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How to Write a Literature Review for a Research Project

Table of Contents 1.What is a Literature Review? 2.Purposes of a Literature Review 3.Literature Review- Conducting and Writing 3.1Steps for Conducting a Literature Review 3.2Organizing a Literature Review 3.3Composing a Literature Review Learning to conduct and compose a literature review • Read More »

Experts’ Guide on Creating a Research Paper Outline with Example

Table of Contents 1.What is a Research Paper Outline? 2.Why Need an Outline? 3.Research Paper Outline Format 4.How to Write a Research Paper Outline 5.Research Paper Outline Examples Students often find it very overwhelming to take on a research project. • Read More »


Top 7 NFT Marketplaces in 2022

It’s no surprise how NFTs are hyped around all over the internet these days and everyone is raving about them. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are non-interchangeable and non-exchangeable, representing digital objects like music, art, games, videos, memes, • Read More »

Learn To Write An APA Format Essay In Just A Few Steps

With the invention of the APA format for the essays, especially the 7th edition of it, formatting the papers has become a lot easier. This format gives the paper a proper logical outlook and makes it a professional formal paper. • Read More »

Simple Ways To Draft A Perfect Essay Outline

Without outlining, it would not be feasible or even appropriate to draft the paper, only if you want to get lower grades. But the ones who are targeted at A+ papers must have the knowledge of how to write an • Read More »