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Get Interesting Ideas on How to Write an Explanation Essay

An explanation essay or an expository essay is a common writing assignment usually assigned to students of high school and college levels. These essays not only describe your opinion on something in particular but also focus on the ideas of an individual, an event that has occurred, or an important process to follow.

The main objective behind writing these types of essays is simply to provide an explanation to the reader about something. A key to write a successful explanation essay is to make the audience aware of the topic in consideration with proper influence upon your word choice and tone of writing.

Thus, an explanation essay is written for a variety of audiences with different purposes. While writing these essays, make sure that you should avoid debating upon its validity and criticizing its information.

To know more about how to write an effective essay explanation and elements of it, proceed reading through this blog. Here you will get a comprehensive idea of how to write a successful explanation essay.

What is an Explanation Essay?

An explanation essay is a kind of writing where the writer presents some perspective on a specific topic, circumstance, or event. This perspective doesn’t really need to be one that the author concurs with; however, it must have some exploration and rationale to make it feasible.

Usually, an explanation essay provides reports of a specific circumstance or event or it often displays others’ perspectives. These essays are quite common in journalism and history, where students provide impartial clarifications dependent on evidence and facts and also investigate realities and genuine circumstances.

For the most part, as an author you will settle on a set subject; at that point, you will move toward the issue from a particular point. This point is ordinarily confounded, giving it space for conversation and discussion. There you should also introduce a perspective of your decision that adequately clarifies the reason behind reaching a specific result.

Numerous essay writers make a mistake of shielding one side of an argument in a discussion or debate; also often they condemn some viewpoint. Rather, in an explanation essay, one should present an unbiased perspective on the topic through logically an unbiased perspective and providing analysis. The most generalized objective is to clear up any disarray and present a lucid clarification regarding why things happened the manner in which they did.

Basic Elements of an Explanation Essay

Similar to other essays, an explanation essay also follows some basic requirements. Here we have presented some elements of an explanation essay that it must possess. You can take a look at it to get a detailed idea of its basic elements.

  • A Clear Thesis Statement: The introduction of your explanation essay must possess a clear and debatable thesis statement and it should be focused to provide enough details. Make sure that it appears at last in the introduction and links the audience directly to the discussion.
  • Body Paragraphs with Specific Evidence: Each of the body paragraphs links with the main argument of the essay and specifically deals with the single idea. They must also possess some relevant and good examples that not only support the thesis logically but also direct the reader to the specified direction.
  • Excellent Transition Words: In any form of writing, transitional words and ideas are quite crucial as it helps in the logical progression of the writer’s thought. These transitions should be written to link the subsequent paragraphs with ideas that make the flow of the essay interesting.
  • The Conclusion that Re-emphasizes the Central Argument: The conclusion of your explanation essay leaves a lasting impression in the audience’s mind, so it should be effective and logical enough. Also, here you should summarize the main points so that the topic of your essay should be accurately explained.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Write a Great Explanation Essay

The writing instructions for your essay format serves as the basic building blocks, so it is important to know these blocks before you attempt to write one.

  • Choose a Topic that is Easily Understandable: Though for some students writing an explanation essay seems to be a complicated task, if it is your assignment task then you need to write one. So, if you have been provided with the opportunity to choose the essay topics on your own then pick the one that is more relatable to you as well as your readers. Choose a topic that is debatable and is quite known to you, because it is you who have to write so ensure that you have a good understanding of the topic.
  • Avoid Veering into the Category of Other Types of Essays: Many people got confused an explanation essay with that process essay or persuasive essay. The main reason behind this is that if look from the technical aspect then these essays are also of explanatory nature. But it is advised to maintain true to the explanatory style.

    So, before attempting to write one, make sure to understand the concept fully and focus on your goal of writing this essay. Its writing process should be more of a discussion rather than that of a step-by-step instructional guide.

  • Support your Arguments with Proper Evidence: A well-written explanation essay must support your central idea or argument. The more strong your reasoning and opinion will be, the stronger your essay will be. Make sure that the evidence and information that you are gathering should be taken from reliable sources.

    Keep a track of your sources whether it’s from a verified source or not. You can learn more about it if you check out the ‘About us’ page of the website from where you are collecting the data and information.

  • Prepare an Outline of your Essay: Do proper research work and prepare an essay outline accordingly. Make sure to prepare mind-mapping and then begin to write your essay. While writing the outline, separate your ideas on individual index cards. Divide different sections of your essay into different forms and then begin to write your final essay.
  • Write your Essay Body: An essay consists of a minimum of five paragraphs: an introduction, three body sections, and a conclusion. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t mean all essays should just have five sections. It’s just the beginning stage.

    Your task will indicate the number of passages or the specified word count that you have to incorporate. Make certain to focus on one point in each passage of your essay body, which you’ll clarify obviously in the primary sentence. In case, you start to expand to another thought, then the best way is to change to another paragraph.

  • Finish your Essay with Conclusion and Introduction: It is significant to end your essay on a solid note. Tie your thoughts along with ground-breaking summarized explanations in the essential essay conclusion. Be that as it may, you’re not completed yet.

Marketing specialists realize that the first words on the page are the most significant. Thus, it is a smart thought to leave writing your essay introduction for last. With the remainder of your paper composed, you should have the option to attract the reader with incredible language.

The explanation or expository essay isn’t as specialized as it sounds. This task can cover a wide assortment of topics. Therefore, it is dependent upon you to pick a subject that you feel enthusiastic about so that you can justify your essay.

In case, you fail to understand any of the steps discussed above, then no need to burden yourself. Just buy an essay online from PenMyPaper and get customized essays as per your academic requirements.

Some Interesting Explanation Essay Topics to Consider

In some cases, the students are pre-assigned with the essay topics to write, while in some the students are provided with the freedom to choose the topic of their choice. When you are choosing an explanation essay topic, make sure to choose the topic that is absolutely non-controversial and neutral.

It is advised to always keep in mind that the explanation essays are purely based on facts and are totally unbiased. The more controversial topic you choose, the more complicated it will be to explain as you gets a wide scope of viewpoints to be explored in the essay.

Some of the Unique Explanation Essay Topics are As Follows:
  • Explain how deeply depression affects the development of teenagers and young children
  • Explain to the readers why everyone should know and communicate in at least two dialects.
  • Examine why the gluten-free diet is prevailing in fashion and whether it’s fundamental for the vast majority
  • Show that the Equal Rights Amendment should be completely confirmed and how it would profit the United States
  • Clarify how the Electoral College System functions and show whether it’s reasonable and successful, or not
  • Describe the procedure to be followed while purchasing a new car
  • Clarify why the government should not give holidays on religious holidays
  • State the significant key causes of the American Civil War
  • Discuss the positive as well as the negative impact of social media in today’s society
  • State how the advancement in technology has impacted the schools

You can pick a topic of your choice from those stated above and start writing an excellent explanation essay outline.


Hope that the above guidelines have helped you a lot in dealing with how to write an essay, especially an explanation essay. If you find any issues while writing these essays or lack time, then opt for professional assistance from PenMyPaper. They provide quality essay writing services at an affordable range. You also get the opportunity to choose my paper writer of your choice and they will help you to write an incredible essay.

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