5 Essay Examples Telling You The Best Way To Begin A Paper

Essay Examples

Almost everyone knows that essays are most appreciated when it begins on a general note expressing a broader aspect. But the little-known facts, as found in a guidebook for college essays, is that tonality changes with essay types. The way you begin a persuasive essay is definitely not similar to an expository essay. As the topic differs, the classification of essay changes, and so is the approach of writing.

Here, you will find 5 interesting essay examples from different categories, followed by some vital writing tips, curated by our experts to help you to write paper for me. Take a close look at each, in order to comprehend the best beginning.

1.    College application essay

As the name suggests, college application essay is written when students are applying in their favorite colleges. The better you write, the more are the chances of getting selected. Topics can come up from any field, in order to test your writing skill. Bear in mind, professors critically vet the application essays. So, write with absolute integrity and proficiency to make it a perfect essay.

Take a look at the example –

Commitment Plays A Big Role In Quality And Service

World statistics say, customer-centric-commitment towards quality and service exemplifies a company’s business by 90%. Positive mission statements get updated automatically and aid the authoritative members to attain the highest level of success. In other words, we can say that the ethical and rational means, with an elevated sense of purpose, benefits the company through achieving its objectives. Being a bachelor in business administration, I have worked in a multinational company for two years and have seen the layers that run between quality and service. Only, commitment to excellence can refract through those layers bringing in the finest range of service.

2.    Critical Thinking Essay

A critical analysis essay is an academic writing assignment that requires students to analyze a piece of literature, artwork, or any other form of media critically. The goal of a critical analysis essay is to assess and evaluate the work’s strengths and weaknesses, using critical thinking and analytical skills.

Check this example before writing –

Life Of A Single Parent – Challenging But Fun

Raising your little munchkin on your own is at times stressful, but always overwhelming. It’s like the two sides of a coin – at one side, the bond between you and your baby becomes the strongest, and at the other end, you have to split yourself in two for offering the love of both mom and dad. This whole idea is challenging as there are phases when you become numb, unable to decide what’s best for your kid. Being brought up by a single parent (mother), I know the hardships one has to go through. But the stresses evades like a vapor when you look at the innocent smile of your child. Here, I will talk about the layers between adversities and delight of single parenthood.

Note: Observe how the essay has begun. The writer has started with a global thought, eventually bringing up two distinct aspects of the topic. It is a vital consideration in critical thinking essays.

3.    Persuasive/ Argumentative essay

Argumentative and persuasive essays walk hand-in-hand. An authentic argumentative essay has an identical concern of convincing readers through arguments and counter-arguments. Well, no one waits for your claim unless you trigger the excitement with a hooking start.

Here’s how to do that –

E-Learning Should Be Prioritized Over Regular Classrooms

Technologies are ever-evolving, but seems it has reached the zenith in the education sector. Coming a long way from the traditional classroom practices and extended lectures, today, education has met an exposure. With the invention of the e-learning system and tools, gaining wisdom is now a lot more interesting. Students connect and communicate like never before. And, knowledge is in the air. Simple clicks are opening the world of knowledge and intelligence in front you, and possibly, the sky is the limit. Here, I will talk about e-learning, its importance in the education sector, and I will illustrate why it should be prioritized over the conventional education system.

Note: Besides an interesting start, it’s equally important to take a definite position, by the end of your opening passage, if you are dealing with a persuasive or argumentative piece.

4.    Expository essay

Expose means unearthing the shreds of information, so evidently, good expository essays are the layouts for baring data or telling specifically of something. It is a bigger classification, which embraces a few more types of essays viz. compare and contrast essay, cause and effect essay, problem and solution essay, descriptive essay, etc.

See this sample of the expository essay (Process essay) –

What Is The Best Way To Conduct Campus Marketing?

While pursuing my bachelor’s degree from a renowned university, I came across the idea of campus marketing. Occasionally, Amazon executives used to come for promoting their e-commerce site. We were offered coupons, discounts, and many more lucrative offers. Some accepted some didn’t, but their brand name was in everyone’s mouth. Being interested in the marketing department, I felt this strategy is unique. I read about it, joined an internship, and learned the best practices of campus marketing. Today, I am going to share those ideas that may help you at some point in time if you are a management student.  

5.    Reflective essay

Enough of describing a topic, now, focus on your inner self. Choose an event or a bunch of events from your life and present it while portraying your thoughts and insight. Though it’s a piece of academic writing, here you must concentrate more on your emotions rather than the event. Start with an exciting story and tell the tale with you being the protagonist. Only then, it will be considered a true reflective essay.

Read through the sample –

We Don’t Choose Our Family – It’s God’s Gift

A person is incomplete in this world if he or she lacks a family.  In one’s life, the role of a family is unsurpassed, as it constantly reminds of your existence. Be it a nuclear family, or a big fat clan, every person is bounded with some sort of relations. Valuing those bonds and emotions, today is what makes you a better human being, tomorrow. Being a tiny part of a small family, I know what these people mean to in my life. There’s an emotional attachment that connects us, even if we are miles apart. With all the warmth, love, and affection, we are complete in every sense.

The aforesaid samples are extractions from various essays. Here, you have seen only the introductions as beginnings trigger the excitement. Try to maintain these ideas in your piece, in order to maintain a high-quality standard.

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