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Quantitative Research: Aspects Of Quantitative Research Design

Quantitative research method

Research is considered true when you have chosen the right methodology. Only then, your findings will have credibility and transparency. If quantitative research is the bite for your upcoming assignment, get the facts clear before diving in it. Learn all the truths and secrets of quantitative analysis from this blog and be the master of this art.

Let’s Get Converse with Quantitative Research

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear quantitative research is certainly a cluster of digits. But there exists something more which you must be acquainted with before delving into a subject-matter. The better the wisdom the improved will be your academic scores and it’s a great way to expand your creative writing skills and. Take this learner’s guide to comprehend the bits of quantitative study and analytical practice.

1. Quantitative Research Quantifies A Problem

Findings from a quantitative analysis are cold hard numerical data as it deals with statistical calculations, computed data, and mathematical derivations. Suppose your strategic management paper has a case study that requires you to perform quantitative research. In that case, first, try to understand the surefire business plans of the company and then assess every pragmatic detail as in accounting structure, financial status, employee count, sales rate, purchase value, and others. Finally, draft the analytical response in the form of your paper.

2. Random Sampling Influences the Data set

Inquiring every subject isn’t what quantitative research follows. From a larger demographic, a random sample is chosen for the analytical purpose. Any form of biasedness or scholar’s context of interest isn’t accepted. The cardinal principle states that the sample should be free from any kind of inconsistency or inequity. Suppose your subject is a multinational company and topic of research is an employee-employer relationship (finding the percentage). Chose some random employees and evaluate them, rather than clinging to everyone’s face.

3. Takes the Approach of Deductive Reasoning

Just alternate to qualitative research, quantitative take the deductive approach. Here, the hypothesis gets no welcome. “Thesis” is the word that closely relates to quantitative research. You must know how to write a thesis statement when performing quantitative research. But before putting any sort of statement, scholars execute a series of assessment, analysis, derivations, and evaluations. Detailed research is conducted over the subject in order to project the finest information. The results from these activities combine to make the statement a stronger one.

4. Follows an Objective Research Procedure

The unidirectional investigation mostly concerns to a quantitative method. When it is about measurements and figures, certainly, the approach will be objective. The target is evaluated in a way that the collected information and stats are accurate in every aspect and then the shreds of information are generalized across leveled units to explain a particular event.  In your paper, there shouldn’t be any scope of doubt. Your measurements should be able to answer all the confusions. Only then, the idea of quantifying a problem is valued. If you follow any problem while following this objective research procedure, then opt for assignment help from the experts of PenMyPaper.

5. Quantitative Research Is Standard Science

All the fundamental rules of standard scientific techniques are preserved in Quantitative research and that’s the reason it is mostly adopted by social science researchers, mavens in education and economics, and physical scientists. Although it is a paradigm, there’re a few minor inter-disciplinary conflicts. In other  research methodology, you get the provision of proving or disproving a hypothesis, but in the quantitative system, there’s no other choice than proving the hypothesis by statistical and mathematical means. Eminent researchers consider the thesis as the spine of the research since the whole experimentation is designed around it.

6. Data Collection Techniques Are Systematic

By data, it means only numerical figures and statistics so, it is evident that formal inquiry won’t be much effective in quantitative practice. All the adopted methods are systematic and sometimes, multi-stage. Since it deals with numerical facts, you cannot go wrong even in a single step, otherwise, the final result will show some garbage digits or percentage. The implemented and accepted quantitative data collection techniques are mobile surveys, online surveys, kiosk surveys, paper surveys, face-to-face communication, telephonic interviews, online polls, methodical observations, website interceptors, and longitudinal studies.

7. Answers The “Whats” Of A Phenomenon

Qualitative research techniques prefer to answer “why” someone has done something, whereas, quantitative methods explain “what” has happened. The later, specifically, demonstrate the whole scenario, explaining the details with statistics. Since it follows a deductive approach to study, getting proper responses to the WHATs are easier than any other technique. Hardly, there will be any scope to project a question or trigger a doubt. Suppose, your topic is something close to the effects of feminism in the workplace. Try to create polls involving all the employees so that you get the actual percentage of “people believing it is good” and “people believing it is bad.”

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