The Proposed Company

The idea of setting up the Vobes Company is to provide transportation services in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for the convenience of the local people to travel to places according to their needs.  The business is expected to attract a wide range of customers towards availing these services.

The company’s Mission

The company’s mission comprises of three essential aspects such as

  1. Key Market: Identifying the Target customers of the business.
  2. Quality: Enhancing the quality of taxi services provided by the Vobes Company.
  3. Distribution: Ensuring uniqueness of the transportation service provided by Vobes Company as compared to other companies.

As the population of Saudi Arabia increases there is an increasing demand for the transport and communication facilities (Alhussein, 2011). Thus the company would have a high opportunity to flourish its business and it is expected to serve a large number of customers. However the company also aims to launch a Vobes Application for the convenience of the customers using iPhones (Merdah & Sadi, 2011). The application would enable the customers to book the taxi services on their mobile phones as per their needs. The company before setting its business wishes to conduct a market research on Saudi Arabia in order to predict the growth prospect in this market.

Management Team and Key Personnel

There is a management team comprising of experienced personnel who are able to set up the business successfully and the investors will get attracted towards a business handled by successfully management team.

Sara Alghamdi, President and CEO: Sara Alghamdi owned a well known taxi service company in Radio Service Taxi Service Company in Kuwait that had successfully run its business for five years. She was responsible in managing the teams in various activities that they had to perform in order to satisfy the customers. She had also worked as a supervisor in a small taxi service business in Kuwait.

Madawi Alsulaim, Vice President: Madawi Alsulaim has worked in a travel and tourism company as the tourism manager and has a great experience about the customer needs and requirements and also the strategies to be used for business expansion. Her current responsibilities are to formulate the rule and regulations for the new business to be set up and assist the president in taking up management decisions.

Kawthar Alamoudi, Senior Manager: Kawthar Alamoudi had been working in a tourism company in Qatar and has an experience in dealing with customers of various cultural backgrounds. She is supposed to manage the team members’ performance and also train them in order to develop their communication and inter-personal skills. She was a technical executive in an IT firm and therefore has some knowledge regarding development of Apps for the convenience of the customers.

Nada Almuqbel, Junior Manager:  Nada Almuqbel had been working as a manager in another taxi service company in Kuwait for a long period of time and has some experience regarding the policies that the company needs to set up in order to run business successfully.

Mona Alshehri, Supervisor: Mona Alshehri has worked as a supervisor in Ibis Salmiya hotel in Kuwait and has undertaken the responsibility of managing the tasks assigned to the staff and also the performance of the teams. She is responsible for supervising the team members of the management team in the newly set up taxi service company named Vobes Company so that the team members perform well to gain reputation in the market of Saudi Arabia.

 Dana Almulhem, Customer Care Officer: Dana Almulhem is experienced in handling customers as he was an employee in the sales department of Radio Taxi Services Company and dealt with the needs of the customers. She is expected to understand the customer requirement and arrange for the taxis as per the requirement of the customers.


Vobes Company is expected to set up its business in Dammam, Saudi Arabia to provide the local customers with the transport services according to their need. The company wishes to set up its business based on the market research carried out on the target customers. Due to the technological advancement in the modern days the company has also planned to launch an online application for the convenience of the customers so that they can book the cabs easily (Alshuwaikhat & Aina, 2006; Moaddel & Karabenick, 2008). The company also aims to ensure that the services are delivered instantly as per the requirement of the customers.

Business Structure

The structure is about setting up a transport service company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia that explains the way in which the business is planned to run. The company is owned by Sara Alghamdi, the CEO and president of Vobes Company and the profits are distributed among the CEO and the Vice President of the company. The business is to be set up in one of the most populated cities of Saudi Arabia so that is can attract large number of target customers towards the services that it aims to provide. The target customers are mainly the working professionals who need to avail a taxi in order to reach the destination on time (Jones, 2006). The tourists visiting the city can also be the customers of the transport services company to be newly set up (Holail, et al., 2005). The company also aims at creating an application in the iPhone so that the customers can book the taxi services easily on their phones.

Industry Analysis

Entry Barriers

The company aims at setting up its business in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in order to serve the local customers with the transport services but there are already existing transport service companies that serves the local customers at low cost and the customers have developed brand loyalty for these companies.

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