What is Transformational Leadership? All You Need to Know About It

Leadership is the process by which an individual influences a group of people to drive the towards a common goal. Almost every organization follows leadership practices in order to secure its future and ensure long term growth. It is used to make sure that the firm is moving towards its mission and vision in the most efficient manner possible. However, different organization follows different leadership styles. Each of these leadership styles has its own approach to achieve organizational success. Among all the leadership styles, in this article we have discussed about transformational leadership style.

Transformational Leadership Style

The transformational leadership is strictly focused on achieving long term growth in an organization. As a PenMyPaper explanation, it relies on the ability of the leaders to motivate, inspire and encourage the employees to be creating and show more commitment to their job roles. Transformational leadership seeks to bring transformative changes in the organization through effective change management. The leader motivates the employees to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas, while offering them creative freedom. It enables them to achieve remarkable results, which is beneficial for the overall performance of the firm. The employee is given autonomy over certain job roles, so that they are free to apply creativity, which further motivates them to be committed and loyal to the organization. Google culture is one such example that follows this type of leadership. Now that we have learnt what is transformational leadership, let us look at some of its key characteristics so that you can easily identify it in your leadership case study.

Some of the key characteristics of transformational leadership are as follows:

  • Bringing long term changes in the organization, especially in the operational activities.
  • Solving challenging problems by adopting new and innovative approach.
  • Looking for opportunities that can facilitate change.
  • Maximizing the skills and capacities of the team.

What Makes A Good Transformational Leader?

In order to be a transformational leader an individual needs to have certain traits, which you need to learn to nail your leadership essay.

Thrive to Grow: The leader needs have a constant thrive for growth. A transformational leader always looks for new and innovative ways in which the organization can achieve new heights. They are never satisfied or content with the status quo and are highly motivated to climb higher.

Being Communicative: The leader should be an effective communicator. He/she needs to constantly communicate with the employees, in order to guide them, inspire them and encourage them to be more creative. Seamless communication also allows the leader to receive feedback from the employees, which leads to better decision making which has strong positive implications for the organization.

Being a Visionary: Transformational leadersare visionaries, who always set their vision in the future, while overcoming imminent obstacles to reach their goals. They use their experience and analytical skills to identify potential opportunities in the future, that can prove to be beneficial for the organization.

Employee Centric Approach: These leaders are employee centric, as they always keep the interests of the staff members ahead of their own. The employees are considered to be the most vital asset of the organization. The leader works to build strong positive relationship with the employees and ensures that their needs and interests are addressed.

Tolerance for Risk: Since, transformational leaders are set out to bring new changes in the organization, they always face the risk of uncertainties. Bringing new transformations comes with the risk of failure, and risk of rejection by the employees. Transformational leaders usually have high tolerance for risks, allowing them to try out new and innovating things, which can take the organization to new heights.

Four Dimensions of Transformational Leadership

Before you start pondering on how to articulate an outline for compare and contrast essay on various leadership styles, let us go a little deeper into transformational leadership  Transformational leadership practice can be broken down to four key dimensions, which clearly highlights its underlying principles. These are as follows:

  • Idealized Influence
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Individualized Consideration
  • Inspirational Motivation

Idealized Influence

Idealized influence refers to the behavior of the leader and the attribution of the employees towards the leader. The leader acts as a role model, who is respected and looked up to by the employees. He/she is capable of instilling certain emotions in the employees, such as integrity, honor, dignity, and respect for the work and fellow employees.The leader is greatly admired and trusted by the employees, which eventually leads to loyalty and employee retention. The leader encourages the employees to commit to their job roles based on the collective sense of beliefs, values, mission and purpose.

Intellectual Stimulation

Intellectual stimulation allows a leader to encourage employees to be more creative and innovative in their problem-solving processes. The leader often presents challenging situations to the employees, which compels them to think outside the box, thus leading to creative problem solving. The leader seeks to maximize the effort of the employees to be more innovative and creative, by reframing the issues, questioning existing practices and assumptions, and approaching the current problems in new ways.

Individualized Consideration

Individualized consideration allows the leader to pay attention to individual employees, their performance and any issues that they are facing. The leader interacts with each employee personally and take their feedback about their work and address their problems. Individualized consideration can help to create a strong relationship between the leader and the employees. Moreover, it also creates a sense of belongingness within an employee, when they find that the higher management is taking interest in them. Each interaction is personalized as different employees can have different problems and it is the responsibility of the leader to address them all.

Inspirational Motivation

Inspirational motivation allows the leader to communicate the vision of thecompany to the employees and motivates them to work harder and commit themselves to achieving the organizational goals. The leaders arouse the team spirit and encourage the employees to envision appealing future states by using persuasive interaction and actions. The sole purpose of inspirational motivation is to lift up the spirits of the employees and to build confidence among them. It allows the employees to recognize their own abilities and use them in favor of the organizational objectives.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership

If wondering how to conclude an essay on transformational leadership, you can start by mentioning its advantages and disadvantages..


  • Extremely effective in communicating new ideas to the employees.
  • Secures organizational growth for the long term.
  • Helps in creating good relationship between the leader and the employees.
  • Seamless exchange of feedback, leading to more work efficiency.
  • Employees are motivated and are less likely to leave the organization.


  • Not suitable in bureaucratic organizations.
  • Leader needs to invest more time and effort behind each team member.
  • Quite ineffective in ad-hoc situations.
  • Very difficult to implement where a leader needs to oversee a large number of subordinates.

By this time, you should be able to write on transformational leadership in your assignments without having to pay for an essay. If you study the company analysis or even the Apple vision statement thoroughly, you can get a good understanding of how well they are doing by implementing this leadership style in their organization. Just remember that transformational leadership is all about brining changes in the organization by motivating, encouraging and inspiring the employees.

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