80+ Expository Essay Topics that Any Student Can Choose

Expository Essay Topics

You may know what is an essay and how to write one but writing an expository essay requires skills, knowledge about the expository essay topics, and a flair for writing. This genre of essay writing is vast when it comes to explanation. Its usual method of writing involves the investigation of an idea, evaluation of evidence, expounding of the ideas, and setting forth an argument. It also concerns the presentation of ideas in a concise and clear manner.

According to PenMyPaper, the main objective behind writing these expository essays is that a particular topic should be explained in a straightforward and logical manner. Writing these types of essays requires a balanced and fair explanation of the subject that is completely based upon facts and evidence. It does not include any emotions or opinions from the writers.

Usually, when you choose and write about any typical expository essay topics, you need to use the words like ‘explain” or “define” in its title. Before moving towards the list of some popular as well as unique expository essay topics, let’s take a look at its key elements.

Key Elements of an Expository Essay:

An expository essay should possess some basic elements in it which are essential to write one such, like:

  • Introduction: The essay introduction must possess a defined thesis statement and it should be clear and concise
  • Body Paragraphs: There should be a minimum of three body paragraphs where it is described with evidential support. Furthermore, the analysis should be done which connects the evidence to the thesis
  • Conclusion: The concluding paragraph should support the main ideas and reinforces the thesis.

Types of Expository Essays:

An expository essay has so many variations. Five of the main types of expository essays include:

  • Classification essays
  • Definition essays
  • Cause and Effect essays
  • Compare and contrast essays
  • “How to” or Process Analysis essays

You can choose any of the above-described categories while writing your expository essay topics.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Write an Expository Essay:

Like descriptive essays and all other essays, when you are composing a good expository essay, you need to follow a particular essay format. Apart from these, it will be essential for you to undergo some steps of writing an expository essay to write a perfect essay. We suggest going through some expository essay examples to understand how to craft one better.

To help you out with this, here our team of PenMyPaper has provided you with some step-by-step solutions that will help you in writing a good expository essay.

  • Prewriting : In this phase, it is essential for you to brainstorm the topic and accordingly proceed to carry out the research work. Then ensure to create a good essay outline and present the ideas in a logical sequence
  • Drafting : While drafting your essay, you must re-check the structure of your expository essay. It should possess an introduction along with a strong thesis statement, three body paragraphs along with evidence to support the thesis, and an essay conclusion.
  • Revision : After the completion of writing the essay, it is important for the students to review and reorganize the work to its best. You need to focus on whether the information that you have presented to the audience have been communicated effectively
  • Proofreading and Editing : Prior to publishing your essay, it is important for you to proofread it in order to find out the mistakes and grammatical errors. After that, make the necessary edits as and where possible
  • Publishing : Once you have completed writing the essay, publish it, or share it with others to make it more exciting for the readers.

In case, you face any issues while following the steps in ‘writing my essay’, then opt for professional help from online assignment services. They will help you out with writing all types of expository essays, irrespective of the complexity of the topic.

Some Unique and Practical Topics for Expository Essays

To ease your convenience, here we have presented you with some exclusive expository essay topics that are being differentiated into various categories. You can also ask us for an APA format essay if you don’t know what is apa format paper. You can select any of them as per your preference.

Expository Essay Topics Related to Social Problems

  • Describe the problem of ‘glass ceiling’ and know how you can address it well
  • Is there anything named tolerance and does it work in the way it should do?
  • Describe all the possible effects in regard to voting or not to vote
  • Why there should be a school uniform or why there should not be?
  • Discuss the consequences of drug addiction
  • Discuss how the addiction to the internet badly affects the children
  • If you have become the president of your country, what changes would you have brought
  • What leads to alcohol addiction among youngsters and teenagers

Expository Essay Topics Related to Health

  • What is the correlation between AIDS and poverty? Why this fatal disease haunts mostly poor nations?
  • Discuss some strategic tips on how to deal with ADSD
  • How a college student can live a healthy life?
  • Discuss some recommendations on how one can stay fit
  • Is it true that music affects our mental state and health?
  • What are the consequences of eating healthy food?
  • What is the interrelation between IQ level and health?
  • Is there any possibility that the World Health Organization (WHO) can cure ‘incurable’ diseases?
  • Are consuming fast food and snacks in excess harmful? If so, then why?
  • If mental health is considered, are patriotism and heroism taken as ‘normal’?

Expository Essay Topics Related to Literature

  • Briefly discuss the role played by the secondary characters in a play
  • John Snow: A noble bastard
  • How you can characterize a female character in a famous play “A Doll’s House”
  • Discuss the consequences with regard to the “Time Machine” by H. Wells
  • Analyze the poetic style by William Wordsworth in his famous poem “The Daffodils”
  • Discuss the comic characters and the means of comedy in “The Golden Compass”
  • Was Dorian Gray was a victim or a villain?
  • Describe in brief the impact of epic on the image of a hero with reference to Beowulf
  • Discuss the consequences of being the chosen one with reference to Harry Potter

Expository Essay Topics Related to Ethical Issues

  • Death penalty: Why and how to get rid of it?
  • How can you stop racism?
  • What do you mean and understand by the term ‘code of ethics’?
  • Should abortion be prohibited?
  • Consequences of application of gun control
  • Express what you understand by the term ‘morality’
  • When divorced, which parent will you be with, and why so?
  • In our present society, is there any notion of ‘honor’?
  • Will you agree that your loved one getting assisted suicide?

Expository Essay Topics Related to Science and Technology

  • What is the impact of “The theory of general relativity” on Modern Physics
  • Discuss the consequences of the invention of the internet
  • Why it is impossible to Time Travel?
  • How radio has shaped the modern universe?
  • What is the reason behind that the inventions made by Elon Musk seem so detrimental?
  • What are the causes and effects of people getting addicted to social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram?
  • When the Latin and Arabic numerals are compared, why the Arabic numerals always won?
  • Discuss the impact of Stephen Hawking on Astrophysics
  • Is there any rare possibility that we will ever land on Mars?
  • iPhone: A sudden important leap in the field of mobile technology

Expository Essay Topics Related to Education

  • Public school vs. Private school: Which one is better and why?
  • Should athletes get scholarships? Is it fair enough to other students?
  • How an advancement or improvement can be made in the education sector of your country?
  • What is the impact of higher education on the future career of students?
  • What does it mean to be a good teacher?
  • Does ‘smartness’ mean the same as ‘educated’?
  • Discuss the causes as well as its effects of adult illiteracy
  • Is it possible that a person gets an awesome education at home?
  • Discuss the subjects that should be taught at schools
  • Which are the subjects that should be restricted to include in school education?

Expository Essay Topics Related to History

  • Describe the Astronomy role in Ancient Greece
  • Discuss the effects of the French Revolution
  • Describe how modern China’s economy shaped by silk and tea export
  • The Templars: Mercenaries or Guards of Faith?
  • Discuss the industrial development of Japan along with Samurai’s honor
  • Describe the effects of Queen Victoria’s reign
  • Characterize the impact of the invention of gunpowder
  • The Crusaders: Heroes or Villians?
  • Discuss how the first newspaper was introduced
  • What are the causes and effects of the Nationwide Prohibition of the 1920s?

Expository Essay Topics Related to Religion and Philosophy

  • Discuss something about your philosophy in life
  • Discuss the role of existentialism in casting modern philosophy
  • Why the concept of no single religion is prevalent?
  • Describe the reformation of the Catholic church
  • Is there any possibility to create a Republic by Aristotle?
  • Discuss what you understand by seven deadly sins
  • Discuss the consequences of claims made by Nietzsche about God
  • Describe the Jews’ image as per the Islamic religious tradition
  • Write about the correlation between Christianity and Medieval Europe

Expository Essay Topics Related to Personal Experience

  • Discuss your experience when you met your first love
  • Describe the most memorable memory of your childhood
  • What type of dishes you like to cook and why?
  • Depict about your first success as a sports champion in your school
  • Which book or movie is your favorite and why?
  • What is your most possessed dream about the future?
  • How your upbringing might affect your personality?
  • Which one is your favorite subject at school and why?
  • Who was your first teacher in the school and how their personality has created an impact upon you

Hopefully, this guide has given you a wider scope of topics and helped you how to choose essay topics for your assignments. For more insights into other types of essays such as explanation essay, discursive essay, analytical essay, get in touch with us. In case you face any issues while completing your essay or are still confused about which topic to choose then ask help from our PenMyPaper experts by stating ‘write my essay’. You will get quality assistance at affordable prices.

So, don’t waste your time, reach us to get effective solutions at your fingertips!

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