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Historically brand development signified increasing the disposable income, increase the market size, and introduce more sophisticated distribution system. Now the theories have been extended. Brand development means successfully launch a new product and look for opportunities to modify the product for improvement or increase the product line so as to extend the business (Panda, 2009, p. 358). The brand development strategies include line or brand extension, introducing a new brand or multiband, but it depends on whether the product exists or new. It is important to ascertain the vision of the company, promises that it has made to its customers to deliver, the actual product the company is able to deliver and the positioning strategies.





Brand Vision

Brand Promise


Brand Delivery

Brand Positioning

Brand Vision: The vision of Starbucks is to establish the company and its products as the most respected and recognized brands in the world. The company also has the long-term goal to increase its shops around the world, double the number of coffee shops in US to 20,000 and eventually 30,000. So, another vision is the expansion plan of the company. The name of the company has itself become the synonym for coffee, so the Starbucks itself can be denoted as a brand. 

Brand Promise: Starbucks promises to offer highest quality coffee. It also wants to provide an ambience for people to spend happy moments with their family or friends and share a perfect cup of coffee and tasty snacks with them. The target of Starbucks is to provide new, fresh and happy experience through great service. Their motto is to serve best coffee, provide best place and offer best services.

Brand Delivery: Brand delivery means opening up new coffee shops and offering those products which the company has decided to sell under the brand name such as packaged coffee, pastries, sandwiches, espresso, teas, or accessories, etc. They also sponsor social events and maintain online store for selling their products.

Brand Positioning: Starbucks has chosen to market itself by using an unconventional marketing strategy that is unique and generally not tried by other companies in the industry. They positioned themselves as a perfect and little expensive coffee shop that will offer customers delicious and rich coffee. They have developed strategic partnerships with business houses to sell Starbucks coffee in big companies and organizations. They are the first to introduce internet facility in their shops. So, it can be said that Starbucks positioned itself as a technologically equipped coffee store where people can sit, relax, chat with people over a cup of coffee and also surf internet or do their important work by utilizing internet facility. They literally hear their customer suggestions and implement them.

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