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Apple is one of the most popular technology company which operates in a global scale. The company manufactures and markets personal computers, mobile devices, consumer electronics and digital services. The company has achieved significant success over the years, which is reflected in its increasing revenue generation over the past decade and its current leadership position in terms of brand valuation. Apple is one of the most popularly chosen organization for a marketing essay, as per research done by our essay helper. This makes it imperative for a business management student to have clear understanding of the operational activities of the company as well as the external environment in which it operates. In this article we have identified the key competitors of Apple.

Apple operates in one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The rapid industry growth has attracted a lot of other market players over the years, which in turn has increased the threat of competition for Apple. Before you start to write an essay on Apple and its competition, it is important for you to understand that this company caters in multiple product categories. As a result, Apple faces competition not just from one industry but from many different industries together. However, its strong focus on innovation and undying commitment towards better user experience has allowed Apple to overcome its competitive threats and achieve organizational success.

Apple Competitors

As mentioned earlier, Apple caters in multiple product categories, such as smart mobile devices, personal computers, smartwatch, digital services, etc. Let us look at the primary competitors in each of these sectors.

Smartphone Sector

Samsung: Samsung is one of the major players in the smartphone sector. This Korean company is one of the top three smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company competes with Apple’ iPhones with its top-tier smartphones and tablets. Both the companies seek to offer almost identical value propositions at the same price bracket, thereby making the competition more severe.

Huawei: At present Huawei is the leading market player in the global smartphone sector, especially due to its strong dominance over the Asian market.Huawei also competes with Apple with its range of high-end smartphones, which are rich in product features and attributes, sold at a competitive price.

Xiaomi: Xiaomi is the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the industry. The company seeks to attract the customers by offering best possible features at prices much lower than that of the competitors. Unlike Apple, Xiaomi is more inclined towards the mass market consumers, who look for products with higher value for money.

Google: Although Google is not recognized primarily as a smartphone company, but it has proved to be a formidable foe for Apple in the recent years. Google competes with Apple in two fronts, one in the smartphone hardware sector and in the smartphone OS sector. The Pixel lineup of smartphones, directly compete with the upper-mid segment Apple iPhones, in terms of utility and camera performance. On the other hand, the Android operating system of Google competes with the iOS of Apple, found in iPhones. Get a good understanding of its long-term strategy by going through the Google vision statement. Google’s Android is found in almost every other smartphone device made by rival brands like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and many others. Whereas, iOS being a proprietary mobile operating system from Apple, is only found in iPhones. Both the operating systems compete with each other on the grounds of user experience, new features and utilities and performance.

Personal Computing Sector

Lenovo: Lenovo is a Chinese technology company, operating in the global market. It is mostly recognized for its personal computing devices. The company is currently the leading personal computer manufacturer with 24.1% market share. Lenovo makes windows-based laptops and compete with other manufacturers in the industry, Apple being one of them.

HP Inc.: HP is another PC manufacturing brand, headquartered in the US. This company also makes windows-based laptops and desktops which aims at the mass consumers, through competitive pricing. HP is the second largest PC manufacturer in the industry followed by Lenovo. It caters to the middle and upper middle and upper segment of the market, by offering devices with high utilitarian value at attractive prices.

Dell: Dell holds the third position in the PC market. This is another American, multinational PC manufacturing company which also offers windows-based laptops to a wide range of customers.

Each of these manufacturers compete with Apple’s Mac line up of personal computing devices with their high-end products. Make sure you mention this while writing an outline for compare and contrast essay.

Microsoft: Microsoft is known for its PC operating system and is the oldest rival of Apple. Apple and Microsoft compete with each other on the field of PC operating systems. However, this competition has recently become more severe as Microsoft has started to introduce its own PC hardware in the form of its Surface line up of mobile computing devices.

Smartwatch Sector

Samsung: The competition between Apple and Samsung is also carried forward to the smartwatch sector. Samsung competes with Apple Watch with its own line of smartwatches, which offers almost identical utilities such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, calories counts, etc. The smartwatches of Samsung are available at significantly lesser price that that of Apple.

Huawei: Huawei also offers smartwatches, with identical features available at a competitive price. They compete with Apple watch in terms of pricing and overall value for money. Huawei has introduced range of smartwatches which offers most of the utility of the Apple watch.

Fitbit: This American company is recognized for its wrist mounted fitness trackers. They are not full-fledged smartwatches, but offers certain utilities of fitness tracking such as calorie count, footsteps, heart rate, etc. Fitbit can be considered as an indirect competitor to Apple Watch.

Digital Services Sector

Spotify: Spotify is an online music streaming service company, which operates internationally to multiple markets. It competes against Apple Music, by offering identical services and pricing strategies. Each of these brands, try to differentiate by offering more value to the consumers, through better search results, better algorithmic prediction of music preference, better curated playlists and exclusive contents.

Netflix: Netflix can be considered to be the biggest competitor to Apple TV Plus. Both of them offer identical services of media streaming. It should be noted that Apple has entered this industry very recently and is currently in its infancy stage, whereas Netflix has been operating for decades. As a result, Netflix poses a significant threat to Apple TV plus. Not to wonder how does Netflix make money, one reason of which is they attract consumers through good quality exclusive contents.

Google: Google has recently started to compete with Apple against its gaming subscription service called Apple Arcade. Following the introduction of Apple Arcade, Google has also announced similar service called Google Play Pass. Since, both of the offer identical services, they have become competitive to each other.

To Sum it Up

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As we have found that Apple faces competition from many fronts. Its diversification into multiple genres of technology-based product and service categories has exposed the company to severe competition from various market players. According to writing essay services, when identifying Apple competitors, you must first identify all the product categories that the company deals in. Each of these sectors will have its respective market players posing competitive threats to Apple.

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