privacy of our clients.