What is Content Marketing: A Complete Guide

Content marketing is defined as the marketing practice that involves creation and distribution of valuable, relatable and consistentonline content, which does not explicitly promote a brand but can influence the brand awareness and preference of the audience. Content marketing has gained in popularity over the past decade, especially with the increasingly widespread access of the internet and use of social media platforms. Content marketing is one of the most commonly used digital marketing techniques, which aims at creating brand awareness in a much subtle manner. Instead of bombarding the audience with product information and content marketing offer valuable information to the audience which can help them make their purchase decisions. In this article, PenMyPaper have discussed about what is content marketing and how it is being used successfully by organizations to create a strong brand awareness, which drives sales. This article will provide you with a clear understanding of what content marketing is, so that you can implement it in your own essay writing. However, if you're still struggling to grasp the concept or need help with writing essays, you can seek expert assistance


How Content Marketing Works?

Content marketing relies heavily on storytelling to draw the attention of the target audience. A good storytelling can be quite effective in communicating with the audience and leave a lasting impression. As mentioned in the definition, content marketing involves creation and distribution of “valuable and relatable” content. The success of content marketing largely depends on the how much the content is valuable and relatable to the target audience. As we just mentioned, content marketing is about effective storytelling. A marketer that can tell the most convincing, relatable and valuable story to the audience is most likely to have a positive impact on their brand awareness and brand preference of the audience. Now if you are intending to implement the tactics of how to write formal essay here, then you for sure need to know that content writing follows an informal approach. According to the definition, the delivery or distribution of the content has to be consistent, which makes content marketing a long-term strategy. The marketer needs to constantly offer appealing and valuable content to its audience, which can create a strong impact in their brand preference. Content marketing can take several forms. Afterall, there are so many different ways in which you can tell a story. While preparing a marketing strategy for your college essay, you can implement any one of these strategies to create a strong impact on the intended audience.


Infographics, as the word suggests are information delivered in graphical format. They usually are graphical representation of statistical data, flowcharts, trends, etc. in a very compact and clutter free visual format. The sole idea of infographics is to offer enriched information in a graphical format, rather than in text similar to that of writing a winning powerpoint presentation. The key advantage here is that it takes much less time for audience to receive the valuable information, since it is in graphical format with minimal texts. Marketers often use minimalism with appealing color palates and images to grab the attention of the audience and quickly deliver the intended message. For example, an infographic can contain the growing popularity VR technology using statistics and trend lines, highlighting its adoption in the gaming industry and how Sony is leading the market. This information can create a strong curiosity within the audience, who is likely to investigate further about VR and most particularly Sony’s PlayStation VR, thus leading to better brand awareness.


Podcasts have become quite popular over the years, as people have developed the habit of listening to podcasts especially while commuting. These are episodic series of audio content delivered by a presenter which typically covers a particular genre and a specific audience base. Since, podcasts are episodic in nature the presenter can communicate with the audience base regularly, thus creating a strong relationship with them. Marketers often collaborate with these podcasters to have their products or brands features in the podcast, so as to create a strong brand awareness. Moreover, since the content is coming from an already reliable personality, the audience is more likely to have a positive reaction to it.


Webpages are one of the most effective means of delivering relevant and valuable content to the audience. Let's be honest, nowadays we search the internet for almost anything that we are looking for, starting from the best Asian restaurant in town to the best value for money smartphone or the best paid essay writer service to help us with our academic assignments. We largely make our purchase decisions based on the information that we gather from these websites. This trend is being extensively used by marketers to deliver the relevant content to the audience. For example, a cake shop may make a guest post on a popular blog page about how their specially baked cakes can have less calories and can be consumed without worrying about obesity. This content has relevant information for some one who is searching for a good cake shop. The health-oriented information can prove to be beneficial in attracting their attention. It should be noted that content marketing is not a one-time practice. The cake shop that we just discussed about needs to post valuable contents at regular interval of time, so that they can make a strong impact on the potential customers.


Online videos have become extremely popular these days. People binge on YouTube for hours, one video after another. Platforms like YouTube can also become potential marketing opportunity for companies. Say, you are looking for information on Amazon organizational structure. You would rather spend 5 minutes by watching a video than 5 minutes in reading a single page. The rising popularity of online video sharing and consumption has made video as an effective content marketing tool. Marketers often have their products and services reviewed by famous YouTubers or YouTube influencers reach out to a large audience base. These contents are often sponsored by brands, while the rest are non-sponsored and may have more credibility for the audience. A YouTuber who is constantly seen by the audience to be using a particular product and talking about it is likely to create more curiosity. Companies often choose to create their own content as well, but since it is coming directly from the brand, it may be perceived more as a direct advertising.

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