Simple Ways To Draft A Perfect Essay Outline

Simple Ways To Draft A Perfect Essay Outline

Without outlining, it would not be feasible or even appropriate to draft the paper, only if you want to get lower grades. But the ones who are targeted at A+ papers must have the knowledge of how to write an essay and thus successfully organise the relevant ideas in a proper manner. In this article, the expert from our essay writer service has discussed what an essay outline is and how to organise the ideas through it.

An Essay Outline: Definition

You already know that an essay outline is a plan for your research paper. This is where the main ideas of the essay are being written down and later used as the topic sentences for each of the essay body paragraphs. This will ensure a smooth flow and proper structure to the claims and arguments of the essay. An essay outline can help you in the following ways:

  • You can easily organize the most relevant and important ideas among the vast amount of ideas that you have collected beforehand through your extensive research on the given topic.
  • You can get an idea about the flow of information through the essay and thus can give the essay a proper structure accordingly.
  • While writing the final draft, you would not be missing any significant point as you can refer to the outline to know what to place after which point.

Thus a perfect essay outline efficiently helps you to draft it easily and at a faster pace. It also provides the essay with a lot more advantages. You can get to know them easily through ‘my paper writer’ especially from the company of the PenMyPaper. They are filled up with a lot of academic knowledge and also can help you with some of the effectively written outlines.

Key Parts Of An Essay Outline

You must be well aware of the various components of an essay. As an essay is being divided into three main parts, similarly for an essay outline, there are three significant parts- the essay introduction, the essay body and the essay conclusion.

  • Introduction: The topic of the essay along with the thesis statement has to be presented here in the essay introduction. Essays are not a complete one without a proper thesis statement- the most important claim of the essay. Such a statement in your outline will help you support the main claim of your essay in each of the paragraphs.

  • Essay body: A minimum of three to four paragraphs are being put up in the essay body or as per the essay demands you to fully explain the various aspects of the essay. In this way, you can learn how to write an essay body logically and organised well. In the essay outline, for each of the paragraphs, you will write down a single idea- that will later on serve as your topic sentence. These sentences are the first line of each of the essay body paragraphs that denote the idea that will be established through that particular paragraph. The way to write a paragraph in the essay outline is:

  1. Writing down a topic sentence along with an argument which is relevant to the thesis statement
  2. Mention the various evidence that will support your claim

  • Conclusion: This is where you need to wrap up your entire essay. Mention and sum up all the main ideas of your essay, restate the thesis statement and also mention the scope and goal of your essay. You can also get to learn how to start a conclusion and get an effective conclusion drafted very easily. Just like the essay introduction, the conclusion too must leave the readers with an indelible impression that will make them think. This will be helpful if you are not aware of how to conclude an essay.

Format Of A General Essay Outline

Here is a general coursework outline template.

a. Introduction of a topic
b. Stating the thesis statement    

II. Essay body Paragraph- I
a. Writing the first argument of the essay- the first topic sentence
b. Supporting the arguments with proper examples, facts and data
c. Explain how they are relevant to the thesis statement    

III. Essay body Paragraph- II
a. Writing the second argument of the essay- the second topic sentence
b. Supporting the arguments with proper examples, facts and data
c. Explain how they are relevant to the thesis statement    

IV. Essay body Paragraph- III
a. Writing the another argument or any significant counterargument of the essay- the third topic sentence
b. Supporting the arguments with proper examples, facts and data or stating why the counterargument does not stand true and refuting them with proper support
c. Explain how they are relevant to the thesis statement     

V. Conclusion
a. Summing up all the main ideas established through the essay
b. Restating the thesis statement
c. Adding a call to action: what you expect the readers to do after reading the essay.  

Format of an essay is very important to make the entire essay transparent to the readers and the entire subject of the essay also becomes understandable to the readers. The format of the essay outline will give you ideas about how to place the ideas one after the other in the essay. The format can be well explained to you further by the experts of PenMyPaper. They can explain the various facets of putting up an essay outline with a logical format with few essay examples of it. You can easily rely on them and trust on their service even in the case of writing essays.

Things To Do Before Writing An Essay Outline

  1. Reading the assignment brief carefully is the first thing you need to do. Understand very well the kind of essay you need to draft, how many claims and arguments to be drawn and what would be the length of your essay.
  2. You must find an apt answer to the question of: “What’s the purpose of your essay?” – Whether you want to persuade, inform or merely entertain them. As per the goals, you have to decide upon the thesis statement of the essay, the various techniques for writing and the ways of visualising research onto your paper.
  3. Try to identify your target audience for the paper. It is obviously for the teacher but apart from them who else? Which age group, from which culture or background or from which working field? You have to consider these first.
  4. Research well and find out every possible idea or notion or information about the given topic. You need to dig in deep. Take ideas from various existing literature such as journals or articles, websites and company sites. Gather up all these information in a single place and then divide them into various categories on the basis of any kind of similarity they have among them. Make these categories into various significant ideas and claims for your essay.
  5. Draft your thesis statement being very particular about the claim you want to make and establish through the essay. Gather up enough support and evidence and explain the topic well from every aspect. The readers must feel complete after reading the essay and must not be left with any kind of question such as ‘how’ or ‘so what’.

Two Essay Outline Examples

The essay outline for different types of essays differ a lot from one another. The approach towards each type of essay is different from the rest and thus their outline will have a different approach too. Below given are two examples of essay outlines of two different types. You can go through them minutely to understand the various facets of essay outline.

  1. Persuasive essay examples outline example-
Topic: The importance of swimming for being an ideal sports for children  
I. Introduction
a. Thesis: Swimming is one of the best alternative to other sports for the youth  

II. Body paragraph-I
a. Topic sentence: Same kind of benefits are being provided by swimming
b. First detail: It is one of the most effective exercise and build in strengthening up the muscles of the body
c. Second detail: It helps in developing cooperation among the various team members, especially during the time of relays  

III. Body paragraph- II
a. Topic sentence: Also some unique and additional benefits are also being provided by the sport of swimming
b. First detail: Swimming is a brilliant skill which can be made use of all throughout one’s life
c. Second detail: A reduced risk of getting injured is possessed by the sport of swimming
d. Third detail: One can easily chart down his or her own progress in swimming  

IV. Conclusion
There are various reasons why swimming, especially competitive swimming, is much better than any other sports for the youth because of…  
  1. Expository essay example outline-
Topic: The reason behind the school years to be shorter

Thesis: A single year at a school is quite long, and must be shortened up for the advantage of both the teachers and students- improves the test scores, academic results and also saves districts money. Other countries have achieved better results by shortening the school years.  

I. Body paragraph-I
a. Topic sentence: By giving the teachers and students more time-off, shorter school years could be benefitting
b. First detail: Teachers and students will be able to provide more time for their famous and spend more time with them
c. Second detail: The teachers would feel rejuvenated and refreshed that would make them able to teach the students more efficiently.  

II. Body paragraph-II
a. Topic sentence: A shorter school years would also save millions of dollars for the school districts
b. First details: The districts can save on the various energy costs by keeping the schools closed for longer time
c. Second detail: A shorter year in a school would also lead to lower transportation and supply costs.
d. Third detail: Happy and well-rested students can also yield better scores  

III. Conclusion: The quality of life for both the teachers and the students can be improved greatly by shortening up the year at the school, saving money for the districts and also result in improved academic results for the children.  

Thus, an essay outline is exactly what you need to organise the various data and information together in the most logical manner possible. Through this you can be sure that you are not missing any significant point. This also helps you ensure the unfolding of the claims and ideas are happening in a smooth manner and the readers feel like flowing through the essay. There must be any kind of abrupt feeling from the side of the readers. The professional from the house of PenMyPaper exactly does this job only. They make sure that the research topic is well researched upon, the information gathered and organised well in an essay outline and then brilliantly drafting the essay with proper explanations to prove your points. Get get with any type of essay be it a leadership essay, business essay, marketing essay, scholarship essay, or compare and contrast essay.

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