A Closer Look at Walmart Human Resources

Published June 21, 2021 | Author: PenMyPaper

Apart from being the biggest retailer in the world, Walmart is also the largest revenue generating company. It has earned USD 523.96 billion in revenue in the year 2019. This clearly reflects the massive stature of its retail business, which spans across multiple international markets. This American retailer is best known for its low pricing policies for everyday household products, thereby offering higher value for money. In fact, the Walmart mission statement clearly suggests that the company want to help people save money and live better lives. A close look at the business operations of Walmart reveals that the company seeks to cater to a large customer base, in order leverage higher economies of scale. In order to achieve that Walmart has significantly expanded its business at the global scale. At present, the company operates with nearly 11,500 stores in 27 countries and with e-commerce stores in 10 countries. In order to manage such a staggering high scale of business, the requires a robust human resource management. This article prepared by our paper writing service experts will shed some light on the human resources at Walmart, while underpinning some of its key characters and also some of the pertinent issues faced by the company.

Walmart Human Resources

According to Walmart, the company operates with more than 2.2 million employees around the world, of which 1.5 million of them are in US alone. This also makes Walmart the largest employer in the world. However, in order to manage such a massive employee base, can be quite challenging, but Walmart has developed an effective human resource management system to have better control over its human resources.

The human resources at Walmart take a holistic approach. As per the essay helper, the secret to effective human resource management does not lie in a set of thumb rules, instead it needs to be custom fitted to the concerned organization.  In this case of Walmart, the people management has been designed based on its organizational culture and structure, while including performance management and professional development policies.

Developing HR polices and regulations take place in a stratified manner. In this approach, the major decisions are taken by the headquarter, which lays down the pavement for the company’s HR functions, but the store manager also have certain degree of freedom for changing the company wide policies. Since, Walmart operates in a wide range of international markets, therefore it is almost impossible to take a standardized approach to HR polices. The store managers take a localized approach while managing the human resources. The similar concept is applicable to the competitors of McDonalds and itself. The localization can depend on a variety of factors such as local customs, training, culture and religion, etc.

It’s important to keep in mind that the HR management in Walmart is not just a set of guidelines that are passed down the hierarchy. To fully understand the complexities of HR management in a large corporation like Walmart, you may want to consider doing some additional research or even seeking out the assistance of a paid for essays service. With the help of a professional writer, you can gain new insights into this topic and ensure that your paper is of the highest quality. The company uses advanced technologies to create a robust talent management system, which ensures that the right decisions are taken at the right place. Specialized AI driven applications are used to gather and analyze human resource data. This data is fed to the central database where machine learning is used to recognize patterns in the HR practices within the workplace and predict future changes. This allows the managers to make more informed decisions for the company. Based on the recognized patterns, necessary changes in recruitment and talent development practices can be made.In order to assess the recruitment needs of the company, Walmart conducts a through analysis of the existing human capital and the potential recruits, to find out the most efficient ways to bridge the gap in the workforce. This allows the company to make the best out of their human resources.

Walmart has also taken the necessary steps to empower its employees, by offering them more communication channels which enables them to seamlessly interact with their supervisors. The employees can easily share their feedbacks, grievances and issues to their supervisor and can also receive the necessary order them. The availability of both-sided communication makes it easier for the company to closely monitor the human resources and to drive the employees to perform better. If looking for good examples of descriptive essays, you can consider this article as well.

Issues in Walmart Human Resources

Walmart has faced severe backlash over the years for some of its HR management practices. Despite of adopting advanced technologies and developing effective HR policies, Walmart has faced certain issues in its HR management. It has also led to deterioration of its corporate image. Walmart is highly focused on offering low priced products to its customers, which has compelled the company cut costs in several fronts, including poor employee management. It has been alleged that Walmart has been quite harsh on its employees and often pushes them unethically to work extra hours. Moreover, there have been several instances where the employees have not received the promised benefits and proper wages. These instances of poor HR management at Walmart highlights there is a major disparity in the HR policies and the real-life HR practices. Moreover, there is a massive difference in wages and benefits between the manager and the employees, which has also raised a lot of protests within the workforce.

The poor employee management has also led to poor quality in service in Walmart. As the employees are not satisfied with the remuneration, benefits and work environment, there is very poor job engagement.

Summing it Up

This summarized article on Walmart Human Resources can act as good term paper writing resources. Walmart is the largest employer in the world with an employee base of more than 2.2 million. The company has adopted various policies to make sure that they have complete control over the HR practices. Moreover, in order to monitor HR performance, Walmart has invested heavily into deploying new technologies such as machine learning and AI to learn about the existing patterns in HR management so that the managers can take the right decisions at the right time. However, despite of these initiatives, Walmart has faced severe backlash for its poor HR practices, where employees have been treated poorly, forced to work overtime and even denied justified wages. These instances have led to poor quality in service and have also affected the corporate image of the company.

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