Nike Mission and Vision Statement

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Nike is one of the best performing sports footwear and apparel brand in the world. It operates all across the globe with a wide range of products, which attracts a massive customer base. At present Nike holds the leadership position in terms of market share in the global apparel market and has exhibited a steady revenue growth over the past years. It has come to the notice of our paper writing service, that this company is often studied as a ;case study in business management institutions. In this article we have discussed about the mission and vision statement of Nike, which provides a clear understanding of its organizational objectives.

Nike Vision Statement

The vision statement of a company underpins its long-term goals. It determines what the company wants to become and what it wants to achieve in the future. A vision statement typically highlights the objectives which brings holistic changes in the community and among the stakeholders. It tells the audience what the company thrives to become.

In case of Nike, the vision statement of the company is‘bringing inspiration and motivation to every athlete in the world’, with a footnote, ‘if you have a body, you are an athlete’.

Let us breakdown this vision statement of Nike. Nike is a company which deals in sports apparel, footwear and equipment. The entire brand image has been designed around sports activities, fitness, workout and motivation. The same approach is also reflected in its vision statement. Nike’s vision is to inspire and motivate every athlete to perform better and to reach new heights in personal achievement. However, the vision statement takes a dramatic turn with the addition of the footnote by the company which says: ‘if you have a body, you are athlete’. This footnote simply expands the audience base of the company to include literally every human being. So, now the vision statement of Nike states that everyone is an athlete in their own way and Nike seeks to inspire and motivate them to become better. This statement also pushes the health and fitness awareness to every individual, no matter who they are. The vision of the company to motivate everyone to become healthier and more fit, through workout and necessary activities.

As mentioned earlier, the vision statement of a company typically includes a much broader goal which extends beyond the business objectives. It usually involves positive changes in the society or the community in which the company operates. In case of the vision statement of Nike it wants to bring health and fitness all across the world, by motivating and inspiring people to engage more into workouts and sports activities. It is important to understand, that even though the product offering of the company caters a particular group of customers such as young people with an active lifestyle, Nikes purpose intends to bring fitness activities as a part of everyday life. Thus, the vision of Nikeis to expand its reach to as many people as possible and motivate them to adopt an active lifestyle with health and fitness. Now that we have gone through the Nike Vision Statement, it’s important that we look at the Mission Statement as well. Our write essay service expert has elaborated on this in the following section. It can help you to

Nike Mission Statement

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The mission statement of a company refers to the short-term goals of the company which are achievable in the near future. These short-term goals are so designed that it eventually allows the company to achieve it long-term vision. The organizational missions are more streamlined in nature, highlighting specific deliverables of the company.

The mission statement of Nike goes as: ‘Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.’

Now let’s go deeper into it. The company seeks to emphasize on the value of its products and the underlying innovation that makes it possible. Nike wants to continue to maximize human potential as much as possible through its line of innovative products. The company wants to focus more on research and development in the area of sports innovation, which can allow the users to improve their fitness performance further. This is in line with the current operational activities of the company, where it constantly introduces new product variants, each one better than the previous one. Alongside of innovation, the mission statement of Nike, also highlights the sustainability aspect of the business. In order to bring positive changes in the community, the business focuses on being sustainable, using sustainable materials and ethical sourcing of labor. The sustainability aspect plays a vital role in meeting the long-term vision of the company which in fact you can also see in the Tesla mission statement. Sustainable practices help in maintaining stability in the business operations and to foster support from the community in which the company operates.

The mission statement of Nike also highlights the importance of diversity in the workforce. Nike is a globally operating company, with its business operations spread out in 170 countries. As a part of its mission, Nike seek to maintain strong diversity among the employees, in order to enhance idea generation and innovation, which is the foundation of the company’s success.

In the mission statement, Nike has included a lot of different aspects and each one of them highlights what the company wishes to achieve as its short-term goals. As discussed earlier, the mission statement of a firm is the short-term deliverable, which can be easily measured and achieved in the near future. Moreover, it also highlights how the company wants to run its business in order to achieve the desired vision. In case of Nike, the mission statement clearly underpins its operational goals of enhancing innovation and product development, while maintaining sustainability, team diversity and social responsibility. Hopefully, this article curated by the experts of Assignment Writing Service was helpful to you in understanding the notion behind the mission and vision statement of Nike.

By this time, you should have gained a clear idea about the mission and vision of Nike and how the company seeks to achieve them. In case you were wondering how to write formal essay on Nike, hopefully this article has been able to provide help. We have learnt that for its long-term vision, the company wants to inspire and motivate people to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle and maximize their daily performance through its products. In terms of the short-term mission, the company seeks to constantly innovate and improve its product development, while taking care of the community through sustainable practices and social responsibilities. The short-term mission can eventually help the company to achieve its long-term vision.

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