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how to write a term paper

Term paper writing includes a lot of hardships and more than just a couple of hours. Immense research, deep-rooted analysis, outline, composition and more defines a perfect term paper. To your question “how can I structure my paper writing?”, we will say to first begin with understanding the definition and the purpose of a seamless term paper.

Defining Academic Term Papers – What Are Those?

A number of times, students confuse term papers with an essay. Although both are hands of academic writing, they differ in meaning and approach. If you are aware of how to write a response paper, then you should know that a term paper is a lot lengthier than that. You can better call it as a short research paper though.

Students need to submit these small research papers at the end of a school term or semester. Mostly, term papers are scientific assignments or a case study or a deductive discussion. You will need a lot of expertise in technical writing and report creation in order to achieve good grades in these papers. Professors like a well-written, organized, and analytical term paper, so make sure you have one that reflects your expertise and knowledge.

What Is the Purpose of a Term Paper?

Every action of yours is determined by a set of objectives and goals. Likewise, term papers have their own purpose. Professors assign this to evaluate a student’s knowledge on a particular domain and his or her expertise in academic writing. Also, it’s one metric to measure how attentive you have been all throughout the semester.

Instructors usually discuss a few topics in the class, from which students need to pick one for their term papers. If topics have not been discussed, then you have to choose it on your own from a set of powerful and popular research paper topics. That’s another way of judging your wisdom and smartness.

Term Paper Topics: Direct-Immediate-Effective

Not only the topic, but the choice of topic is a big concern in term papers. Neither you can choose a persuasive essay or any other essay-type topic, as it will be too narrow, nor you can go for the ideal research papers topics as those will be too big in context. You have to pick smartly that fulfills all the objectives of a term paper.

How to Choose A Term Paper Topic?

Surf the websites, read the online journals, hunt in the scholarly or lookout somewhere else to pick a topic that interests you. The following criterions are crucial while choosing a topic for your term paper.

  • Don’t Go for Too Broad or Too General Topics – If the topic is larger in context, you won’t be able to cover the whole at one go. The paper size will increase enormously if you try inserting all the details. On the other hand, if you try to preserve the paper length, it will incomplete with inadequate data. Decide a topic depending on the length of your paper.
  • Better to Avoid the Complex or Layered Topics – Don’t challenge your expertise while writing a term paper. Choose your topic wisely. Make sure you will be able to explain the context in detail. Intelligence lies in picking something from your zone of interest. If the topic makes you curious then it’s perfect for your term paper.

List of Some Interesting Topics:

  1. Startup Issues and organizational emergencies
  2. Social entrepreneurship vs corporate entrepreneurship
  3. Managerial activities and successful transition
  4. Modification assumptions in management style
  5. Theory development process
  6. Human Resource Functions: a global analysis
  7. Business value competing with information
  8. Information management in public sectors
  9. IT management: networks, strategies, integration
  10. Case study (any company) surveys

Term Paper Structure: Unique Outlining Ideas

Formatting your term paper with an appropriate outline is the foremost responsibility for any writer. Better to produce the structure before executing the research and analysis. It will serve as the inception point of your whole work. Take a look at the best-suited term paper outline –

Title Page

It is the cover of your document that will contain the paper title, your name, department, course name, semester number, session, and guide’s name. Align the text in the center, bold the headings, and choose the text size accordingly. Paper title will be the biggest then your name and so on.


A brief summary of the paper that is usually 150-300 words. Like a research paper abstract, here also you have to pick the key points and make a gist of them. Let your audience know what your term paper is all about and why is it significant to the field of research.

Introduction & Theoretical Framework

Technically, this is the beginning of your term paper. Start it in an interesting note like immediate contexts, significance of science, unusual and lesser-known facts, etc. End it by mentioning what exactly your paper is all about through a strong thesis, just like writing any other paper such as commemorative speeches.

Research Methodology

At this point begins the body section. Provide adequate information about the topic, give vivid examples, take positions and illustrate your perspectives. Don’t forget to mention your adopted research methodology and techniques. This will help your audience envision the depth of your analysis and investigation.

Data Synthesis and Findings

The purpose of your research ends here. Talk about your research findings and why you have reached that point of belief. Also, mention how your views have changed, where it all began and at what point has it ended. Tie all your research findings an analysis at this particular point and make it enough persuasive for the readers.

Discussions (conclusion)

The term paper end with a deep-rooted discussion on your findings. Don’t leave scope for confusion. Offer your views, opinions, and instincts. Make a statement proving or disproving your hypothesis. Further, suggest new ideas for the scholars and end your research paper conclusion.


This is the last leg of your term paper where you have to list all the sources that have a small or big contribution to your research. Ensure you have inserted all the sources including the ones you have mentioned through in-text citations. Sometimes you will be asked to write annotated bibliography which you have to be well aware of beforehand.

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