How to Conduct an Internal Audit of a Company

Internal audit

The internal auditing of a company involves the assessment of an organization to get a clear idea of its operational activities and its resources. It helps to understand the internal capabilities of an organization to carry out its day-to-day activities and to meet its long-term goals. There are various tools that can be used to conduct an internal audit; among them, Value Chain Analysis is the most widely used one.

Elements Required to Conduct an Internal Audit

It’s important to look after the internal condition of the firm to encourage the creativity of the employees. The value chain analysis of a company allows in determining its support activities and primary activities that lead the organization to profit making. In order to determine the support activities of a firm, four key elements are needed to be described, which are described below by the PenMyPaper experts:

Firm Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a company determines the structure of the management as well as its financial prowess. It also includes its future planning (mission and vision) that can have potential benefits for the company. The firm infrastructure can also include the tangible resources of a company that is crucial to its daily operations and for its revenue generation.

Human Resource Management

This element of human resource determines the capacity of the firm in terms of its human capital. The number of skilled and valuable employees, along with the training programs, and remunerations can be the major determining factors for a company’s success. Typically, a company seeks improvement of human resources to improve its competitive advantages.

Technology Development

The technological developments made by a company is often reflected in its product and service design, along with its operational activities. Proprietary or patented technologies allow a firm to offer unique value for its stakeholders. It also helps the firm to stay ahead of the competition. Investments in research and development by a company allows in introducing new technologies in the sector.


The procurement of raw materials is an essential aspect of a company’s supply chain. A steady supply of good quality raw materials is crucial to make sure that the firm is able to deliver the finished products to the customer (or wholesalers), at the right time. So make sure your raw materials supply chain is constant before you present your SWOT analysis.

Factors like communication with suppliers and inventory management help a company to increase its operational efficiency, thereby allowing it to generate higher value at lower resource usage. In case you have a related paper to write, consider looking for some commerce essay topics.

internal audit of a company

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Key Factors of the Primary Elements

The support activities of a company, mentioned above are indirectly responsible for its profitability and value generation. Whereas, in order to enhance your project management skills, the primary activities are directly responsible for it. The five key elements of the primary activities are as follows:

Inbound Logistics

Inbound logistics defines the transportation of raw materials or products from suppliers. A supply chain with an efficient inbound logistics involves proper warehousing and materials handling, the strategic location of distribution hubs and effective management of inventory influx.


The operations of a company mostly involve a standardized business model. It involves activities like manufacturing or service rendering. In fact, making a winning PowerPoint presentation can also be efficacious for the employees to understand the work better. The underlying study hacks and processes can vary largely across firms but are mostly aimed at improving its ability to make the profit.

Outbound Logistics

The outbound logistics involves the transportation of the final products to the customers or end users. The efficiency of outbound logistics is associated with higher customer satisfaction. The steps were taken by a company to ensure timely delivery of the final products can help to improve its brand image, thereby attracting more customers.

Marketing and Sales

The marketing and sales activities involve marketing communication and pricing and selling strategies that can help a company to increase its sales volume. For an instance, you must have seen how NFT marketplaces were raving recently with the help of their promotional strategies. The effectiveness of these activities relies on how well they can improve customer preference.


The service is associated with the intangible aspect of value creating. It includes delivery of products, post-purchase service offerings, responding to feedbacks and solving customer queries and handling their grievances.

So make sure these factors are constantly being looked after in your company. The best thing is to conduct a thorough industry analysis or pay someone to write my paper and get your business plan ready at the soonest.

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