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A Complete Guide on Speech Outline: Effective Tips & Tricks

Speech Outline

When it comes to public speaking, speech writing plays a vital role. Whether you have to deliver the speech outline before an audience or in a class, it is always challenging for the speaker to engage the audience. Thus, it is advised to compose an effective and compelling speech that will boost the level of your confidence.

But if you focus on all little subtleties and plan carefully, then probably you can compose a speech that will educate, convince, engage, or motivate the individuals for whom you are composing the speech. Give yourself sufficient opportunity to compose and rehearse it a few times for the most ideal outcomes. Make sure to spend enough time while writing if this would be your first speech.

To know more about how you can create a speech outline, go through this blog. Here you will get a complete idea of how you can effectively create one. But before that, know what a speech is.

What is a Speech?

A speech is a compelling medium to impart your message to the audience and speech writing is actually a writing skill that has its points of interest regardless of whether you are an expert or just a student. Learning these skills requires time and patience, just like learning other skills take.

While you are preparing a speech, you must keep in mind the specific event for which you are preparing the speech. This is because accordingly, you need to deliver the message to the audience. Like a commemorative speech for commemorating any individual or event.

Regardless of what the case, your speech must be well-organized; otherwise you will fail to convey a powerful message to the audience. Furthermore, you don’t need that, isn’t that right?

Follow these Instructions on How to Write a Speech Outline

If you are interested to compose an engaging and unique speech that the audience recalls, then you must start with writing a speech outline. However, a speech outline is significant in helping the speech o sound more authoritative. While composing your speech outline, it is important for you to focus o how you introduce yourself as well as the subject and the points that it will be going to include.

It is a proven fact that creating an excellent speech outline helps in time management not only by saving your time but also assist in arranging and organizing your ideas and thoughts. Also, it ensures that your speech must follow a proper format and structure.

Pre-requisites to Know

Before you attempt to craft your speech outline, there are a few things that you must be aware of. Like,

  • For whom you are writing the speech
  • What is the actual message to deliver and topics that your speech must cover
  • How long your speech must be.

If you follow these tips from the very beginning, then these tips will help you a lot while crafting your speech outline. Below we have provided an example of how you can write a good speech outline.


  • First of all, pick your topic and once you select it, proceed to write the main points that your speech must include.
  • Secondly, you must be aware of the needs and requirements of your audience and become acquainted with what they are searching for.
  • You must characterize the main objective behind writing the speech and know to arrange it appropriately.


Your speech introduction should cover the following points:

  • A solid statement to grab the attention of the readers
  • Describe something that establishes both validity and credibility
  • Refine the thesis statement

Speech Outline Body

  • Share your primary thought and incorporate some supporting explanations and statements
  • Further details and examples, as and when needed


  • A synopsis of the main ideas that the speech contains
  • A call-to-action
  • Closing statement

Comprehensive Guidelines to Follow While Crafting a Good Speech Outline

To ease your convenience, some convenient tips and tricks have provided here that will definitely help you in crafting an excellent essay outline. These tips are suggested by professionals who are experts in this field of speech writing.

Make sure to go through all of the points for creating an effective outline.

  • Express the Particular Purpose of your Speech: Well, at the beginning of the speech, you must state your intended purpose behind writing a speech to the audience. This statement should be included as a full infinitive phrase that starts with “to persuade my audience” or “to inform my audience.” However, it should be a statement of intent only; and should not be said aloud.
  • Express the Main Idea: Just like the thesis statement of a research paper or an essay, the main idea statement should be written which summarizes in a single sentence what you can expect to listen to in this speech.
  • Label All Important Sections of your Speech Outline: While crafting your speech outline, it is important to label the different parts of your speech, i.e., the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Not only it assures you of the fact that did not miss covering any of the important parts of your speech but also assist you in marking which section you are discussing at present.
  • Indentation and Symbolization should be done by Maintaining a Consistent Pattern: Symbolization and Indentation is generally done to recognize the focal points in your speech. The main objective behind doing so is to stay organized, i.e., by using the ‘at a glance’ method. In case, you try to list all the facts randomly on a sheet of paper, then it would be quite challenging to accomplish your objective.
  • State the Important Points in Full Sentences: If the labels of your speech outline are vaguely used, then it will fail to indicate your speech content clearly. Thus, it is recommended to write the labels in full sentences so that it does not misguide the audience and it fully develops your idea or message that you were trying to convey.
  • Label Internal Summaries, Internal Previews, and Transitions: An internal summary that is usually told before moving to the next point, recall the information that the listener has previously listens to. Internal Previews are a detailed version of transitions and it indicates when the speaker is proceeding to the next significant point. Especially, when someone is delivering a long speech, sometimes the speaker needs to stop and reiterate the main points to the audience. Transitions are usually some linking words and phrases which use to connect the ideas that are being presented together. Without using these transitions, the speech might look disjointed to the audience.
  • Include a Bibliography: While preparing your speech, whatever books, newspapers, magazines or other sources to which you have referred, you must include them at the end of your speech. Do not forget to include it in your speech as it features the effort that you have put in while researching the topic.

These are some of the most effective tips that one can follow to write a guaranteed good speech outline. Did feeling stress over how to write one? No need to worry anymore! Avail writing help from experienced professionals, they will surely help you in crafting your speech outline.

Some Brilliant Topics for Speech Writing:

Generally, the instructors provide you the topic for your speech, be it demonstrative speech topics or impromptu speech topics but sometimes the students are being provided with the opportunity to choose the topic of their choice. Well, at this moment, you feel an alleviation. Don’t hesitate to expound on any topic that you want to write about.

But the problem is that the students often get stuck in picking a viable topic for their speech writing. If you are also suffering from the same problem, then no need to worry! Here we have provided you with a list of some of the top ideas for your speech writing that will help you in getting through the process.

  • The fastest developing nation of the world
  • What is the role that pets play in the lives of an individual human
  • Should capital punishment be abolished
  • Is it convenient to live together before marriage
  • How one can improve their interpersonal skills
  • Should casting a vote to be made necessary
  • The present-day rate of the world’s pollution
  • Should prisoners be permitted to cast a vote
  • Are paper books in a way better than digital books

You can consider these interesting topics for your speech writing. But in case, if you are still unsure about which topic to choose for your speech, then it is advised to previously select the category or the type of speech that you will be delivering (good informative speech topics, , persuasive speech topics, and so on) and thereafter, pick the one that is appropriate for your audiences and which fulfills your needs.

Some Examples of Speech Outline:

  • Story-based Outline
  1. The opening should be attention-grabbing which introduces the core message and the topic
    1. Describe a story
  2. Make a point
    1. Describe another story
  3. Make another point
    1. The conclusion should be memorable enough to bind all the three stories together in order to support the central message.
  • Business Proposal to Investors Talk Outline
  1. Be straightforward “Invest $_ for _% of the shares”
  2. Illustrate the requirement of the ABC product
  3. Illustrate the vision of how the ABC product can improve lives
  4. Demo of ABC product
  5. Benefit 1
  6. Benefit 2
  7. Benefit 3
  8. Make the investment and create ABC product
  9. Story to describe your team strength
  10. Financial projections
  11. Market Analysis
  12. In the call-to-action section, again repeat “Invest $_ for _% of the shares.”

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