Top Competitors of McDonald's

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McDonald’s is the largest American fast-food restaurant chain which operates internationally in over 118 nations. Even though it is the largest global fast-food brand, it faces steep competition from other market players. The quick serve restaurant or the fast-food restaurant sector is shown promising growths over the years, with increasing trends in customer expenditure. The industry growth as attracted a lot of other market players, which as a result has increased the competitiveness for McDonald’s. To help you with assignment on McDonald's, we have identified the relevant competitors of the company. However, if you're struggling to put your ideas into words, consider using our paper writing service to help you out. Each of these competitors of McDonald’s offer almost identical value propositions to its customers, which makes it quite difficult for the company to maintain its competitive advantage. If you need help with your McDonald's assignment, consider using our Assignment Writing Service. Our team of professional writers has a wealth of experience in writing on a variety of topics, including fast food chains like McDonald's.

McDonald's Competitors

Burger King

Burger King is the most direct competitor to McDonald’s, as both of them offers almost identical food items. The Whopper of Burger King challenges Big Mac of McDonald’s. Just like McDonald’s, Burger King specialize in Burgers, while offer various other fast-food items. Moreover, both of them are quite aggressive in their marketing brand and have been found to adopt ambush marketing to take each other down. The brand war between Burger King and McDonald’s can be a good argumentative essay for your college paper. Both of them constantly tries to troll each other in order to get an upper hand. Their ambush marketing usually involves mocking each other’s mascots and brand names. This clearly indicates that Burger King is the most threatening competitor to McDonalds.


Subway is one of the most fastest growing fast-food restaurant chains in the US. Just like McDonald’s, Subway also operates internationally in more than 100 nations. The company specializes in submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads and has highly focused on creating a health-oriented brand image. While McDonald’s have faced a lot of backlash for their high calorie content of their food items, Subway aggressively advertises their brand to be a health conscious one. The value offering of Subway can pose as a competitive threat to McDonald’s. With the increasing trend in healthier food consumption, consumers are may choose Subway over McDonald’s in several instance, due to healthier food options.


KFC is also an American fast-food restaurant, with a very strong brand image. KFC may not be considered as the direct competitor to McDonald’s as it does not specialize on the burgers and fries. KFC is well-known for its fried chicken, which is made from their own blend of secret spices, which cannot be easily imitated by any one else. Thus, the KFC maintains its competitive advantage from its inimitable resources. When you write a paper on this topic, you must keep in mind that even though KFC is not a direct competitor of McDonald’s, it can pose a serious competition to market leader. Since, both the companies offer value in the same product category (fast food), so they can draw in or attract each other’s customers, thus affecting each other’s foot fall. So, KFC is one of the dominant rivals of McDonald’s.


Just like Burger King, Wendy’s is also a direct competitor of McDonald’s, as it focuses mainly on selling burgers. In fact, Wendy’s is the third largest burger seller in the world, right after McDonald’s and Burger King. Even though Wendy’s is not as widely spread as McDonald’s but is core value offerings quite identical to the fast-food giant. Wendy’s try to set itself apart by differentiating in the area of food quality and taste. Moreover, the company is known for its square shaped patty in its burgers, which gives them a distinct look. Over the years, Wendy’s has expanded its business into various international locations which has enabled the company to improve its revenue generation.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a well-established American restaurant chain, which is also operational in international markets. The company is best known for its Tacos and Burritos. Since Taco Bell offers mostly Mexican inspired food items, which is quite different from the fast-food genre of McDonald’s, it is not a direct competitor of McDonald’s. Similar to the relationship between Amazon and Netflix, one of Amazon competitors. However, it should be noted that Taco Bell offers an appealing range of fast-food items to its customers, which can reduce the competitive advantage of McDonald’s in the market. Moreover, the unique food items of Taco Bell may attract more customers who wants to try something new. It should be noted that the company caters to the consumers who are willing to enjoy fast food in a restaurant, as a result it can attract the customers away from McDonald’s, thus proving to be a serious competitor.


Domino’s the one of the leading brands in the fast-food sector. It is best known for its wide range of pizzas available in different sizes. The company is an indirect competitor to McDonald’s. Over the past years, Domino’s has expanded its business over several international locations and has focused on constantly improving its service quality. Just like McDonald’s, Domino’s is also committed to fast service delivery. Domino’s appeals to fast food consumers, who prefer indulgent fast-food items. The high popularity and brand image of Domino’s can pose a strong competition for McDonald’s. Even though both of them offers different categories of fast food, but both of them wants to attract the same consumer base. This as a result makes Domino’s another rival of McDonald’s.

Local Competitors in Host Market

When writing papers in college about McDonald’s, you need to keep in mind that this company is a globally operating brand. It is operational in 118 countries. As a result, McDonald’s also faces competition from the local market players in the host countries. The local players are more likely to appeal to the customers, due to the cultural resonance, which can be quite challenging for McDonald’s. Moreover, local fast-food companies can be far better at understanding the palate of the local consumer, thereby having a higher competitive advantage. For example, in the Indian market McDonald’s and other international brands face a severe competition from the local brand Haldiram’s, which has proven to be more successful offering value which aligns with the local consumers.

Summing it Up

To make it more comprehensible for you, our expert from essay writer service has summarized this article for you. McDonald’s faces steep competition from other market players in the domestic and global market. Some of them are direct competitors like Burger King and Wendy’s, which offer almost identical food items and service quality, while the rest are indirect competitors. Like Gatorade is not one of the direct competitors of Coca Cola, Subway, Domino’s, KFC, etc. also do not pose strong competition to McDonald’s that offer unidentical food items. This is mostly because all of these companies cater in the same product category, offers identical core value and seeks to attract the same customer base. McDonald’s have also been found to face some competition from local players in some international markets.

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