Google Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Published June 21, 2021 | Author: PenMyPaper

Key Points

  • Google is the market leader in the search engine and mobile OS segments.
  • Its mission is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible for everyone.
  • The vision of the company is to offer products and services to help people throughout their day.

Google is one of the largest technology companies, which primarily deals in IT services such as search engine, ad service, cloud computing, mobile operating system and applications. Over the years, the company has grown significantly, which is reflected in its increasing revenue generation and market capitalization. At present Google holds the leadership position in the search engine and mobile operating system sector. In this article we have discussed about the mission and vision statement of Google, which highlights its short- and long-term goals. You can also ask us my essay writer to write you a paper if you need any help further.

Google's Mission Statement

The mission statement of a company refers to its short-term objectives, which are clearly defined, measurable and can be achieved within a short span of time using the current resources of the company. A mission statement often provides a clear understanding of what a company is currently pursuing, which can be quite helpful when you write papers on that company. The mission statement of Google is to:

“Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Let us break it down for a better understanding. Google, at its core is a data centric company. It started its business by developing its own search engine, which eventually has become the most popular destination for searching information today. The mission of Google is to “organize” and make all the available information “accessible and useful” to the users. The internet is constantly expanding with new information being poured every time. Without proper organization, it is impossible for a user to search what is needed. Google wants to make all of this information easily accessible and useful for the users.


A close look at the business operations of Google, indicates that over the years the company has introduced various devices and applications, in order to make it easier for the users to access the necessary information from the internet. Application like Google Search, Google Maps, Google Voice Assistant, Google Translate, YouTube and many others allow users to seamlessly access the information that they are looking for. Moreover, the company has also introduced hardware devices such as Google Home, Chromecast and Pixel smartphones to facilitate universal accessibility of data even further. The diversification of Google into multiple sectors has further enabled the company to offer more information to the users in innovative and seamless ways. As Apple vision statement say that it wants technology to be more accessible, likewise, the mission of Google is to make the internet more accessible and more beneficial for the users.

It should be noted that the mission statement of the company does not focus on its revenue generation at all. As mentioned earlier, Google is data centric company, which means that it has access to a gargantuan library of data, which is used by the company to sell advertisements, which forms the main source of its income. The making world’s data accessible to the users, allows Google to use its platforms to sell advertisements. Therefore, more people use Google’s services, the more the company is able to use personalized information to show targeted ads. As a part of its mission, the company seeks to bring new services to its users, each of which can be used as a potential surface on which ads can be shown.

Vision Statement of Google

The vision statement of a company refers to the long-term objectives of a company. It presents a clear understanding of what the firm wants to achieve in the future or where it is headed. Typically, the vision of a company requires a much longer time to achieve, as compared to its mission. In this case, the vision statement of Google is:

“to make Search and our Google services more helpful to you throughout your day.”


Before you make this one of your college essay topics, let us dig deeper into the Google vision and mission statement so that you can prepare your college essay on it effectively. The vision statement of Google is quite brief and simple. The company wants to make its services, including search, more useful to the users. It should be noted that the vision of the company is quite broad spectrum, and encompasses a lot different aspects of the company. In the vision statement company, the refers to its every single service and wants to augment it further to improve the daily lives of the users. The search service has been improved further implemented in various devices.

Now users can make a Google search just by using their voice. Likewise, the maps and navigation are now more accessible from wearable devices and Android smartphones. The cloud computing platforms of Google can now be used for cloud gaming, which the company is currently working on under the brand name of Stadia. The introduction of its Pixel line up of smartphones, brings all the Google services in one device. Thus, the vision of Google is to use its existing infrastructure of services to offer more value to its users.


It should also be noted that Google not only offers intriguing services for its users, but it also offers equally attractive value for its business clients, just like one of the strengths in the SWOT analysis of Disney. As mentioned earlier, Google earns the majority of its revenue from business clients by selling advertisements. Over the years, Google has refined its advertisement platforms such as Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Ad Sense, etc., so that more relevant and personalized ads are shown to the users, thereby increasing the chance of conversion. Moreover, Google also offers a range of tool to monitor business performance of the clients, thereby allowing them to make the strategic decisions.

To Sum it Up

Let us summarize what we have learnt in here before starting to work on your illustration essay on Apple Inc. We have found that Google seeks to organize the all the information on the internet and make them accessible and useful for the users. Being a data centric company, Google offers a range of internet-based services which can make it easier for the users to access any information that they require. In the long term, the vision of the company is to use its existing services infrastructure to bring more value to its stakeholders, while making their lives easier. Google is constantly working on new technologies and services in order generate more value.

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