Seven Important Considerations Introducing What Is APA Format

What Is APA Format

Before getting into what is APA format and its rules, you must comprehend the reason behind its incorporation in paper writing. According to the American Psychological Association, formatting a paper is a vital practice. Your grades and quality of the composition, largely, depends on a paper structure. Though there is quite a few outlining styles, APA tops the popularity list, with some unique formatting regulations.

Stances That Perfectly Present What Is APA Format

Here, my paper writer has listed the significant rules that uniquely identify the APA format. Check the rubrics and incorporate them in your paper, if the university guidelines ask for it.

1. APA Format Has A “Five-Level-Heading” Rule

If a paper is organized in APA format, a veteran can judge it by the headings. In the five-level structure, each level has a unique style. Here they are –

Level 1: This is the title of your paper hence largest in size, Bold, aligned in the center, with title case capitalization (Capitalize Each Word).

Level 2: It is the second heading hence smaller than level 1, placed against the left margin, Bold, with title case capitalization (Capitalize Each Word).

Level 3: Being the third in structure, it will be smaller than the previous two, placed at an indent from the left margin, Bold, with Sentence Case Capitalization (Only the first word).

Level 4: This will be identical to level 3 with the slightest difference in size. And, it should be in Italics.

Level 5: Identical to Heading 4 and the smallest in the list.

2. A Person Is Prioritized While Writing His/her Orientation or Attribute

A full proof guidance on APA format paper says an individual should be put first while describing his or her attribute. According to the orientation rule of American Psychological Association, the concerned person should be highlighted. Example: Instead of writing “Cancer patients,” say, “Patients who have Cancer.”

3. APA Papers Are Always Devoid of Narrower Terms or Biasedness

While reading a paper if you come across some sort of biasedness, labels or constricted aspects, then it is definitely not APA formatting. Broader terms like “subjects,” and “participants” are used in APA format essay papers rather than “elderly,” and “adolescents.” Also, gender equality is highly valued in this formatting style. While addressing to female subjects, terms ending with “man” or “men” are strictly avoided. You cannot find any trace of ambiguity all through the paper. Example: Addressing like “Firefighter” is done instead of “Firemen.”

4. You Can Never Find Racial Discrimination’s in APA Formatted Papers

The APA instruction set specifically indicates avoiding any form of discrimination. Be it someone’s ethnic identity or race or any sort of sensitive ideology, the label falls under census category. The term must begin with Capital letter for expressing esteem and revere. Words like “minority” should be cut out as it may be interpreted as disrespect or indicate a deficiency.

5. APA Has A Unique Thumb-Rule for Addressing Demographics

Referring to subjects differ with ages in APA referencing style. Good quality papers always preserve the addressing style in order to maintain a balance. Check the rules before you format yours –

  • For children under the age of 12, use “boys” or “girls” depending on the subject.
  • Direct the subjects between 13-17 years as “young man,” “young woman,” “female adolescents,” “male adolescents.”
  • Address as “women,” and “men” to those older than 18 years
  • For the senior citizens, use the term “older adults.” Phrases like “Elderly,” “Senior” are acceptable only when used as adjectives, but not suitable as nouns.

Note: Violations are treated as misconduct.

6. There Are Three Distinct “Abbreviation” Rules in APA Formatting

Sparingly use the acronyms as too much usage is considered as exploitation and it badly affects the readability attribute of the paper. Use only when it is necessary following the subsequent rules.

  • Using periods in between the abbreviated letters is not necessary. If some acronym has globally accepted period structure, use it, otherwise, don’t.
  • Type out the Full-Term just before inserting its abbreviation in parentheses. Further usage of the same acronym does not ask for repeated descriptions.
  • If the acronym is featured in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, there’s no need to describe the term. Example: ATM, NATO, AIDS, etc.

Note: Spellings of the acronyms should be the same as written in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.

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7. The Reference Page Structure Has A One-Off Style In APA

Here, you will find the integral rules of APA referencing found in examples. If the paper you are reading highlights these practices, there’s no doubt the paper is written in APA essay format. Now, take a look at the outlining instructions for the Reference page –

  • The title of the page will show “References” and it will be aligned in the center
  • The title will be in Bold and it won’t be in italics or have underlines and quotation marks
  • There will be a 1-inch margin on all sides with page number and running head
  • Each of the sources will be organized according to the alphabetic order
  • There will be double-line-spacing in between the entries

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