Organizational Culture of Google: An Overview

Published June 21, 2021 | Author: PenMyPaper

Key Points

  • Value centric approach is deeply integrated into the business model of Google.
  • Google provides creative freedom and flexibility to employees.
  • It has created an entertaining work environment to help prevent burn out.
  • Encourages continuous innovation to challenge the status quo.

It is often argued that apart from its technological advancement and innovation, the success of Google stems from its deep-rooted organizational culture. The culture of Google is what sets the company apart from any other technology firms in the world. Studying about the culture of Google can shed some light on how the company has achieved its success and can be an intriguing case study. Here, the skilled paper writers of our paper writing service have conducted an in-depth study on Google’s culture and have shown its implication on the success of the company.

Google’s Organization Culture

The organizational culture of a company can have a strong impact on its operational activities and its long term success. It is often referred to as the system of assumptions, values, beliefs, customs and attitudes that are manifested through cultural symbols that the employees have developed over the years through mutual experience, which enables them to determine the meaning of the work environment around them and how to behave in them. To put it simply, the culture of an organization determines how the employees perceive and behave in their work. From organizational perspective, since the culture of a firm can determine the action of the staff members, so it can consequently determine its performance and success.


Google started off as a personal project of two university graduates Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who worked from a garage at Palo Alto. From 1998, the year it was established, to present day, the company has grown significantly, so much so, that it is currently one of the biggest technology-based companies in the world. But what is the secret behind the success of the company? Of course, the company stands on extensive research and development, responsible for introducing new technologies, but its culture also has a massive role to play in its success. Our research proposal helper will now delve into the Organizational Culture of Google in detail to give you a comprehensive understanding.

The culture of Google is based on the foundation of its commitment to make the lives of people easier, through technology and use of innovative thinking. This approach is adopted all across the entire organization, starting from how they deliver their services to how they treat their employees. In the following section, the writers from our Help My Assignment service have underpinned some of the most notable characteristics of Google’s culture that you can incorporate in your college essay.

Customer Value Centric Approach: Google has always been focused on creating value for the customers which can enhance the user experience. Instead of pushing new products and services, Google offers seamless user experience, which can differentiate itself from other market players. The company always ensures that their services are clutter free and easy to use. Therefore, they have completely stripped their search engine interface from any distractions, while keeping only the company logo and the search bar. Google is quite clear on mentioning which search results are ads and which are organic, so that the users always know where they are about to click. This approach is extended to each and every service of the company.

Flexibility to Employees: Google has adopted innovative ways in improve the performance of its employees, one of which is offering flexible work schedules. Employees are given the option to choose their own schedule which best fits their working style. This as a result has brought out the best of the workforce, which is eventually reflected on the overall organizational performance. The company also encourages the employees to approach their job roles in their own way, so that it can improve the final result. In short, the company allows the employees to find out which working style works best for them and for their productivity.

Creative Freedom: Google has expanded into multiple related sectors through diversification, as a result it requires innovative ideas to fend off the competition in each of the sectors where it operates. Offering creative freedom to the employees enables Google to come up with the most innovative ideas which leads to strengthening its competitive advantage. The creative freedom also allows the employees to realize their true potential, which is consequently reflected in their performance.

Entertaining Work Environment: Google has ensured that the employees are never bored or burnt out at work. The company has provided a lot of different means for the employees to have fun between works, similar to that of an organizational structure of Starbucks. This allows the company to boost employee morale and makes working long hours much easier. The Google believes that constant working may lead to deterioration in productivity, therefore employees need to distract themselves from time to time. The employees can get relaxing massages and have free food as well.

Continuous Innovation: Google promotes a culture of collaboration, where different teams can work together harmoniously on projects to yield innovative results. Employees are encouraged to constantly challenge existing methods to come up with new ideas that can improve workflow and overall outcome of their projects. This culture of continuous innovation is found throughout the entire organization, across every functional department.

Employee Centric Policies: Google has introduced policies and regulations which ensures that the employees are can function at their maximum potential. The company is constantly looking for new ways to improve employee motivation, reduce burnout, foster creativity and looking after the needs and preferences of the staff members. This employee centric approach has also enabled the company to create a strong relationship between the higher management and the employees. It also creates a sense of belongingness among the members, which is quite beneficial for achieving higher employee engagement.

A Common Goal: Every employee is driven towards achieving the common goal of the company. Google has ensured that there is no disconnect between what the company wants to achieve and what the employees are working for. Every employee has a clear understanding of where the company is headed and what is their role in the process. By maintaining a seamless communication with the employees, Google is constantly reminding the employees what the company is all about and they are a part of a much bigger mission.

Let’s Sum it All Up

Before you begin writing on such informative speech topics, let us take a look at what we have learned so far. Google is a people centric company which deals in technology and internet bases services. Its culture has a major role to play with its success over the years. The company is focused on delivering the best possible value to its stakeholder, while improving the overall user experience of their products and services. The culture of Google also drives employee motivation and creativity. It has designed its workplace and workplace related policies in such as manner that it can help employees to achieve better productivity, which eventually is reflected in the organizational performance. Thus, people centric culture of Google has enabled the company to strengthen its competitive advantage by improving its value creation for its stakeholders.

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