What is Nike’s Purpose?

Published June 21, 2021 | Author: PenMyPaper

Key Points

  • Nike is one of the biggest sports footwear, apparel and accessories brand.
  • The purpose of Nike is to foster equality and sustainability, across its entire operational process.
  • The company seeks to create a holistic brand which promotes sports as well as supports the community.

Nike is one of the leading sports footwear, apparel and equipment brand, which operates in 170 nations. The company offers a range of innovative products which offers unique value to its customers, thereby allowing the firm to create a strong competitive advantage in the industry. However, the purpose of the company is not only to sell sports goods, but also to bring long term changes in the community. Alongside of earning revenue from its products, the company is deeply engaged in corporate social responsibility and supporting the community in which it functions.

Nike has highlighted its key purposes in its own official website, where it has been segregated into five key categories such as equality, community, manufacturing, environment and product. Learning about the purpose of Nike, can help you to understand how the company functions in different operational areas. Now let us get into each of these purposes individually with the help of our paper writing service researchers, so that it can help you with your college essay.



The purpose of Nike is to bring equality in the community, and uniting people through sports. The pursuit of equality begins by creating a culture of inclusivity in the company. Nike presents equal opportunity to every individual to be a part of the workforce, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity or orientation. Moreover, the company also seeks to create an equal playing field for all. In its pursuit, it has collaborated with several social organizations to provide opportunities for everyone to adopt sports as a career choice. Furthermore, Nike seeks to break down certain social barriers that prevents people to pursue sports or adopting an active lifestyle.


The company also addresses the social barriers for girls in participation into sports, through community partnership and by developing products that can help them participate with more confidence. Purpose of Nike is to bring people together through their mutual affinity towards sports and helping them to pursue their goals.


Nike’s purpose also includes upliftment of the community in which it operates. The purpose of the company towards community can be segregated into three distinct parts such as engaging kids into an active lifestyle, encouraging and supporting girls to pursue sports and training more coaches. Nike has highlighted that kids who are more active can perform much better in their daily life. Therefore, the company seeks to address issues and barriers in the community which are preventing kids to become more active. Nike is also hosting locally relevant programs which can encourage kids and address the key barriers faced by them. It has also focused its attention towards developing areas where the challenges are more severe.


Nike has highlighted the fact that the participation rate of girls in sports or any related activities is quite limited as compared to boys. Moreover, the girls have also been found to be more likely to drop out from sports activities. In order to address this issue, the company wants to address all the issues surrounding the female participation, by focusing on gender inclusive training and increasing the number of female coaches. The firm also fights to remove cultural and physical restrictions that prevent girls to participate in sports.

Nike has realized that in order to encourage and inspire more people to participate in sports, it needs to prepare good coaches. The company is currently working with several partnering organizations to train more coaches.  This as a result can help in better participation of people into sports.


Nike’s purpose includes sustainable and responsible manufacturing. The company has clearly stated that how they manufacture their products is as important as what they manufacture. Therefore, their manufacturing process begins with respect for the environment and for the people just as the Tesla mission statement. Nike follows responsible sourcing of goods and services. The company works with suppliers who comply with the basic standards of Nike and share the respect for people and environment. The company makes sure that the factory workers are treated well and they are paid industry standard wages. Moreover, Nike also ensures that the well-being of the workers is maintained and their social development is supported.


The purpose of Nike is to also facilitate progressive environmental protection. Nike uses manufacturing and operational processes with reduced environmental impacts. Moreover, the company also works with partnering firms which follow the same approach. This as a result allows the company to create a sustainable global supply chain.

The innovation of the company not only refers to its product line, but also developing new processes which can supports the interest of all the stakeholders of the company. Nike seeks to bring long term industry changes, which are focused on development of the entire community, by adding value for all the stakeholders of the company.


The purpose of the Nike is to ensure environmental sustainability in order to create a better future. While discussing the purpose of Nike in your dissertation proposal, it is important that you mention the environmental aspect of the company’s operations. Nike wants to contribute to an environment which can lead to a more sustainable future for the athletes and the company itself. Therefore, as a part of its environmental purpose, the company has developed operational processes which can reduce the overall footprint of the business. The company also uses renewable energy to power as much of its venture as possible.


The environmental sustainability of Nike extends to its product designs as well. By adopting green product development, the company has been able to design products that require lesser materials, materials that are sustainable and that needs less resources to produce. This as a result, has allowed the company to reduce the overall amount of resources needed to manufacture its products.

Nike has refined its manufacturing processes by adopting lean manufacturing, which reduces wastage of resources, thereby making the manufacturing process more efficient and it also reduces the amount of resources needed to manufacture the products. The company also put significant emphasis on recycling its materials or products. The company has started a new program called Nike Grind, where it recycles surplus manufacturing materials. Finally, Nike, through years of R&D has created materials which are more sustainable to manufacture, easily to recycle and safe for the environment.


Nike is one of the most innovative companies ever, which is constantly working to provide the best product experience for its customers. The company invests rigorously in research and development to create product designs that can offer more value to the customers than anyone else in the industry.


The company offers a range of product variants with a wide range of material and design choices. Somewhat similar to the Walmart vision statement. Each of the variants are targeted at different usage scenarios. They are engineered to maximize the potential to every consumer and encourages them to pursue a life of fitness. The innovation of the company also extends to produce sustainable products, from recycled materials. Thus, the product purpose of the company is not only to add value for the customers by offering them unique value proposition, but it also adds value to the community and the environment in which the company functions.

Nike also seeks to move towards a zero-waste future, through its ‘Move to Zero’ program. The purpose of this program is to manufacture its products by completely removing its dependence on natural resources, thereby creating a circular supply chain. Not only will it help the company to reduce its operating costs, but it will also allow it to completely eliminate any environmental impacts by its operations.

Our discussion on Nike’s purpose highlights its key operational areas and how the company seeks to create a sustainable business venture. By this time, you should be able to prepare a fine essay outline on Nike’s purpose without a professional helper. As we have found that the purpose of Nike is more than just selling products to its customers. It also includes creating a community in which the company as well as its stakeholders can grow together.

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