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How to Write A Good Dissertation Introduction?

Dissertation Introduction

Writing a dissertation is one of the things that college students dread the most. A lengthy, time-consuming, energy-sucking, soul-crushing task that is an inevitable element of college life and no one seems to like it, right?

Dissertations are the final term assignments that you have to submit by the end of your last semester. On a general note, a dissertation is generally a thesis or a research paper. Both stand difficult enough for college students that are already preoccupied with a plethora of extracurricular activities and other components of campus life.

There are a lot of students that go for dissertation writing service to get some relief from the mundane.

This article is a part of a series of articles that will tell you about different parts of a dissertation and how to write them, for example – a literature review and a research methodology.

What is a Dissertation Introduction?

It doesn’t take a genius to tell what an introduction is; everybody knows what an introduction to a paper is. It makes the reader acquainted with the topic of the dissertation and gets them on the same page (pun intended) as you.

There are a few things that a good dissertation introduction must have:

  • It should first procure the attention of the readers. The readers should feel like reading the whole dissertation after reading just the introduction. You need to make the introduction interesting enough so that the readers get ‘hooked’ to the paper.
  • It should introduce the topic of your dissertation (obviously). A good dissertation introduction makes the purpose of the topic clear for the readers.
  • Another important thing that your dissertation introduction should do is establish the relevance of your research. This is a sign of a mature research paper writer.

An introduction to an academic paper has to carry out a lot of responsibilities primarily because; it is the first thing the readers set their eyes on. The phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’ is relevant here.

So how will you make sure that the introduction to your dissertation matches up to the expectations of the readers? Or how do you make sure your introduction has all the necessary ingredients for a great piece?

Tips for a Good Dissertation Introduction

We present a list of essential elements that you should include in your introduction to ensure it comes out impressive, as you would like.

  • Muse: Relevant to the poetic meaning of the term, you should, first and foremost mention why you chose to go with the selected topic.
  • The Scope: Next, you should tell your readers about the possibilities of the research. Mention the issues that would benefit from the outcomes of your research. Making this section strong will give the readers a good impression of your research.
  • Relevance: There should be a very clear mention of how is your research going to be relevant in the modern day world. This point will elaborate on the need for your research.
  • Current Situation: The next point you should put is the current situation in the field of your research. You need to mention the latest developments and findings in the area of your research. This will give the reader an idea of the knowledge you have on the subject and the depth of the research that you’ve undertaken.
  • Aim: You should put in the aim and objective of your essay. Tell the readers what do you intend to find at the end of the research. There has to be a connection between your dissertation introduction and dissertation conclusion.
  • Problem Statement: This is probably the most important thing in the introduction – the problem statement. You need to very clearly specify the central problem that you are going to handle to kick-start the research.
  • Design:  Lastly, you should mention (in very brief, because you will have to write a dissertation proposal on this topic) the ways and methods you will look to take on in order to get to the end of your research and find what you’re looking for.

If you follow the given guidelines given above, there should be no hindrance in you coming up with a perfect dissertation introduction.

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