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Know How To Draft A Critical Analysis Essay And Its Special Features

Know How To Draft A Critical Analysis Essay And Its Special Features

Essays have been a crucial part and parcel in the lives of every student since the elementary levels at the school. With the growing age and standards, the kinds of essays too started to mature. With this came the academic essays that carry a significant weightage of score at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Critical analysis essay is one such a kind of academic essay which is focussed on a particular given topic, the essay topic and shows how a writer can critically analyse, explore and explain the subject or the problem of the essay.

Critical Analysis Essay: Definition

As the name suggests, you have to be quite critical with every aspect of these kinds of essays. Critical essays involve critically analysing every idea linked with the subject of the given essay topic. The various skills of critical writing, critical thinking and critical reading have to be combined together to draft a brilliant critical analysis essay. In such an essay, you need to take into consideration an artwork, a non-fictional work or any piece of literature and analyse the perspectives or the ideas drawn by the author. You have to judge and focus more on the point of views, arguments and thesis stated by the author by clinging to the logical reasoning of the work and at the same time offering support through proper evidence.

Critical analysis essay requires a lot of extensive research to be done and at the same time, you need to explore the subjects and themes of the previous work of the author and also similar work to the source text. At times you may run out of time or do not understand the approach to write on it. During such cases, you can always get in touch with a paper writer, especially from the renowned academic writing service company, PenMyPaper.

Tricky Ways To Draft A Good Critical Analysis Essay

Every type of critical analysis essay can be broken down into two significant components- each of them very crucial for the analysis to be drawn. The first component is the reading procedure. One of the main purposes of this type of essays is how well you can demonstrate the understanding of the theme or subject of the essay. The second component involves the writing process. The following tips can help you to draft brilliant critical analysis essays and critically examine the paper from various perspectives.

  1. Read The Piece Of Work Carefully And Thoroughly

The significant things you need to do are to represent in the most accurate form the techniques and the point of views of the author. You have to make sure that you have truly understood the subject of the work as well as the various perspectives established by the author before starting with the writing process of the critical essay.

  1. Choosing A Thesis Statement

You have to frame the thesis statement in such a manner so that it points out and exemplifies a claim about the writing style and point of view of the author. A perspective must be presented by such a claim of yours which you can easily back up using evidence from the text itself. You must remember that the main purpose of the essay is to analyse the author’s work and place your claims about the work. Your thesis statement must be capable of summing up the main ideas to be established in your critical analysis essay.

The writers at PenMyPaper can provide you with various examples of thesis statements as well as brilliant critical analysis essays too. You can go through by yourself and draft your paper or also can get in touch with the experts who can draft the papers for you with utter dedication, maintaining the quality and quantity of your paper.

  1. Writing The Essay Introduction

A brilliant essay introduction has the capability to hook the readers and attract their attention towards your essay. Thus you have to be very careful while drafting your introductory paragraph. It would be best to start off your introduction with a hook- a quotation, an anecdote, a rhetorical question or amazing statistics and facts related to the subject of the essay, to ‘hook’ the readers and intrigue an immediate interest in them. You can easily learn how to write a hook. Also it is in the introduction of the essay where you would also be required to mention the name of the work along with the author essay about which you will draw the critical analysis on. Include the name of the author, the name of the author and other necessary publication information in your essay. Also the introduction must conclude with a striking thesis statement which would work as a guiding route for your entire essay.

  1. Drafting The Essay Body Paragraphs

After placing the introduction of the essay, you need to approach the ideas that will be established in the essay. The body has to be divided into multiple paragraphs dealing with one specific idea or claim in each of the body paragraphs. The main goal of each and every paragraph of the essay would be to support the thesis statement, by stating important background information, developing contrasting viewpoints or digging deep into various details. The scope of the essay would be the determining factor for the number of body paragraphs to be used or as long as you have proven the essay topic completely to the readers. The structure of a critical analysis essay has the same significance as that of the subject of the essay and thus you must take ample time to plan the essay body paragraphs. All you need to do is state an idea, explain it and support it with authentic evidence and hence you can easily prove your points.

  1. Crafting Of The Clear Topic Sentences

Topic sentences are the first line of each of the body paragraphs that will present to the readers the idea that will be established and proven in that particular paragraph. These sentences must be a summary of the entire paragraph and have to be clear and concise so that the readers do not face any kind of difficulty in understanding the tone or the point you are trying to place.

  1. Providing Support To The Critical Analysis Essay With Ample Evidence

The essay body paragraphs of your essay must contribute both to the analysis and substance. You need authentic and strong evidence to convince the readers about whatever you are saying. Without any proof, the readers would not believe your words simply. You can take up textual evidence from your source material to provide support to the significant claims and ideas of your critical analysis essay. Also make the use of endnotes and footnotes wherever necessary.

  1. Summing Up Your Entire Analysis In A Concluding Paragraph

Be it for the good grades you want to achieve through this paper or be it for the purpose of giving your readers a good read, you need to recap all the main ideas and claims stated throughout the essay in your essay conclusion. You must n introduce any new idea or evidence in this paragraph. It is the final impression on the readers and leaving the essay on them to make their own remark.

  1. Revise The Entire Thing

Once done with the writing of the paper, you can leave it for a day or two and then start the editing and proofreading process with a fresh mind. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I represent the perspectives of the author in an apt manner?
  • Did I back up my claims with proper evidence from the text?
  • Did I put up more personal opinions rather than an analysis?
  • Did I correct the errors- grammatical or sentence structure and use the spellings in the right manner?
  1. Writing The Final Draft

On the basis of the above step, you will need to make all the necessary changes in your essay and write the final draft. You can also take the help of a friend or somebody else to check the draft one last time and then you may submit it.

Sample Outline For Your Critical Analysis Essay

An essay outline efficiently helps to gather and put the similar kinds of ideas together and provide the essay with a particular structure that denotes how the ideas flow throughout the entire essay. In short, an outline is like a roadmap for your essay that will guide you about placing the arguments. A sample outline for this kind of essays is:

1. Background information: Try to provide your readers with sme context and also help them in understanding the nature and subject of the work.

Information: Title, author, publication information and statement of purpose and topic

Thesis statement: State the main claim of your work which will be established through the essay body paragraphs.  

2. Summary: Sum up the source text for the readers and also state your reactions and understanding towards the text. State the things or the ideas that you established from it.

3. Critical Analysis (Evaluation and interpretation): This is the section where you state out your analysis and explain them to the readers on the basis of your critical thinking and reading.
– State the manner in which the source has been organised.
– Explain the style as well as the rhetoric of the text
– State the effectiveness of the source and the message
– State the treatment of the author towards the topic- was he biased towards it or did he do justice to the topic?
-Discuss how the source text was perceived by its target audience?  

Thus drafting a critical analysis essay can be a bit on the challenging end for students like you. But with the proper guidance to know how to be critical with the source text and how to draw analysis, you can end up writing a brilliant paper. If even this you face a problem in understanding any facet of it or still cannot write a critical analysis essay of your own, you can contact the experts of PenMyPaper without further delay. They can comprehensively guide you for the academic drafting of any kind of essays.

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