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The Incredible Strategy For How To Conclude An Essay

How to Conclude an Essay

Writing a good concluding paragraph is not that easy as you think, especially when you are concluding your essay. It’s the end of the essay that shapes the entire impression of your writing. As the concluding paragraph of the essay is its closure, you should wrap up the discussion in such a way that it captivates the reader’s mind.

No matter whatever be your essay topic, you should conclude it in a way that it casts a broader implication on your audience. If you don’t have a definitive idea of how to conclude an essay, then this is what we will be discussing in this article, so stay tuned.

The conclusion is not only a straightforward summary of the ideas and opinions that you have discussed in the entire article, but it should also impart a feeling of completeness. It should be concise and informative and thus should be prominent and informative. Before you know how to write a good essay conclusion, you must be aware of the purpose of writing so.

Purpose of Writing an Essay Conclusion:

While writing the conclusion of an essay, your logical, as well as analytical skills, should be at the top level as you need to analyze the whole topic beforehand. You must know the purpose of writing a conclusion before you proceed further, so here it is:

  • It should strike the reader’s mind.
  • It should demonstrate evidence of your thesis.
  • Make sure that it accomplishes your promises that you have made in the beginning.
  • Casts an incredible impression upon the readers.

Let’s begin with how to start conclusion for an essay.

How to Write a Fabulous Essay Concluding Paragraph?

There is no universal procedure of writing an interactive and effective concluding paragraph. A well-written essay conclusion should be written by keeping these points in mind:

  • It should be structured in less complicated and more informative sentences.
  • The ideas and thoughts that it is inclusive of must be clearly expressed in the appropriate language.
  • It should begin in a common way and end with something specific.
  • Ensure to end with a sentence that is parallel or compound in structure.

Here are some key aims that you should focus upon:

  • Use your essay introduction as a guide.
  • If the content of the essay is too long, then jot down the points from each paragraph that seem essential for writing your conclusion.
  • Synthesize the main points of an essay, try to make connections between them, and then draw their implications out.
  • Not only restate but emphasize the importance of the thesis statement, like whether it has any consequences based upon current events or any predictions regarding future developments.
  • The closing arguments should be wrapped up in a broader context by opening up new possibilities for the readers to think about.

How to Conclude an Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

A strong conclusion should have some components in it that will help you in enhancing it in the most possible way. Here is a summary of what should be included in the conclusion and what should be excluded.

Things to Follow While Writing Conclusion of An Essay:

You can go through these good pointers to conclude your essay in the most persuasive and effective manner. Checklist of what you can include in the conclusion of your essay:

  • If you have put the solid groundwork in the introduction and essay body, then your conclusion should be insightful enough to convince your reader.
  • In the end, don’t focus upon an individual point but it should be represented as a unified whole.
  • In conclusion, you have to be scrupulously careful about being a bit speculative towards your argument.
  • Display the relevance of your content by bringing together all your ideas and opinions.
  • Ensure to write a thesis statement in a more clear and convincing way.
  • Try to answer ‘So what?’ questions
  • Make sure that it creates a dynamic sense
  • Don’t just summarize but analyze it specifically
  • Include at least 3 to 4 sentences to express your ultimate summarizing thoughts.
  • Give a reader space for thought.

Things to Avoid While Writing the Conclusion of An Essay:

In order to make your concluding part logical, there are some things that you should never include in it. These are stated hereunder-

  • Don’t conclude in a single sentence as it will look incomplete.
  • Don’t repeat what you have already said in the introductory paragraph.
  • Your conclusion should not have a stagnant feeling.
  • Never try to introduce any new arguments or in-text citations in the end, reflect upon those you have already made.
  • Never come up with any fresh ideas or statistics in conclusion.
  • Don’t copy-paste any sentence though it seems important to you
  • Don’t start the end paragraph with short concluding phrases like, to conclude, to sum up, in summary, in conclusion, to summarize, etc.

Examples of How to Conclude an Essay:

In this section, we will grab some ideas on how to write an effective conclusion. Apart from that, we will also have a glance at some important features from popular examples of an essay conclusion.

Before we learn how to conclude an essay, you must know that different types of essays should have different conclusions. Like, take a narrative essay example, its conclusion drastically differs from that of an analysis essay’s conclusion. Even there are some readers who out of their quest prefer to read conclusions before going through the entire essay. Here are some popular examples of how to conclude an essay:

1. Argumentative Essays

An ideal feature of argumentative essay is that it manages to convince its readers through both arguments and counter-arguments. A fine example of that is-

E-Learning Should Take Precedence Over Traditional Classrooms

With the ever-evolving technology, there has been a revolutionary change in the education sector. Since the time when there used to be only conventional classroom practices, education has come a long way with much more improvements. With the discovery of various e-learning devices and tools, acquiring wisdom has become much more exciting. Nowadays, students communicate in an advanced and easier way. With just a simple click, a world full of intelligence and knowledge opens in front of you. Here, you will get to know more about the importance of e-learning in the educational field and also know why it should be emphasized upon traditional classrooms.

Apart from the interesting beginning, you must wrap up your essay in the same progressive way.

2. Reflective Essays

Unlike other essays, while writing a reflective essay, you should not focus upon description of any particular topic; rather you emphasize upon any events of your life and choose to portray it with your own insights and thoughts. Here is a perfect example of a true reflective essay:

Family: The Greatest Gift From God

An individual is incomplete in this universe without a close circle of relatives known as family. The role of a family is unmatched and it is because of your family that you find your existence. Whether it’s a nuclear or a gigantic family, everyone is somewhere surrounded by some relations. The person who appreciates these emotions and bonds grounded in these relations help them to become a better human being.  Moreover, it is they who support you, when its most needed. When you become a small part of your family, you get emotionally connected to them. It is this connection that reminds you of them when you are miles apart from your place. It is the love and affection of your family that makes you feel complete in every sense.

If you want to write a high standard essay, then try to maintain these ideas and aspects in your essay as it will trigger the excitement. For more help, you can contact our experts at PenMyPaper.

General Outline on How to Conclude your Essay:

Unlike other paragraphs of the essay, the conclusion should be written in a more balanced way. It should at least have three sentences – topic-specific, supporting idea to the main topic, and a concluding sentence.

The first sentence of the conclusion should be specific to your topic and it should restate the thesis statement. On the other hand, the second sentence should support the main idea. It manifests the relevance of the subject by bringing together core ideas and opinions.

However, the last and concluding sentence should summarize and tie up together to form a cohesive whole.

This is all about how to conclude an essay. Are you seeking professional guidance in writing essays for college? Then you are in the right place. At PenMyPaper, we are a team of qualified and knowledgeable experts who have gained a reputation in providing exceptional college essay writing service. If you want to avail of our services, just contact us by visiting our website and clicking on our online chat box. Our executives are present there 24*7 to assist you. You need to only mention the topics for essay and the deadline, rest all we can discuss while you take our managementpaper assistance.

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