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Thesis Statement Templates to Help You Reset Your Assertions

Thesis Statement Templates

Crafting an explicitly engaging thesis statement is not necessary for every form of essay writing. However, some of the essay structures require stating a thesis assertion as mandatory. A good thesis statement template carries the central idea of your write-up and conveys the primary message to your audience. Remember, the assertions of your thesis statement are the focusing points your readers seek in the body of the essay.

Offbeat Thesis Statement Templates for Divergent Essay Forms

There are far cry forms of essay writing and each of them involves a peculiar structure of the thesis statement. Here, we introduce you to some of the thesis statement templates as per the guidelines of the different essay-writing-norms.

Thesis Statement for Narrative Essay

A narrative essay usually involves a total of five paragraphs and three of them belong to the body. Therefore, we suggest students jot down the key ends from each paragraph and form a statement. This way they will find three major opinions of three body paragraphs and shuffle those to state a verdict.


  • “The Canadian Mining Industry is comparatively safer than America’s mining industry. The reason is it has no greed and carries some efficacious safety measures.”
  • “The European customs have inspired the American workforce for providing paid holiday leaves to its workers. This was they can aim to produce more on offering health benefits and morale.”
  • “Advertisers set the insecurities of women as prey for their business extension. They destroy the expectations and realities of women and look for magnifying them through strategic manipulation.”

If you find any issue while writing the thesis statement for narrative essay, then hire a professional essay writer for customizing your essay as per your needs and convenience.

Thesis Statement for Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays seem easy but the problem arises when you sit back and think about your approach to the topic. Presetting the right approach to introduce the topic is one of the most difficult tasks for most people. Therefore, as the idea is to produce information-rich content, we suggest you nurture the topic a bit more. This way you easily come up with a nice thesis statement that looks like a magic swirling ship to readers.


  • “The gigantic constructions began thousands of years ago when people found inspirations in the Great Wall of China or the Leshan Buddha. With the primitive methods and tools, they made the ancient age a wonderland.”
  • “Just like the Chinese Culture, their traditional medication therapy is quite complex and enigmatic. Depending upon the conventional western medicine, their approach towards treatment is nevertheless one of the most efficient ones.”
  • “The official film industry and critics execute a peculiar criterion for gauging the amazement of the films. Without underlying the factors, like – characters, acting, script, timing, visuals, a film can never be a cult classic.”

Thesis Statement for Persuasive Essay

You involve a thesis statement in your persuasive essay is to persuade your readers that your idea is not vague. Therefore, apart from being argumentative, you have to state the reason behind considering your assertion a valid one. So once the reviewer goes through the thesis statement after the introduction, an immediate debate will arise in his/her mind.


  • “High schools should provide parenting classes to the students. The reason is the teens should gain education on life as parents and learn the preventive measures to avoid pregnancy.”
  • “It should be illegal to keep exotic pets as pets. It can be fatal for the owners or the communities, and extremely unhealthy for the animals.”
  • “The chronic traumatic encephalopathy suggests a reformation of the football playing regulations to safeguard the professional players’ health.”

Thesis Statement for Reflective Essay

A thesis statement gives a purpose to your reflective essay and lets your readers grab the idea of the paper at a glance. You may choose to pinpoint your subjective opinion or showcase the central viewpoint of your essay in a single line. Another great way to craft a perfect thesis statement is briefing the essay outline. This way you can easily state the verdict including all the key aspects.

  • “Being surrounded by the extrovert classmates will positively get me a character-building experience to elevate my career. It will encourage my acquaintance circle with the kindred spirits and enrich my social communication skills.”
  • “There are some latest mathematical learning processes that should not hold back the students having the aptitude for maths. The reason is an entire dictionary of applications is opening up to teach students with advanced ideas.”
  • “An effective correlation between the healthcare professionals and patients successfully enables the information recovery. During the nursing courses, one can deliberately understand the significance of diabetes care.”

Quick Tips at a Glance for Perfecting Your Thesis Statement

  • Be crisp and clear.
  • Stick to relevance.
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • Place it right after your introduction.
  • Include maximum 2-3 sentences and not more.

Once you undertake all these factors while writing, crafting a good thesis statement gets easier for you. Apart from that, you must proofread your assertions at least twice to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

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