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Infographic on Apple Business Strategy

The 4P model is typically used to assess the strategies of a company using four key parameters, such as its products, it’s pricing, the place of product availability, and its promotion. This model can be used to assess the business strategies of Apple Inc., one of the well-established brands in the contemporary global market.

The products developed by Apple belongs to personal computer and consumer electronics sector. Even though the value proposition of the company is limited to one industrial sector only, yet its product line is widely stretched out. Apple presently offers products in a wide range of product categories such as smartphones, personal computers, tablets, computers, smart multimedia devices, smart speakers, music purchases, and streaming services. (Similar to crafting a perfect research paper using different referencing styles.)

In terms of pricing, it should be highlighted that Apple follows a premium pricing approach. Apple has priced its products to be higher in comparison to other products in the market. The high pricing structure is justified by the company through the superior product quality, innovative product design and unique user experience. Moreover, the high price point of Apple products contributes to the brand’s aspiration value among the customers.

In terms of product availability, these products are available worldwide, through physical retail stores and online platforms. Even though the company caters to a relatively narrow market segment through its premium pricing strategy, it still serves a fairly large market size owing to its global market penetration. Undoubtedly, Apple has made e-books available to the students by introducing a wide variety of their gadgets, so learning these days is no more a rough ride for the students.

Finally, speaking of the promotional activities of Apple, the company uses an integrated communicational approach, that combines both digital and traditional marketing strategies. Just like a reliable website for writing essays like PenMyPaper does for satisfying the academic requirements of the students. The adoption of digital marketing by Apple is fairly recent, as compared to other big brands in the same industry. However, the aggressive marketing approach has worked in the company’s favor to strengthen its brand awareness.

Apples Business Strategy Infographic

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