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How to Write an Excellent Dissertation Proposal?

Write an Excellent Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal allows a candidate to convince one’s institution regarding the viability of a dissertation topic. Typically, a dissertation is a part of a master’s degree course, where a student is needed to produce a paper.

However, the topic of the paper and the underlying method of study needs to be approved by the institution supervisors before the actual work on the paper can be started. The purpose of the dissertation proposal is to offer a preliminary insight into the upcoming work and the chosen area of interest.

The central idea of producing a dissertation proposal is to convince the supervisors about the feasibility and importance of conducting the proposed study. Therefore, a dissertation proposal largely determines the chances of your dissertation topic is accepted.

In this article, we have covered various tips and guidelines on how to write a dissertation proposal, which will help you to get your dissertation topic approved. So, let’s get on with it.

1. Follow the Structure:

A good dissertation proposal is based on a well-defined structure, which separates it from the average ones. It usually goes as the following:

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Research Question
1.2 Research Objectives
2.0 Literature Review
3.0 Methodology
4.0 Timeline

However, it should be noted that this dissertation structure is widely used across different higher education institutes and should not be treated as a thumb rule. Some institutions may provide their own structure or template for the dissertation, which needs to be followed in a dissertation.

2. Work on Your First Impression:

The dissertation introduction plays a vital role in creating a good impression on the supervisor. The introduction section should contain brief background information about the chosen topic.

You need to identify a pertinent issue, problem or a current state of concern, to give the reader a general idea about the direction in which you are planning to take the study. The introduction should also contain the research question and the research objectives in separate subheadings, which will provide a definitive goal for the study.

3. Literature Review:

As the name suggests, literature review covers reviewing of different pieces of literature of various authors. It provides a good understanding of past studies that have been conducted in the same area of interest.

It also allows in highlighting the gaps in the present existing studies which can be bridged by the research that you are proposing to conduct.

4. Methodology:

The methodology section of a dissertation contains the proposed methods and processes of conducting the research. It should contain detailed information about how you are planning to gather the data required to meet the research objectives and answer the research questions.

Other details can also be added such as the nature of the data (qualitative or quantitative), sampling process, methods of analysis, etc. You may also use the research onion model to structure your research methodology if your institution has not explicitly mentioned otherwise. If you face issues in writing the methodology section, then hire paper helper for exceptional paper writing.

5. Timeline:

Finally, your dissertation proposal should contain a Gantt chart that clearly highlights the timeline that you are going to follow to complete your research work.

Before finalizing your timeline in the proposal, you need to be sure about the allocated time provided by your institution to complete the study. Break down different activities of the research and allocate sufficient time for each of them. The experts from the papers writing help by penmypaper also follows the same approach.

Remember that the purpose of your dissertation proposal is to present a convincing idea for research work to your supervisors. Therefore, it should contain all the required information that will make it easier for them to come to a positive conclusion. These tips will definitely help you nail your dissertation proposal and get it approved from your institution.

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