100 Ideas for Your Research Paper Topics of 2023

Finding a topic to research on is quite challenging with so many influential factors round the corner. The circumstance gets critical when you don’t have a virtuous set themes, available. To your good, this blog is like a plate of ready food with 100 different research topics. Each of the ideas, mentioned here, are trending and though-provoking. You also have the option to seek help from our professionals by giving us a nudge ‘write me a paper‘ and we will gladly do it for you.

Experts believe, a research paper can never engage readers if the title isn’t attractive

Being a writer, you need to be cautious while choosing the subject-line. Even if you know how to write a research paper, you cannot form it right unless the topic triggers the reader’s curiosity. Have a look at the factors to be considered while choosing a topic for your research.

Measures of Choosing a Research Topic

  • The topic should be from your field of interest
  • It must be streamlined towards a narrow aspect
  • The background should not hold much history
  • The idea should not be critical and complex
  • It has to be a contemporary and trendy idea

Make sure, you preserve the rubrics in your head and heart while picking your subject-matter. This will even help you in deciding your research methodology. Here you will find 100 topics, segregated in different categories. Find the one that suits your choice.

Research Paper Topics on Finance and Accounting Management

  1. Significance of administrative accounting and its role in an organization
  2. Performance and state of Abraxas Petroleum Corporation in stock market
  3. An analytical study on merger and acquisition endeavors
  4. An overall study on the principles and moralities of basic accounting
  5. A case study to evaluate the financial performance of Shell Plc.
  6. Evaluation of private banking and investment of Barclays
  7. A critical analysis of investment report of Gillette
  8. A comparative study between Air Berlin Plc and Iberia Plc
  9. An analysis of the accounting reports by Freedom Foods Group Limited
  10. A company analysis to identify the capital budgeting techniques of Apple Inc.
  11. A risk analysis to understand the implementation of CAPM model
  12. A study on the role of stakeholders and auditors in global financial crisis
  13. Banking system and financial markets in Cyprus
  14. Manipulation of the commodity market and its impact on future commerce

Research Paper Ideas on Operations and Supply Chain Management

  1. Principles of Lean management and its techniques
  2. A case study on quality management practices of IKEA
  3. A research for integrating operation with supply chain management
  4. Significance of working with mutual trust and high credibility in supply chain management
  5. An investigation on the impact of digital revolution and globalization in supply chain
  6. A critical analysis of operations management strategies followed by Braccialini
  7. Effects on supply chain management due to Information Technology
  8. An analysis to understand the role of products and services in operations management
  9. Assessment of supply chain activities in UK based organizations
  10. A comparative analysis of various forecasting practices used in OM
  11. Inventory and purchasing report of Brisbane Outdoor Power Center
  12. A study to understand the operational challenges in Chicken Cottage
  13. A case study on Unilever for growing sustainability of future global supply chain

Research Paper Topics on Business Plan

  1. An analysis of business plan followed by U.S. Steel
  2. Role of business plan, its management and execution in an organization
  3. Business Plan of Ford: An analytical study of its ROI
  4. The Case Study on Bridestone shows intelligent business plan for investment
  5. A research on Apple Inc.’s business plan and its strategic execution
  6. A company analysis on eBay Inc. to understand its business plan
  7. How business plan of Royal Dutch Shell influences its global performance
  8. Evaluation of FDI strategy and business plan of Vera
  9. A case study shows business plan of Global Financial Ltd. Is efficient for global market
  10. Impact of business plan and the associated environmental issues for emerging economy
  11. Influence of Marin Cheese Company’s business improvement plan on its social issues
  12. A research to show business plan of Swan Taxi advances Swansea’s economy
  13. A paper on business export planning on a hypothetical organization
  14. Development and execution of a business plan for efficient online gaming
  15. Significance of the business plan prepared while setting up Vue de Carta
  16. Importance of crafting business plan for a tourism company
  17. Business plan for developing a laundry mobile app in Indonesia
  18. A business development plan for enhancing performance of Carlsberg Malaysia
  19. A business plan for establishing Coffee For You, London

Research Paper Topics on Economics

  1. Equalizing of supply and demand and its influence on the prices
  2. Impact of industrialization on the environment
  3. Examination of multiple market models in Appliance industry
  4. Elimination of transaction cost indicates efficient outcome
  5. A study to show the relation between production possibility frontier and opportunity cost
  6. A discussion on the microeconomic theories concerning to rent control
  7. A detailed discussion on globalization and its impact on the world
  8. A critical analysis and evaluation of International Trade Theories
  9. Impact of drop in crude oil costs due to demand from petroleum exporting nations
  10. Influence of health care costs on a nation’s economy
  11. How can a small trade survive an economic crisis
  12. A discussion on the trade-off between unemployment and inflation
  13. Reports on economic condition of Slovenia since after its Financial crisis
  14. Role of WTO and its contribution in Global trade and commerce
  15. Assessment of macroeconomic performance of USA and Australia
  16. Evaluation of economic growth and development in Israel
  17. A comparative study on unemployment levels in America to the remaining world
  18. How immigration is an impactful factor on economy
  19. Impacts of local manufacturers on a local society
  20. Techniques to improve profit margin in a small business

Good Research Paper Topics on Strategic Management

  1. Five corporate objectives of Zara and their external impacts
  2. New strategical outlook of Kodak and its key performances
  3. A comparative study between renowned firms to understand managing technology
  4. A cost-benefit analysis on business strategies of Education First
  5. An evaluation of internal environment of the Unilever
  6. Attitude of younger generation towards ageism in workplace
  7. A SWOT analysis of PepsiCo Inc. to identify the ongoing potential risks
  8. PESTEL and SWOT analysis report of Qatar Islamic Bank
  9. An efficient corporate business plan of Carnival Corporation
  10. A case study on Nestle to understand its strategic intent
  11. An analytical study of the initiative taken by Currys, UK
  12. A strategic assessment of Aldi to recognize its workplace culture
  13. Strategical moves and business policies of Vobes Company
  14. A business analytical report on UK based Premier Food Board
  15. Study report of Volkawagen to understand its management practices
  16. Influence of business plan of Tesla Motors on company’s vision and mission
  17. An analytical study of communicational strategies of Microsoft
  18. Key organizational aspects of New Zealand based District Health Boards (DHBs)
  19. A case study of Ryanair airlines to understand their strategic management

Unique Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. A research to identify how net neutrality has affected internet users
  2. Study shows Google search highly affects our intelligence – Positive or Negative?
  3. Role of college education in the job market
  4. A critical analysis on the significance of business ethics
  5. How to control ill-behavior in a work place?
  6. Impact of Search Engine Optimization in today’s business and industry
  7. A study shows how eBay can position itself in the changing e-commerce sector
  8. An analytical study on the brand loyalty of young Chinese consumers
  9. Impact of social media on brand loyalty of female customers
  10. A research on Alibaba to report the relation of e-service quality and consumer behavior
  11. Social impact on customer’s behavior and their repurchase intentions
  12. Effects of website quality and brand awareness on UK consumer’s purchase intentions
  13. Role of social media from the perspectives of Management students
  14. Digital marketing and branding through social media largely impacts brand loyalty
  15. An empirical research on Chinese immigrants in UK to identify the importance of brand awareness and website quality for airline tickets purchase

From the aforementioned research, choose one for your upcoming college assignment, do the needful for your quantitative research, and prepare a high-quality draft for submission. You can also use these ideas in varied forms such as essay writing topics. And if you are unaware of writing style and approaches followed in the research writing process or in a literature review, then you can simply ask for assistance from a reliable essay writer. Contact with PenMyPaper a leading firm in academic help and pay for essay writing or get relevant informative speech topics for your assignment and get it completed within deadline.

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