Writing Cause And Effect Essay (6 Easy Steps) For MBA Grads

Cause and Effect Essay

Have you ever won a swimming competition at your school? Well, that’s been the effect of your intense practice and tremendous effort, which appears to be the cause. Similarly, your cause and effect essay should consider two-subjects, each of which must compliment the other. Specifically, there are two points of contemplation that need utmost attention and they are –

  • Why a certain thing has happened (cause)?
  • What has been its outcome or result (effect)?

The penmypaper expert suggest starting with the above two deliberations when an essay on Cause and Effect. Choice of topic and empirical research must begin from those two focal points. For the writing part, the rest of the article embeds six easy and simple hacks of writing. So, continue reading if you don’t know how to write my essay.

Step-by-step guidelines of writing cause and effect essay

An instruction manual is a second-best thing after essay help from experts at the crucial moments of challenges. Suppose you are stuck badly and the deadline is approaching, consulting a professional writer is certainly the wisest thing to do. For self-learning and essay writing on your own, rule-books are far better. Here’s one such for your reference –

1. Know how to distinguish between cause and effect

This particular classification of expository essay deals with causes and their effects, so it’s suggested that you check out some expository essay examples. Although they accolade one another, both are poles apart and that’s how you should pick the subjects. It’s important that you learn how to draw the line of distinction between a cause and an effect.

“Why?” is the question that takes you to the depth of the cause, whereas, “What happened because of that why?” gives the answer to the effect. Some examples are here to clarify further –

Example 1 –

Cause: I don’t know how to write an essay

Effect: Can’t complete my essay

Example 2 –

Cause: Customers filed a lawsuit against the company

Effect:  The company is experiencing a downfall and lockup

2. Make a note of the significant events

Every cause and effect embrace a series of events that hold significant importance. Proclamation of those is essential in your essay. So why not keep it organized, beforehand! Develop a perfect essay outline and jot down the events, in a notepad, Remember, it is an effective trick to save time with a little bit of effort.

Later while composing, mention these events in the chronicle of their occurrences. Highlight the point of relevance and how each event relates to the cause or the effect. Some of the events happen to be the direct effects, while others are secondary considerations. Compose in a way that readers apprehend the distinguishes, easily, and get a clearer vision of the whole scenario.

3. Develop the thesis statement before research

May sound odd to you, but that’s how things work, here. It’s important for you to understand the central point of contemplation in order to find and arrange the causes and effects. Although that’s not the case with other essays, Cause and Effect demands the essay thesis statement to be developed prior to writing. State clearly whether you will be discussing the causes or effects or both. Take fronts and voice your expression – one way to connect with the readers and penetrate in their minds.

Here’re some tips for a perfect thesis –

  • Make your thesis short but specific; do not exaggerate to make it lengthy
  • Use the terms “cause” and /or “effect” while developing the thesis
  • It should be compact and maximum of two-sentences
  • Place it at the end of the introduction, just before the body paragraph


Employee behavior is a big cause for profit dropping that has worse effects on the company’s growth and capital, which I believe can resolve with strategic management.

4. Start the introduction with an effect (interesting)

Normally, essays start with hook statements in order to engage readers and it is no different for Cause and Effect Essay. Although a good essay introduction includes questions or facts for hooking the audience, here you can start with a tempting and/or significant effect. People will certainly feel the urge to know its cause, thereby, they will end up reading the whole essay.

Be careful with your choice of words while authoring the first and foremost statement. Make use of good vocabulary, which is simple and easy-to-understand. Unnecessary abbreviations or acronyms are better to avoid. Most importantly, do not make the sentence lengthy and complex.

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5. Use transition words for conjoining the causes and effects

Blending the details is a good style of essay writing. Imagine how would you feel reading discrete events in a book? Bad, right! Transition between events, effects, and causes are important in order to maintain good readability. Categorically arrange the details, maintain the order of significance and put the following words in between as transition –

  • Transitional words for causes: first, second, due to, because of, on cause is, another is, since, on the occasion of, the reason is.
  • Transitional words for effects: as a result, consequently, thus, one of the results is, another is, resulted in, therefore, hence.

6. Focus on direct and immediate causes and effects

Limit yourself to effects that are relevant and relates directly to the cause. The same applies to the causes, as well. If you want to nail a perfect essay, stop using indirect grounds of reasoning and remote consequences. Avoid the use of impending effects, as well, since you are not yet sure of its occurrence. Remember, essays develop on evidence and validations. So, do not expound on causes and effects which have no strict confirmation.

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