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A big thanks to you for being interested in writing for us. PenMyPaper is all open to you all for collaborations on various intriguing topics. You can join our team of efficient writers and write with us. We will be glad to post your writing.

This writer for us section will enable you to showcase your talent in your specific domain and carve out yourself as a talented expert in the domain of academic writing. PenMyPaper will give you a good exposure that will enhance your professional career.

Thus if you want to share your thoughts with our readers, then feel free to connect with us and join us as our Guest Post Writer!

Things you can do as a guest post writer

Being a guest post writer, you have a wide array of things to do with our write for us section.


You can provide our readers with some valuable piece of information


You can write exciting and interesting topics for the readers


You can also be a source of inspiration for the marketers, businessmen and entrepreneurs


The subjects on which you can write for us

The topics or the domain that are being covered in our website are mostly related to academics or extended practical applications to various academic subjects. The most important thing to post content is that it has to be extremely good in quality and content. The write-up must not be a generic one; it needs to be related to something specific that can intrigue the readers. It must be something with which the readers can directly relate to and gain some practical knowledge from it. The domains that we cover for our guest post writing are:

  • Management studies
  • Marketing studies
  • Digital marketing
  • Nursing
  • Law
  • Finance and accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Operations and project management
  • E- commerce
  • Project management
  • Economics

Terms and conditions to write for us

To write for us, you will need to follow certain guidelines that will not only approve the blog to be posted on our website but also enhance its quality, content wise.

  • The entire blog that you will write for us must be written solely in English. Blogs in any other language will not be entertained at any cost
  • The content that you will include in your guest post writing must be 100% original and unique in nature. The writing must not be a resemblance of some other work or write-up. We do not entertain any kind of plagiarism in our website and thus ask you to be double sure before posting it on our website. We run a plagiarism check on your post before allowing it on our write for us section. In case of plagiarised content, your post will not be allowed on our website and also your future posts will be at stake.
  • The blog that you would like to post must at least be of 1000 words. The entire blog must be divided into various short paragraphs to keep the readers attracted to the content and also make it easier for the readers to understand the content in the most apt manner possible.
  • The content must have two significant features at the beginning only- the meta title and the meta description. The meta title will be the title of your blog that needs to be both relevant and intriguing for the readers. And the meta description would be the first lines of your blog that would sum up what the content is all about and why it is significant to our readers. The importance of your topic needs to be revealed in the meta description only.
  • Both the meta title and the meta description needs to have one good and effective keyword in them.
  • The content that has to be divided into various headings and subheadings as per the topic of the blog. You can also use numbering and bulleting in your content to make it more specific and precise to be understood by the readers
  • We prefer to accept your blogs and articles in a particular specified format, that is, the blog that you will submit needs to be in .docx format or .doc format only. No other format will be entertained
  • The content of your blog or article must not be a vague or some general topic or information. It must be regarding something specific, that is both useful and informative to the readers and hence must not be troubled by the language or the content of it.
  • You should not use too many decorative words and phrases. That will simply confuse the readers and they will not be motivated to read your article any further. Hence keep the language simple and easy to be understood.
  • In case you are using up any statistical data and information or figures from any other sources, do mention its source in your reference section
  • In case of any photographs or quotes used up, you must attribute them correctly
  • Your content must be demographically unified, that is, it can be read and understood easily by people from different sects.
  • The guest posts are chargeable and thus to post your blog on our website you will have to make a payment through PayPal.
  • You can post only one link per blog to redirect the readers to your own website or page.
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Procedure for guest post writing

To post a blog on our website, you will first need to read the entire 'write with us' section thoroughly and go well through the terms and conditions. After that you will be required to submit your blog with us via our email: Once received, our quality-check team will analyse the content as per the terms and conditions and then will conduct a plagiarism check. If your content meets the requirements and it is 100% original, then we will revert back to you for a payment. Once the payment is done, your post will go live on our website.

Guest post that can turn null and void

Before posting your own blog or article, we suggest you to scroll through our website and look for yourself whether similar topics or blogs have been posted before or not. Similar topics will not be accepted nor will be posted on the website.

All the topics need to be related to the above mentioned domains only. Any irrelevant topic will be allowed and considered to be null and void.

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