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Benefits of eBooks – you’ll be amazed to know

The IT revolution and the evolution of smart phones have indeed made this world a smaller place, hence concreting the phrase – global village. Any and every information known to man is a few clicks or touches away from you if you operate a device that can display information downloaded from the internet.

In this escapade of making technology related to all the possible things and get all possible things dependent on technology, education system has not been known to remain untouched either. Various technological advancements have been known to have affected the education system in a positive manner.

The latest (though not so recent) advancement in technology that has been a prominent introduction in the field of education is the eBooks. EBooks are basically books that are typed and converted into PDF format documents that can be downloaded and read on devices like laptops, smart phones, tablet phones, and whatnot.

Now an obvious question presents itself – what is the future – books or eBooks? We have here a list of reasons that will lay emphasis on proving that eBooks have an upper hand as compared to normal books.

  1. Availability: If you go to a book market looking for a very specific course book, there are fair chances that you might not be able to find it. Many a time books are not available in stores as well as online stores. Simply because they are subject to consumption – there can only be a limited number of copies that can be put into sale at a time. But in the case of eBooks, there is no such problem – you can download them as many times as you like. Downloading does not decrease the availability. This is a priceless feature that puts eBooks right above paper books.
  2. Linking and Sourcing: Since eBooks are digital file formats, they can contain links and references of relevant websites, videos, documents etc. that will help the students understand the concept in a much better way. Books, on the other hand, contain just text and at the most, a few images or two dimensional diagrams. This is really a no-brainer that a video is much more helpful in making someone understand something as compared to just text and images. Of course, normal books contain references as well, but to look at them, you will have to manually look for the references in a library. On the other hand, eBooks let you get the reference links with just a touch.
  3. Environment Friendly: Where does paper come from? If you’re educated enough to be reading this, you know trees are being cut down in massive volumes in order to make pulp and then finally paper, on which books are printed. But in the case of eBooks, all you need is a device made out of fibre, plastic, and/or metal. Also, on one device, you can access practically countless eBooks. On the other hand, no points for guessing how many times a single piece of paper can be used for printing.
  4. Quick Revision: In a book, if you want to go back to a paragraph that was some fifty pages ago, you need to manually look for the page and then find the paragraph. Most of the times, it is not even possible to remember where that particular paragraph was. But if you’re reading an eBook, you just need to use the ‘find’ or ‘search’ option in the reader that you are using, enter any one word or phrase that you remember about it and voila, you are there with what you were looking for.
  5. Durability: Destroying a paperback book is more than easy. You can burn them, shred them, tear them, or just leave them to the mercy of a toddler. Once that particular copy of the book is lost, the change is irreversible. You can’t possibly get that one back. Of course, you can buy other copies, but what if (hypothetically) the copy you have is the last one of the specific book? But eBooks are practically indestructible because they do not have a material form. You can delete them from your device or break your device, but you can always, always download another copy of an eBook from the internet. Doesn’t this feature give eBooks an edge over paper books?

The Last Chapter

It is now established that eBooks have a lot of technical leverage over paper books. On a different note, you can create your own eBook – as many as you wish. For an example, papers written by online academic writing websites can also be counted as eBooks. So the next time you have a thought like ‘can I get someone to write my essay online?’ you know you’ll be getting an eBook.