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Dissertation Structure Guidebook For Students: To-Do List!

Research, itself, is a whole lot of work and penning down the results and findings in an organized manner is way more challenging. Certainly, not an amateur’s task! Veteran writers or scholars, quite a few times, forget how to write a • Read More »

Comprehensive Guide on Quantitative Research

Table of Content 1.What is Quantitative Research? 2.Purpose of Quantitative Research 3.Quantitative Research Features 4.Process of Quantitative Research 5.Quantitative Research Methods 5.1Descriptive Research 5.1.1Methods of Descriptive Research 5.2Experimental Research 5.3Correlational Research 6.Data Collection Methodologies 6.1Sampling Methods 6.2Using Surveys and Polls • Read More »


Qualitative Research Design 2019 – Definition & Techniques

“Recently, I submitted a paper that required qualitative researching. I was so unaware of the tools and techniques that I had no choice left than seeking expert assistance.Lucky that my consultant came up with something high-class!” – John Mayo, Harvard • Read More »

How to Write a Thesis: Uphold Quality & Approach in Your Paper

Higher studies and degrees are everyone’s fascination, but getting through it is a hard nut to crack, indeed. Makes it more challenging is the thesis paper. Your grades, performance-standard, and future placements completely depend on this. So, there shouldn’t be • Read More »

Seven Important Considerations Introducing What Is APA Format

Before getting into what is APA format and its rules, you must comprehend the reason behind its incorporation in paper writing. According to the American Psychological Association, formatting a paper is a vital practice. Your grades and quality of the • Read More »