Popular referencing styles and
how to get them right

As a student, you probably know that it is important to follow a particular format for referencing when writing your college assignments. When you use the correct citations for your paper, it not only provides the much-needed supporting evidence for your research but also acknowledges the sources that you have consulted for the same. This reduces the scope of plagiarism, and this is exactly why you should always mention all the sources you have used for your assignment, including ideas, words, facts, quotes, images, diagrams and other data.

The need for referencing

  • It shows that you have done your homework – it demonstrates the fact that you have conducted an in-depth research before writing your academic paper.
  • It enables the readers as well as your professors to locate the sources from which you have extracted the information for your research paper. Many scholars rely on referencing for the same purpose.
  • Accurate citations support the arguments you may have made in your paper, which make for more convincing statements to further substantiate your claims.
  • Use of proper sources ensure that the works of other authors and researchers have been acknowledged, and is therefore, the best way to avoid plagiarism.

Management and other college courses require students to use proper citations while writing the academic assignments and this can indeed be tiresome at times. We at PenMyPaper have a comprehensive idea about the different referencing styles that are followed by the major universities all over the world. You can find the guides to them right here.

APA Referencing style

Chicago Referencing style

Harvard Referencing style

MLA Referencing style

Oxford Referencing style

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We also have our own panel of proof readers who have mastered the art of referencing. They not only monitor the writers but also check the papers thoroughly for errors – be it in the formatting, language or the sources cited. If you place an order with us, we can assure you that your essay will be unique and flawless, as we have the best writers along with the best system for eliminating any errors from your paper.

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