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How to Successfully Write A Thesis Statement for Research Paper

write a thesis statement

Whether it’s a college cultural essay or your accounting dissertation, extracting the perfect thesis statement is one of the trickiest portions of the whole paper. It either builds or ruins your entire impression in front of your supervisor.

Thankfully, there are a few guidelines that you may follow in order to come up with a winning thesis statement. So let’s not waste time and get into the core of the matter.

What Do You Understand by a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a statement that centralizes the idea of the assignment writing and helps control the concept within the paper. However, it’s not exactly the topic; it’s usually a judgmental statement that carries the message the writer wants to convey to the readers through the write-up. To be crisper, you have to state the verdict that has been obtained from the rest of the sections of the assignment.

How Long Should You Intend To Make It?

A thesis statement is meant to be wrapped up within two sentences. Within these two lines, you have to express your position in relation to the ideas of the topic. To be crisper, you have to explain the primary idea of your assignment paper and give a brief verdict of the sharp ends. Exceeding the two-lined thesis statement theory is not punishable, but there is no point in writing a history.

How to Write a Thesis Statement?

Now that you know what a thesis statement should sound like, you have to understand how exactly you can frame this portion to make it pretty interesting and engaging. Just like you jot down the captivating points and craft a research paper outline before writing the paper, you have to repeat the same thing here.

“To start with, ask yourself a few questions…”

In this context, let me tell you that before you dive into the deep thought of writing an attractive thesis statement, you have to ask a few questions to yourself. Once you are ready with all the answers, you’re halfway done with your thesis statement.

Where Should I Place the Thesis Statement?

Well, this is the first question you might be drooling with right now. Keep it after your introductory paragraph and before starting the body to engage your readers in your write-up.

As I’ve already mentioned before that a thesis statement reflects the centralized idea of a paper, it’s quite evident that your readers will be eager to read it at the beginning. So after introducing your topic in the first segment, show them the verdict or the findings directly to grow their interest.

Quick Tips:

  • Don’t end up writing your thesis statement in the middle or in the last paragraph.
  • Be specific and crisp; avoid using vague or irrelevant words that’s no way admissible to the content.
  • There is no point in making it so obvious that you’re indicating the focused ends of your write-up; so ignore phrases like, “The point of my essay is to…”

How Specific My Thesis Statement Should be?

More than you can even imagine. Yes, you have to be extremely choosy and direct while writing your thesis statement. It’s quite evident that your readers will not be interested in reading the whole content again if you already mention everything in these two lines.

In that case, you have to extract the major key ends from your assignment and give a statement that involves their participation in the paper. So you have to play smartly and make sure you are not going out of the track.Following a few thesis statement examples can be helpful for you to get the transparency of a thesis statement.

Quick Tips:

  • Make sure you have put conjunction (for, nor, yet, so, and, but) loosely in between two long sentences.
  • Using subordinating conjunction (although, through, since, because) is not even a bad idea for indicating a relationship between the two.
  • Ensure that both the sentences don’t end up giving ‘a blurry unstable thesis’ impression to the readers.
  • Stick to your focused point and work on further involvement.

In case you fail to understand how to write it effectively, then opt for writing paper service from PenMyPaper.

Is My Thesis Statement Supposed to be Generic?

Your thesis statement is supposed to deliver the ultimate key message to the readers. Well, in that case, step into the shoes of your reader and think would a simple generic fact attract you so much that you would get interested to read on to the rest of the pages? Or will you just shut the paper and keep it aside?

Yes, that’s the basic nature of human beings. So write the thesis statement in such a way that it indicates straightaway to the ‘raw flesh’ of the content, but in an engaging way. If Apple business strategy write down straightaway by involving a few raw facts, it won’t look as interesting as it generally looks. It’s nothing but playing with the facts and a few words.

Quick Tips:

  • Be direct, but not so much that it kills the readers’ interests.
  • Pick a few attractive lines from your content and mix up the ideas to end up with something great.
  • Remember, “The front camera of iPhone 10 is ready to beat the DSLR” is any day better than, “The clarity of iPhone 10 front camera is better than the clarity of DSLR”.

Is My Thesis Statement Clear?

While writing your research paper, all you have to do is bring down the clear-cut facts of the topic you have been assigned to. As a thesis statement is a part of the paper, there should be no exception to that.

Be as clear and transparent as possible while writing the thesis statement, so it can convey the exact message that you are willing to deliver to your reader. It will fetch your readers’ attention and help you build your good impression.

Quick Tips:

  • Avoid vague or abstract words, like – exciting, interesting, difficult, negative, society, and etc.
  • Don’t go for the jargons while writing the statement, unless you have chosen a technical topic and your content is going to be read by a techie.

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure you are making it clear to the reader that your position is quite direct in relation to the topic. In short, instead of jotting down the facts, you should assemble your points towards the topic, or how you are going to analyze the issue in the next few segments of the paper.

Never sit back to write a thesis statement before you end up writing the whole assignment. As long as the assignment goes on, several facts and points get involved, so there is no point in revising the statement after finishing each of the paragraphs.

A unique and fresh thesis statement is everything that your professor might be looking for. Make sure your sentences are not copied from some other inspiring resources, thus avoid plagiarism. They might look enchanting, but even 1% plagiarism can ruin it all.

Proofread your statements several times and ensure there are no grammatical errors lying in your thesis statement. We often tend to overlook a few syntactical mistakes, wrong placements of prepositions and punctuations. Make sure you’re not doing it in your copy.

In case you still find it difficult to come up with a captivating thesis statement, you can hire a professional research paper writer from PenMyPaper for writing a winning thesis statement for you.

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